So Many Wasted Hours

I felt a connection to one of Jamie Dornan’s songs and it inspired me to blog about him. I’ve since downloaded several songs by Sons of Jim and have been happily enjoying them. but I’ve hit a snag. I’m not exactly sure what the lyrics are to the chorus of My Burning Sun. I thought I knew what they were but then I ran across a set of lyrics on the net and…they’re different. the horror!

no, this is horror! vampires who entice kids with drugs and dancing; they're old enough to know better...
horror? more like cheese with a side of craic


So I set to work and kicked my obsessive self into over-drive, listening to the song over and over: stopping, jumping ahead, jumping behind. I sought the aid of friends and even my 10 year old daughter, yet we’re still at an impasse.

I think song lyrics are the least of your problems.
I think song lyrics are the least of your problems.


Here’s my dilemma (click on this link, if you feel like humoring me): during the chorus when the song says

don’t tell me you can’t see you’re everything___

the lyrics are cited as being “and everyone”, while I think it’s “I’d ever want”. I like my way better. “everything and everyone” is a bit presumptuous, don’t you think? this person may be great but is she better than everything and everyone? whereas if she were better than everything he’d ever want, that’s more personal and thus more meaningful. now I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is: yes, I do make things more difficult then they have to be. let’s leave that alone for now though, and move on to some other parts of the song.

by all means. let's tear it all apart!
by all means. let’s tear it apart!


Before the chorus we hear:

___don’t ever pacify

the lyrics I’ve read state it as being “a cigaret and some chocolate”, while I clearly hear just “cigarettes and chocolate”. that moves on into:

there’s gotta be some daylight through the darkest sky, you could make it__

I think it says “light”, while it’s suggested that it’s “alive”. light just makes more sense to me. if he’s searching for some light through the darkness, then she could be that light. then after the chorus it says:

so many wasted hours, __and__

it’s suggested that the lyrics are “letdowns and burnouts”. I’m just going to go with that because I’m not really sure what that first word is. letdowns does make sense within context, so I’m good with that one (see, I’m not always difficult!)

Jamie's trying to remember what the lyrics actually are...
Jamie, trying to remember what the lyrics actually are


I mean no disrespect to the person(s) who submitted these lyrics for the song. I could be totally out in left field, chasing butterflies instead of catching home runs. it has happened before: once, when I was trying to figure out the lyrics to Natalie Merchant’s The Lowlands of Holland – I didn’t have internet access then, hard to imagine now. did I truly know anything before Google?

there are how many burger joints near me? how could I not know this?!
there are how many burger joints near me? why did I not know this?!


anyways, I was having trouble with the line “to fight the enemy”. instead of “enemy”, I got “anemone” stuck in my head and just couldn’t hear anything else. I knew that was ridiculous, the soldier in the song wasn’t going to leave his marriage bed to go off and fight sea anemones! my mind likes to sabotage itself. routinely & often.

"I can't stand it. I know you planned it"
‘I can’t stand it, I know you planned it’


do I have a point to this winding post? not really. I’d just like to say that if my guess at the lyrics are wrong, they should be changed. that’s free advice, Jamie, no charge. because I like you so much. even if others can’t understand what you’re singing…




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