September 11
the ‘ruined’ stage of celebrity crushes
tags: AJR, celebrity crush, Dan Stevens, fandom, slideshow


September 1
guess the television/movie reference
tags: fandom, movies, Redbubble, television
August 24
examples of why I like the FX show Legion
tags: Ahmahl Farouk, appreciation, clothing,
Dan Stevens, David Haller, Legion, LegionFX,
mustache, Navid Negahban, Rachel Keller, Sydney Barrett, television


August 13
Dan Stevens & his mustache tease Downton Abbey fans on Instagram
tags: Allen Leech, Dan Stevens, Downton Abbey, Instagram, Michelle Dockery, mustache


August 18
ownership issues and fan activity
tags: blogging, fandom, fangirling, 
fan forums, copyright, Tumblr, etiquette, gifs
July 24
facial hair preferences of celebrity crushes
tags: beards, Chris Evans, Christian Bale, clean shaven,
Dan Stevens, facial hair, Henry Cavill, Jamie Dornan, picspam,
Richard Armitage, Robert Pattinson, scruff


July 16
Links of Special Interest, highlighting non-acting talent of fav actors
tags: Dan Stevens, Jamie Dornan, links, music, Richard Armitage,
Robert Pattinson, writing


July 2
gif set from The Guest about internet friends
tags: Dan Stevens, David Collins, gif set,
social media, The Guest


June 29
pics of Dan Stevens and cameras
tags: behind-the-scenes, Dan Stevens,
cameras, picspam


June 27
Rob & Mia answer Search related questions
tags: fangirling, interview, Mia Wasikowska, nostalgia, Robert Pattinson, Wired


June 21
when my song lyric obsession becomes a problem
tags: family, Maggie May, music, names, song lyrics


June 16
Dan Stevens sings in Legion season 2 finale
tags: Behind Blue Eyes, Dan Stevens, David Haller,
fangirling, Legion, LegionFX, singing


June 14
favorite Christian Bale characters
category: Fandom Asks
tags: 3:10 to Yuma, Alfred Borden,
Baleheads, Captain Blocker, celebrity crush,
Christian Bale, Dan Evans, Empire of The Sun,
Fandom Asks, fanvids, Jack Kelly, Jim Graham,
Little Women, Newsies, Rosalee Quaid,
The Prestige, Theodore Laurence


June 3
 : D
funny gif set of Dan Stevens at 2016 New York Comic Con
tags: Aubrey Plaza, Comic Con, cute, Dan Stevens, funny, gif set,
Legion, LegionFX, Rachel Keller


May 15
catching up with Dan Stevens content
tags: BUILD series, Dan Stevens, David Haller,
fashion, Legion, LegionFX


April 22
recent dream of Richard Armitage
category: Dream Diary
tags: cafe, celebration, creative writing,
dreams, Richard Armitage


April 15
music video/short film
tags: music, Novo Amor,
short film, song lyrics, soothing


March 24
current favorite Dan Stevens content
tags: acting, Dan Stevens, David Collins,
David Haller, fashion, Instagram, Legion,
LegionFX, movies, photography, shoes,
television, The Guest


March 10
quote from Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis
category: Literary Quotes
tags: books, Cosmopolis, Don DeLillo,


March 8
The Wizard of Oz
category: Movie Challenge
tags: childhood, movies,
quotes, The Wizard of Oz


February 18
when you lose interest in a fangirl favorite
tags: celebrity crush, fandom, fangirling, introspection,
parasocial relationship, Richard Armitage, Robert Pattinson


February 16
miscellaneous questions
category: Questionnaires
tags: aliens, autumn, cats,
childhood, Christian Bale, Dan Stevens,
family, Washington D.C.


