Blog Introspection Challenge

I’ve been doing a “Blog Introspection Challenge” on my Richard Armitage themed fan blog that I’ve found extremely helpful for putting some things into perspective in that area of my life. I thought I’d attempt it here as well, in a much more limited capacity–answering the questions all in one post instead of individually. I don’t have nearly as many posts on this blog to draw experience from but it should be interesting to revisit things, nonetheless.


Blog Introspection Challenge


1.) What made you start blogging?
I had started blogging in the Richard Armitage fandom to share my experiences and thoughts in relation to his acting career. One day it was suggested to me that having multiple platforms to share my varied interests might be beneficial. so I started this blog to cover the non-Richard Armitage related things that were swirling around in my head. it was slow going at first because I didn’t really have a direction–I still don’t–but it’s comforting to know that it’s here when I need to work through something or highlight things that I enjoy.


2.) The significance of your blogs name
“getting caught up in the mechanism” comes from an Alison Krauss/Elvis Costello song, The Scarlet Tide. the phrase can be found in the second verse: man goes beyond his own decision, gets caught up in the mechanism. I often feel like I get overly caught up in the workings of my brain, not being able to get certain things out of my head. hopefully writing about them in this blog would ease that out of control feeling.


3.) What’s your (usual) blogging process?
something can be weighing on my mind or I just want to share my love for something. I let it run around in my head for a few days or a few weeks and then one day I just sit down and write it out, usually in one draft–going back through to correct spelling errors and better format the paragraphs, etc.


4.) What’s your favorite post?
Three Recent Dreams of Jamie Dornan. the post was fun to write because I was sharing something that I enjoy about myself (the way my subconscious makes up stories while I’m sleeping) while also including funny Jamie Dornan themed reaction gifs/captions. I have such a fun time doing that type of thing on my Richard Armitage fan blog but rarely have occasion to use the Jamie Dornan pics and gifs that I’ve collected in the same way.


5.) Which post got the most views?
When I choose to interpret this question as the most views in one day, the answer is Learning About What I Need. This post consisted of snippets from e-mail conversations that I had with a friend who was battling depression. I wanted to show him that I knew what he was feeling because I have gone through it too. It seemed to help him, so I wanted to share my struggles in the hopes that maybe it could help someone else as well.


6.) Which post continues to give?
Parasocial Relationships, or, my history of celebrity crushes. I think in writing out my “history” in that way, it not only gave some insight into my individual fangirl activities but also took away some of the stigma of it being worrisome or not normal.


7.) Which post has the most comments?
I Pledge Myself to Thee…sort of. This was written in regards to my struggles with the Outlander television series, as a long-time fan of the books. the conversation in the comments not only centered around the Outlander book vs. the filmed version but also book adaptations in general.


8.) Which post was the most difficult to write?
Silence. it was a personal reflection on a confusing time in the lives of my brother and I, hardships that he went through and how I chose to deal with them, and how that negatively impacted our relationship for a time. it was hard to admit that I might not have dealt with things in a good way, without getting defensive about my reasons why. I found it therapeutic to write it down.


9.) Which post do you regret writing?
I wouldn’t say I regret writing the post necessarily but more that it’s just kind of pointless. the post, So Many Wasted Hours, was just me obsessing about song lyrics. I do this often, try to figure out what is being said, only to find out that I might be wrong…


10.) What do you find the most difficult/challenging about blogging?
subject matter. not only coming up with things to write about, but choosing from all the different ideas that I do have. I end up jotting down notes and ideas but then never quite getting around to it, or not “feeling” it when I do decide to sit down and write something.


11.) Your favorite aspect of blogging
when I see the finished product and know that it came from me. I did that? 


12.) How- if at all- has blogging changed your life?
it’s gotten me writing again. not that I’m writing novels or anything but I’ve always been able to express myself better through writing. I enjoy the many creative aspects of writing and it helped  me stand out when I was growing up. I’d forgotten the boost in confidence it could bring me.


13.) What have you learned from blogging?
that I’m not alone in my thoughts and feelings.


14.) Your plans for your blogging future
no plans, not really. just to keep writing it down. and on those days when I have an itch to write but I don’t know what to write about, to just highlight the things that I’m interested in.


15.) Any blogging role models?
I first decided to try blogging because of fellow blogger MorrighansMuse. she was part of the Richard Armitage fandom at the time and she made blogging seem interesting and fun to me. she’s since revamped the blog that used to house her Richard Armitage posts and focuses instead on various other interests. she also has a writing blog which is where I first became acquainted with the concept of writing prompts. I tried a few on this blog and would like to try more.


and there you have it.



One thought on “Blog Introspection Challenge

  1. What a nice surprise to see that someone remembered my little RA blog! Thank you for having made blogging seem fun back when it was fun, I guess. Sometimes I do think of reviving that again with some of my musings about Richard since Lucas North got me writing agains after a hiatus that lasted almost 10 years or so, but I also don’t want to dip my foot back in sometimes turbulent waters either. I leave the fun part to you 🙂

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