3 recent dreams of Jamie Dornan

When I have a dream that’s somewhat linear, I write it down so I can look back on it later. Most of them are so random that I find the subject matter funny, in and of itself, but there also tends to be an innocent sweetness to them that I find endearing. I dream every single night but not always about things that make sense or that I remember coherently in the morning. At least once a week I do have one or two that I remember in detail, vivid detail. When I was young and the dreams were scary or disturbing I did not appreciate this fact but now that my brain has settled down, the dreams often make me smile afterwards. So I give you: 3 recent dreams of Jamie Dornan

Dream no.1 

Jamie Dornan was my boyfriend


good start!


but it was new and we hadn’t come out to anyone with the news yet. he was set to star in a “Survivor” type reality show. there were two celebrity team leaders who picked their team members from a group of contestants. 14 of the contestants had been specifically chosen by the producers for drama and thus the celebrities were required to pick certain ones for their team (unbeknownst to the public, of course) and then each celebrity could pick 3 others on their own. I was among the contestants and had not been pre-chosen by the producers. while I wanted to take part, I really just wanted to share the experience with Jamie. it’s not like I was out to win. 


The day the teams were picked, it didn’t take place on film but rather as a VIP event at a location near where the game would take place; the competition would officially start the following day. Jamie was acting like my being picked was a done deal, yet I got the impression that I might not end up on his team. hmm. I didn’t ask him about it though, in case it was a strategy and I would be getting unfair “insider” information. I, on the other hand, was not so confident that I would make a team. I was in shape and had outdoor experience but it wasn’t like I was Sporty-Spice or anything.


"I wanna really, really, really wanna zigazig ah"
‘I wanna really, really, really wanna zigazig ah’


as soon as we arrived at the event, Jamie went off to do whatever he was supposed to do–so I didn’t get to tell him that not only had I been to this location before, but I used to spend summers there with my grandfather and cousins. how weird was that?! 


Soon the picking of teams started and it was like gym class all over again, ugh. and guess who didn’t get picked? this girl! Jamie was horrified that I didn’t get picked, he seemed truly gutted about it. I tried not to look too shocked, because I wasn’t really, but I did want to share the experience with Jamie; he was going to be gone for 6 weeks on this adventure. while the chosen contestants where whisked away for a briefing, I wandered around the property. I remembered coming here with my cousins, for a sort of “family summer camp” that my grandfather led for us each year. he didn’t own the property but he was an avid outdoorsman so I think he must have been friendly with the owner or something. I had mixed feelings about those summers: I was the only girl among my cousins and they were all older than me. it wasn’t exactly fun for me most of the time but rather lonely, and a hardship to put up with the antics of all those boys! my grandfather did let me tag along and help when he put the boys through “boot camp” type activities that I was too young for or not hardy enough to participate in myself. 


not even in my dreams could I do this


The property itself was next to a serene lake, greenery all around. I could see the bunkhouse that the boys stayed in along the shore of the lake, and event members were wandering around the big house where I stayed with my grandparents. I took a trip down memory lane as I meandered down halls and rediscovered all the nooks that I played in as a kid. it’s at this point that I spotted Bobby Long and Sam Bradley, two folk musicians that I am fond of, standing by the stairs and laughing about something on Bobby’s cell phone. OMG! Bobby and Sam are right. there. I tried to act calm and cool and hope that I could spot an opening in their conversation to somehow insert myself into. while I was standing there beside them they suddenly laughed loudly and then looked around with smiles on their faces to make sure they didn’t cause too much of a disturbance. they caught my eye and I smiled widely at their antics to which they motioned me over to view whatever they were looking at. I then directed them to something similar that I thought they would find funny as well and so I enjoyed about 10 whole minutes of “hanging out” with Bobby and Sam. but then they wandered away, leaving me awkwardly staying behind. a verbal “later” with a head nod in farewell would have been nice but whatever.


I spotted Jamie across the way so I met up with him as the announcer started wrapping up the the event. Jamie playfully bumped my shoulder and dramatically placed my arm around him. it surprised me that he was initiating this kind of contact in public but made me very pleased. my smile was met with a wink from him as we turned to listen to the person speaking. as the crowd started to disperse, Jamie led me over to a bench and we sat down to discuss what had happened. his “plan” had been for me to to get picked by the other team and then he would have eventually used the option to steal in order to get me on his team. he was so confident that I would be picked that he didn’t even consider a “plan B” scenario. I didn’t know whether to be touched at his confidence in me or annoyed at his arrogance, so I just laughed and shook my head. he was disheartened that I wouldn’t be on this adventure with him, and I could really see that fact sinking in as we sat there quietly talking beside the lake.