February 11
Dan Stevens/Rebecca Hall movie about open relationships
tags: Dan Stevens, David Joseph Craig, Francois Arnaud,
Gina Gershon, Morgan Spector, movies, open relationship,
Permission, Rebecca Hall, same sex relationship


February 9
Dan and James fanboy about the sport of Curling
tags: Curling, Dan Stevens, James Corden, Ron Funches,
Taylor Kitsch, The Late Late Show, Winter Olympics


February 7
short story- redeeming a fallen angel
category: Dream Diary
tags: creative writing, dreams,
fallen angel, redemption


January 30
awaiting Legion season 2
tags: childhood, Dan Stevens, David Haller,
Legion, LegionFX, Nestle Quik, television


January 23
favorite characters from the television show, Lost
category: Fandom Asks
tags: Ana Lucia Cortez, Charlie Pace, Desmond Hume,
Fandom Asks, fanvids, Hugo Reyes, Jack Shephard, Lost,
Michael Dawson, Richard Alpert, Sawyer,
Sun-Hwa Kwon, television


January 17
fans who are multifandom
tags: Benedict Cumberbatch,
Dan Stevens, fan forums, fandom,
fangirling, Jamie Dornan, passion,
Robert Pattinson, The Dark Knight,
Twilight, William Fichtner


January 9
hairstyles and fashion choices influenced by actors
tags: Christian Bale, clothing, Dan Stevens, hair styles,
Jamie Dornan, Robert Pattinson, shoes


January 2
I decide on a direction for the blog
tags: blogging, decisions, redirecting




December 14
a celebration of the 2017 movie
tags: Beauty and The Beast, Celine Dion,
clothing, Dan Stevens, Emma Watson, Evermore,
How Does a Moment Last Forever, Kevin Kline, movies, music


December 4
a different take on the Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol
tags: A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens, Dan Stevens, family, fathers,
movies, The Man Who Invented Christmas, writing


November 14
Dan Stevens as pot smoking, cross dressing, stay at home dad
tags: Colin, cross-dressing, Dan Stevens, High Maintenance, Rachel,
stay at home dad, television


November 10
short story- a young man, searching for answers, befriends a local girl who falls in love with him.
category: Dream Diary
tags: creative writing, dreams, drifter, New York City, romance


November 10
creative writing endeavor to share my nightly dreams
tags: creative writing, dreams


November 8
questionnaire for ‘bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging’
category: Questionnaires
tags: Dan Stevens, french fries, ice cream,
Richard Armitage, SueBC, The Lord of The Rings, The Mystery Blogger Award


October 21
I create a fanvid slideshow of Dan Stevens
tags: Dan Stevens, fangirling, fanvids, Sleeping At Last


September 24
2 Dan Stevens pics from Sentebale charity Polo match, 2014
tags: Dan Stevens, fangirling, favorite photos, Sentebale


August 28
my hand-me-down 45rpm records
tags: 45rpm records, childhood, David Cassidy,
Don McLean, Elvis Presley, Joan Baez, music, Paper Lace,
Scott Joplin, song lyrics, The Animals


August 19
favorite Dan Stevens characters
category: Fandom Asks
tags: Beauty and The Beast, Criminal Activities,
Dan Stevens, David Cameron, David Collins, David Haller,
Fandom Asks, fanvids, Hilde, James Harvey, Joey Van Helsing,
Kill Switch, Legion, movies, Noah Dorfman, television,
The Guest, The Ticket, Vamps, Will Porter


August 4
Back To The Future
category: Movie Challenge
tags: Back To The Future, Marty McFly,
Michael J. Fox, movies, quotes


July 30
quote from A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway
category: Literary Quotes
tags: A Moveable Feast, books, Ernest Hemingway, writing


July 18
Dan Stevens appreciation post
tags: Beauty and The Beast, Dan Stevens,
David Haller, family, fanvids, James Corden,
Legion, marriage, singing, Susie Hariet, Susie Stevens


June 28
I cope with health issues by answering Tumblr questions
category: Questionnaires
tags: Dan Stevens, Disney World, Domino’s Pizza, health


June 12
You’ve Got Mail
category: Movie Challenge
tags: blogging, e-mail, happy,
letter writing, Meg Ryan,
movies, quotes, Tom Hanks, You’ve Got Mail


June 10
music video by Twenty One Pilots
tags: movies, Twenty One Pilots, ukulele


May 29
the Liebster questionnaire, a second time with different answers
category: Questionnaires
tags: Asperger’s, Benedict Cumberbatch, blogging, Dan Stevens,
Doctor Strange, Fan-Fiction, Jamie Dornan, Liebster Award, Lost,
movies, music, Sara Bareilles, song lyrics, SueBC,
television, The Fall, Twilight


