June 16 – unf.
Dan Stevens sings in Legion season 2 finale

June 14 – Fandom Asks: Christian Bale
some of my favorite Christian Bale characters

June 3 – : D
funny gif set of Dan at 2016 New York Comic Con


May 15 – #sunshine
catching up with Dan Stevens content

April 22 – it was like…magic
recent dream of Richard Armitage

April 15 – Anchor by Novo Amor
music video/short film

March 24 – at the moment
current favorite Dan Stevens content

March 10 – range of being
quote from Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis

March 8 – Movie Challenge: Childhood Favorite
‘The Wizard of Oz’

February 18 – Falling Out of Love with Your Celebrity Crush
when you lose interest in a fangirl favorite

February 16 – Comfy Questionnaire
another random questionnaire, but this one has dancing!

February 11 – Permission
Dan Stevens/Rebecca Hall movie about a couple opening their relationship to other sexual partners

February 9 – reasons why I love this Dan Stevens-James Corden clip
Dan and James fanboy about the sport of Curling

February 7 – Redemption
short story about redeeming a fallen angel


January 30 – The Waiting Is The Hardest Part
awaiting Legion, season 2

January 23 – Fandom Asks: Lost
favorite characters from television show

January 17 – Show Me Your Passion
fans who are multifandom

January 9 – You’ve Got The Look
actors who have influenced my fashion choices

January 2 – Focus!
I decide on a direction for the blog


December 14 – Beauty and The Beast: appreciation
my favorite things about the 2017 movie

December 4 – The Man Who Invented Christmas
a different take on the Charles Dickens classic, ‘A Christmas Carol’


November 14 – High Maintenance- Rachel
Dan Stevens as pot smoking, cross dressing, stay at home dad

November 10 – Jack was a drifter
short story about a young man who is looking for answers about his family, and the local girl who falls for him.

November 10 – To Dream
new ‘creative writing’ category in which I share my nightly dreams

November 8 – Mystery Blogger Award
another questionnaire. because I love them!


October 21 – Once Upon a Fanvid
I create a fanvid slideshow of Dan Stevens

September 24 – gratification
2 Dan Stevens pics from Sentebale charity Polo match, 2014


August 19 – Fandom Asks: Dan Stevens
questionnaire about favorite Dan Stevens characters

August 4 – Movie Challenge: most quotable
‘Back To The Future’


July 30 – One True Sentence
quote from ‘A Moveable Feast’ by Ernest Hemingway


Dan Stevens appreciation post


June 28 – Slow Going
Tumblr questionnaire, illustrated with Dan Stevens gifs


‘You’ve Got Mail’


music video by Twenty One Pilots


Liebster questionnaire, a second time




May 20 – Zeepster
‘Liebster Award’ questionnaire, illustrated with Dan Stevens gifs


quote from ‘The Razor’s Edge’ by W.Somerset Maugham


the mystery of actors who have tattoos


May 11 – Wonderstruck
examples of how Dan Stevens has impressed me with his acting


‘The Shawshank Redemption’


‘Shaun of the Dead’


April 30 – Sharp Dressed Man
clothing style of Dan Stevens


April 27 – Hilde
the love story in Hildegard Knef biopic


‘The Dark Knight’


‘It’s a Wonderful Life’


favorite video interviews and fan made videos of actor Dan Stevens


April 19- The Ticket
how reviews of the Dan Stevens film differ from my own opinions


April 12- Dan The Man
my discovery of actor Dan Stevens


April 4 – this thing of mine
Yours in Armitage series: I come to terms with my fangirling needs and wants


March 28 – Richard is
Yours in Armitage series: why I hold the actors that I admire to high standards


Yours in Armitage series: wondering if how I found Richard, compared to past crushes, has relevance


Yours in Armitage series: how my interest in Jamie Dornan has changed my approach to fangirling


Yours in Armitage series: realization that impassioned defense of Richard may actually be about fangirling instead


Yours in Armitage series: looking at previous posts objectively and pinpointing what the real issues are


Yours in Armitage series: getting to the heart of why Richard’s political opinions bother me


Yours in Armitage series: how weekly exposure would strengthen my fangirl bond (in theory)


January 31 – Mr. Fix It
Yours in Armitage series: when my impression of Richard is challenged


January 23- Go Ask Alice 
questionnaire about fangirl favorites


January 23 – I was disappointed
Yours in Armitage series: realizing that his work may not always move me


Yours in Armitage series: my preference for ‘the object of my affection’ to be romantically attached


Yours in Armitage series: fear that a successful movie career may change Richard’s personality


January 10 – Richard calms me
Yours in Armitage series: how the routine of fangirling calms me and why I need to find it again



memories of my trip to Scotland



why dressing provocatively isn’t ‘asking for it’


questionnaire about the history of this blog


original poem about finding your fire


why struggles should not be compared


‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie


my crushes through the years and what drew me to them


dreams, accompanied by fun gifs/images


April 22- On My Telly
questionnaire about television shows I watch


book adaptations and fan loyalty


Mark Grist poem


an article about Jamie Dornan from The Guardian, along with my own thoughts


Jamie Dornan movie’Shadows in the Sun’, told through pictures


trying to figure out the lyrics to a Sons of Jim song


March 21- Strike a Pose
Jamie Dornan used to be a male model


March 21- My Burning Sun
Jamie Dornan’s band ‘Sons of Jim’


March 21- just a note…
explanation for why several posts focusing on actor, Jamie Dornan, were published on same day


Jamie Dornan/Gillian Anderson thriller ‘The Fall’


the book series’ place within the ‘Twilight’ fanfiction community and the controversy of it’s success


my personal struggle with depression


Robert Burns poem


January 25- The Power of Touch
why I like hugs


January 23- Seat Belt? Check
2 dreams about dark subject matter


January 22- Labels
discovering I’m an ‘INFP-Idealist’ 



a childhood friend commits suicide


September 14- Keeping Me on My Toes
‘Outlander’ episode: The Garrison Commander


my skepticism concerning the ‘Outlander’ television show takes a positive turn


my ill fated trip to Scotland: sighseeing


my thoughts on the first episode of ‘Outlander’


my ill fated trip to Scotland: traffic accidents


my ill fated trip to Scotland: finally on our way


my ill fated trip to Scotland: plane delays


April 12- Fight the Power
writing prompt about fighting Middle School authority


March 29- Bobby Long


Tristan vs Alfred from ‘Legends of the Fall’


March 1- Surreal
writing prompt recalling car wreck I was involved in at 16


February 24- Silence
writing prompt about an emotional family issue


February 14- Smitten
writing prompt recalling my first crush



December 24- Dreams of Christmas
original poem


October 25- Oh, Daddy
favorite father-daughter commercials


Halloween memories from my childhood


I contemplate what I might like to see when I visit Scotland


appreciating quotes and lyrics out of context


Liam Neeson movie ‘The Grey’, and an original poem about wolves


my avoidance of Diana Gabaldon book ‘The Scottish Prisoner’



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