Disheartened. b/c he lurves me <3
Disheartened. b/c he lurves me ❤


I mentioned something about the surrounding area that the game would be taking place in, that it was a good time of year for it because it wouldn’t be so wet and boggy, when Jamie looked at me oddly. he asked if I was familiar with this place because he had been watching me earlier inside the house and noticed that I seemed to know my way around. I told him the odd coincidence of this being a place I spent a lot of time in during my childhood. as I talked and shared some of my memories, Jamie’s face started to light up. 


Halfway through a story I was sharing, he grabbed my hands and told me that each team had the option of bringing along a guide that was familiar with the area. this person wouldn’t be on camera but they could travel along with the group and act as a consultant of sorts. Jamie suggested that I be his guide since I was familiar with the area. was I allowed to do that? I mean, I wasn’t a professional or anything. and it had been quite a few years since I’d even been back to this place; that was a lot of pressure! what if I caused him to lose the competition? now it was his turn to laugh and shake his head as he placed an arm around my shoulders and gathered me in for a hug. I knew he didn’t really care about winning, he agreed to participate because he thought it would be a fun challenge and the charity he was playing for would get a large donation whether his team won or lost. he wanted to share this adventure with me, he knew we’d work well together and keep each other grounded. he playfully gave me his puppy dog look then and I knew I had no choice in the matter; I can never resist that face!




Dream no.2 (much shorter)
Jamie was the coach of the university sports team I was practicing for. we were on the practice field with a lot of other students that were doing various exercises and drills. there only seemed to be three of us and our sport was javelin throwing but for some reason we were running around the track with our spears, sideways. I couldn’t quite get the hang of it and kept tripping over my own feet, while my two male teammates were just running straight and snickering at my mishaps. Jamie wasn’t really paying attention, talking to another coach instead.


talking shop, aka gossiping


my teammates decided they had better things to do and just dropped their spears and walked away, meanwhile I was determined to get this right and kept practicing. I ended up tripping over one of their spears though which caused me to automatically use my spear to keep myself from face planting and I broke the end of it (they were practice spears of some sort that had a blunt end). I really dreaded telling Jamie that I broke the spear, I felt so foolish. but he took it in stride and said that they do tend to break sometimes. he then asked me to help him gather our equipment…and that was it.


that one was a bit anti-climatic


Dream no.3
I was part of a small crowd of some kind that was waiting for Jamie Dornan, the actor, to appear. it seems like I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and got caught up in whatever was going on, because although I liked Jamie, I didn’t actually want an autograph


b/c I'm so above that kind of thing...
because I’m so above that kind of thing…


I seemed to be somewhat annoyed that I was being prevented from doing whatever else I was supposed to be doing. young women were scattered about talking to one another and I knew that if they were ready and organized before he appeared then things would go much quicker, so I tried to get them to come together and form some semblance of a line. easier said than done; their excited chatter was preventing most of them from hearing my plea. one particular group was going on about how hott Jamie was and coming up with silly scenarios to get him into bed when I finally raised my voice and said “no one is fucking Dornan! now would you please get your asses in line so I can get out of here quicker?!” at which point I heard his amused Irish laugh behind me and felt my face go up in flames.



7 thoughts on “3 recent dreams of Jamie Dornan

    1. caught what, another captivation? I do tend to be susceptible to them–that makes it sound like it’s a disease 😛
      at first I wasn’t exactly sure what these dreams meant but after I wrote them down and read through them again, it became obvious to me how they related to my thoughts and emotions. it always amazes me how the brain makes stories built on metaphors while we’re unconsciously sleeping 😎

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  1. In the first dream, it’s interesting how deeply intertwined are the imaginary Jamie and your actual childhood’s memories. And it’s very detailed with some plot twists 😉 That would be a gratifying dream, I presume. 🙂


        1. nope. I did grow up in a rural area and spent my fair share of time at various lakes but none of them resembled this one. I do have a group of boy cousins that I spent some summers around when they came to visit our grandparents but I never really hung out with them and I wasn’t the only girl when I did. there certainly was no “family summer camp” with military undertones. sometimes scenarios from books or movies I’ve read/seen find their way into my dreams and I live through the characters but that is not the case here. the only real thing that I could relate to the setting of this dream is that I’ve been seeing a commercial for a new reality show that takes place on an Island.

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