May 24
category: Movie Challenge
tags: Christmas, Elf, innocence,
movies, Will Farrell


May 20
Liebster Award questionnaire, illustrated with Dan Stevens gifs
category: Questionnaires
tags: cats, Dan Stevens, James Stewart, Jimmy Stewart, Liebster Award,
Logan, Lollapalooza, Mork & Mindy, movies, music, Richard Armitage, television, The B-52’s, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Zeesmuse


May 19
quote from The Razor’s Edge by W. Somerset Maugham
category: Literary Quotes
tags: books, culture, quotes, The Razor’s Edge,
W. Somerset Maugham


May 16
the mystery of actors who have tattoos
tags: Adam Levine, Chris Evans, Dan Stevens,
Jack O’Connell, Matthew Fox, tattoos


May 11
examples of Dan Stevens acting
tags: acting, Colossal, Criminal Activities,
Dan Stevens, David Collins, David Haller,
Downton Abbey, James Harvey, Kill Switch,
Legion, Matthew Crawley, movies, Noah Dorfman,
television, The Guest, The Ticket


May 10
The Shawshank Redemption
category: Movie Challenge
tags: Andy Dufresne, drama, friendship,
Morgan Freeman, movies,
quotes, Stephan King, The Shawshank Redemption, Tim Robbins


May 3
my history of watching horror, and Shaun of The Dead
category: Movie Challenge
tags: comedy, horror, movies, Shaun of The Dead,
Simon, Pegg, zombies


April 30
clothing style of actor Dan Stevens
tags: celebrity crush, clothing, Dan Stevens,
eccentricity, fangirling, fashion, picspam, shoes, suits


April 27
the love story in actress-singer Hildegard Knef bio pic
tags: biography, David Cameron, Dan Stevens, German,
Heike Makatsch, Hildegard Knef, movies


April 27
The Dark Knight
category: Movie Challenge
tags: Batman, Bruce Wayne, Christian Bale,
IMAX, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman,
movies, quotes, The Dark Knight


April 24
It’s a Wonderful Life
category: Movie Challenge
tags: Christmas, Donna Reed, family,
George Bailey, guardian angel, It’s a Wonderful Life,
James Stewart, Jimmy Stewart, movies,
quotes, traditions


April 21
video interviews and fan made videos of actor Dan Stevens
tags: accents, audio books, books, Dan Stevens, David Collins,
David Haller, fangirling, fanvids, Frankenstein, GQ, Legion, Madam Bovary, movies, television, The Guest, Tom Hiddleston


April 19
Dan Stevens movie about a blind man who regains his sight
tags: ambition, blindness, Dan Stevens, friendship, James Harvey,
Malin Akerman, marriage. movies, Oliver Platt, The Ticket


April 12
discovery of actor Dan Stevens, and The Guest
tags: accents, Beauty and The Beast, celebrity crush,
Dan Stevens, David Collins, David Haller, fangirling, James Corden,
Legion, movies, television, The Guest, Today show, W screen tests


April 4
Yours in Armitage series- conclusion
category: Yours in Armitage
tags: celebrity crush, fangirling, introspection,
Richard Armitage


March 28
Yours in Armitage series- identity
category: Yours in Armitage
tags: celebrity crush, fangirling, identity,
Richard Armitage


March 22
Yours in Armitage series- transition
category: Yours in Armitage
tags: celebrity crush, fangirling, Richard Armitage,


March 16
Yours in Armitage series- different approaches
category: Yours in Armitage
tags: balance, celebrity crush, fandom, fangirling, Jamie Dornan,
Richard Armitage


March 8
Yours in Armitage series- misguided defense of fangirling
category: Yours in Armitage
tags: celebrity crush, fandom, fangirling, Guylty, justification,
objectification, Richard Armitage


February 27
Yours in Armitage series- patterns in fangirling
category: Yours in Armitage
tags: celebrity crush, fangirling, introspection,
Richard Armitage


February 22
Yours in Armitage series- atmosphere and influence
category: Yours in Armitage
tags: celebrity crush, fandom, New York Moves Magazine,
politics, Richard Armitage, Twitter


February 9
Yours in Armitage series- how weekly exposure strengthens the fangirl bond
category: Yours in Armitage
tags: attachment, Berlin Station, celebrity crush, fangirling, Hannibal,
Richard Armitage


January 31
Yours in Armitage series- when first impressions are challenged
category: Yours in Armitage
tags: celebrity crush, fangirling, first impressions, Richard Armitage


January 23
book, television, and movie favorites
category: Questionnaires
tags: Captain America, Chris Evans, Disney World,
Elf, Evangeline Lilly, fangirling, Kate Austen, Lord of The Rings,
Lost, Lucas North, MI-5, Richard Armitage, Steve Rogers,
The Wizard of Oz


January 23
Yours in Armitage series- career choices
category: Yours in Armitage
tags: celebrity crush, commercials,
Pure New Zealand, Richard Armitage,


January 17
Yours in Armitage series- romantic attachments
category: Yours in Armitage
tags: celebrity crush, fangirling, Richard Armitage,
wedding rings


January 11
Yours in Armitage series- fame
category: Yours in Armitage
tags: celebrity crush, fame, Richard Armitage,


January 10
Yours in Armitage series- the routine of fangirling
category: Yours in Armitage
tags: blogging, celebrity crush, fangirling, introspection,
Richard Armitage




April 19
memories of my trip to Scotland
tags: Edinburgh, Eilean Donan Castle,
Glencoe, Mallaig, photograpy, picspam,
Scotland, Sligachan, song lyrics, travel




August 31
dressing provocatively isn’t ‘asking for it’
tags: Chrissie Hynde, clothing, rape, responsibility


June 18
questionnaire about the history of this blog
category: Questionnaires
tags: Blog Introspection Challenge, blogging


June 2
original poem about finding your fire
tags: confidence, control, creative writing, poetry


May 22
to struggle is not a competition
tags: Ash Beckham, shame, struggles, TEDx


May 13
the Fifty Shades of Grey movie and how relatable Ana is to me
tags: Anastasia Steele, book adaptations, Christian Grey, control, Dakota Johnson, erotica, Fifty Shades of Grey, Jamie Dornan, movies, naivete, Twilight


May 17
my crushes through the years and what drew me to them
tags: acting, celebrity crush, Christian Bale, Ewan McGregor,
fandom, fangirling, Jamie Dornan, Leo Dicaprio, Michael J. Fox,
Richard Armitage, Robert Pattinson


May 4
dreams, accompanied by fun gifs/captions
category: Dream Diary
tags: creative writing, dreams, fangirling, Jamie Dornan,
reality show, sports


April 22
questionnaire about my favorite television shows
category: Questionnaires
tags: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Big Bang Theory, Gotham,
Lost, Person of Interest, television


April 9
book adaptations and fan loyalty
tags: bias, book adaptations, Lost,
loyalty, Outlander, The Hobbit


April 6
Mark Grist performs poem
tags: I Want a Girl Who Reads,
Mark Grist, poetry, reading


March 25
friend Hadley Freeman, writing for The Guardian, recalls her initial impression of Jamie Dornan and how fame hasn’t diminished his humble nature.
tags: accents, acting fame, Fifty Shades of Grey, Hadley Freeman, Jamie Dornan, models, Paul Spector, The Fall, The Graham Norton Show, The Guardian


March 21
Jamie Dornan movie Shadows in The Sun, told through pictures
tags: friendship, Jamie Dornan, movies, picspam, Shadows in The Sun


March 21
misheard lyrics to a Sons of Jim song
tags: Jamie Dornan, music, My Burning Sun,
song lyrics, Sons of Jim


March 21
Jamie Dornan got his start as a male model
tags: Calvin Klein, commercials, Jamie Dornan,
Levi’s, models


March 21
Jamie Dornan’s band, Sons of Jim
tags: David Alexander, Jamie Dornan,
music, My Burning Sun, song lyrics, Sons of Jim


March 21
I start blogging about actor Jamie Dornan
tags: blogging, Jamie Dornan, muse


March 2
Jamie Dornan/Gillian Anderson thriller, The Fall
tags: cinematography, Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan,
Paul Spector, serial killer, Stella Gibson, television, The Fall


February 25
Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s place within the Twilight fan-fiction community and the controversy of it’s success.
tags: books, Christian Grey, E.L. James, Edward Cullen, erotica, fan-fiction,fandom, Fifty Shades of Grey, Master of The Universe, Pull to Publish, Twilgiht


January 27
my personal struggle with depression
tags: antidepressants, depression,
personality, shame


January 26
Robert Burns poem
tags: My Heart’s In The Highlands,
poetry, Robert Burns, Scotland


January 25
why I like hugs
tags: childhood, fathers,
grandmothers, hugs, touch


January 23
two dreams about dark subject matter
category: Dream Diary
tags: assault, creative writing, creativity,
domestic violence, dreams, Hannibal, Richard Armitage,
serial killer, television


January 22
discovering that I’m an INFP idealist
tags: idealist, INFP, motivational posters,
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, personality




September 22
a childhood friend commits suicide
tags: friendship, quotes, suicide


September 14
Outlander, The Garrison Commander
tags: book adaptations, Captain Randall,
Diana Gabaldon, Jamie Fraser, Outlander,
Sam Heughan, television, The Garrison Commander,
Tobias Menzies


August 24
my skepticism concerning the Outlander television show takes a positive turn
tags: book adaptations, Diana Gabaldon, Jamie Fraser, Outlander, Sam Heughan,television


August 15
my ill fated trip to Scotland: sightseeing
tags: Dunvegan Castle, Edinburgh, Isle of Skye,
Murphy’s Law, Old Man of Storr,
photography, picspam, Portree, Scotland, Sligachan, travel


August 8
my thoughts on the first episode of Outlander
tags: accents, book adaptations, Caitriona Balfe,
cinematography, Claire Randall, clothing, Diana Gabaldon,
Jamie Fraser, Outlander, Sam Heughan, Scotland, television


August 6
my ill fated trip to Scotland: traffic accidents
tags: car accident, Dunkeld, Eilean Donan Castle, Murphy’s Law, photography, Pitlochry, Scotland, travel


August 2
my ill fated trip to Scotland: finally on our way
tags: airports, Edinburgh, Minute Suites, Murphy’s Law, Philadelphia, Scotland, travel


August 1
my ill fated trip to Scotland: plane delays
tags: airports, Murphy’s Law,
Philadelphia, Scotland, travel


April 12
writing prompt about fighting Middle School authority
tags: authority, clothing, teenagers, writing, writing prompt


March 29
singer-songwriter and his debut album, A Winter Tale
tags: A Stranger Song, A Winter Tale, Bobby Long,
Left To Lie, music, song lyrics


March 26
Tristan vs Alfred, from Legends of The Fall
tags: Aidan Quinn, Alfred Ludlow, Brad Pitt,
brothers, family, Legends of The Fall, movies,
Tristan Ludlow


March 1
writing prompt recalling my first car accident
tags: car accident, family, mothers, surreal,
writing, writing prompt


February 24
writing prompt touching upon issues regarding my brother
tags: brothers, childhood, family, premature birth, silence,
writing, writing prompt


February 14
writing prompt recalling my first crush
tags: childhood, smitten, writing, writing prompt




December 25
original poem
tags: Christmas, creative writing, 
family, poetry


October 25
favorite father-daughter commercials
tags: commercials, Extra gum, family,
fathers, Subaru


October 24
Halloween memories from my childhood, photos included
tags: childhood, costumes, family, Halloween, song lyrics


July 29
what I might like to see when I visit Scotland
tags: creative writing, England, quotes, Scotland, 
song lyrics, travel


June 28
appreciating quotes and lyrics out of context
tags: books, Diana Gabaldon, Don DeLillo, Elvis Costello,
Empire of The Sun, Gary Jennings, Lost, Maroon 5,
movies, quotes, song lyrics, W.B. Yeats, You’ve Got Mail


June 14
Liam Neeson movie, The Greyand original poem about wolves
tags: creative writing, Dermot Mulroney, Liam Neeson, movies,
poetry, The Grey, wolves


June 11
avoidance of Diana Gabaldon book, The Scottish Prisoner
tags: books, Diana Gabaldon, Jamie Fraser, Outlander,
The Scottish Prisoner