I would like to see him in a romantic relationship

[The ‘Yours in Armitage’ series is a collection of posts documenting my changing perceptions about my celebrity crush on Richard Armitage, using excerpts from past correspondence to help me come to terms with the uncertainties.]

July 24, 2013- I would like to see him in a romantic relationship just as much as the next fan (because boys are cute when they’re in love!) but if he’s single for the rest of his life, and happy, then that is what I want for him.

Boys are cute when they’re in love. the sweet glances and constant touches, the seemingly unconscious mentions of how their world automatically includes someone else. yes, I’m a romantic at heart! seeing Richard wear a wedding band would make the swoon factor skyrocket for me, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. and that’s okay. while I would love to see him in a romantic relationship, I won’t be gutted if it never happens. Richard seems to be ‘married’ to his career, and has said in past interviews that he realizes the pressure his career would put on a relationship/family. I hope that he’s not closing himself off to the possibility, but I realize that it is not necessarily a goal for everyone.

I want to see a happy Richard, a content Richard, a fulfilled Richard. if that doesn’t include a romantic relationship that he’s willing to share with the public, then so be it. if that doesn’t include a romantic relationship at all, then so be it. he’s going to live his life the way he sees fit, as he should. that doesn’t mean I can’t have opinions about what I would like to see. so I’m going to hold onto my hope that someday I’ll get to see Richard share those sweet glances and constant touches with someone; that he’ll pepper his conversations with unconscious mentions of someone lighting up his world; that someday the swoon factor of his photoshoot pictures will skyrocket even more with the inclusion of a wedding band. I don’t need that to happen in order to be a fan of Richard Armitage, it won’t take away from his talent in my eyes. but if it did happen, I would revel in it! I’ll hold onto my hope.

Yours in Armitage,



6 thoughts on “I would like to see him in a romantic relationship

    1. most of the other celebrity crushes I’ve had are married, and are darn cute about it too, so maybe it’s just what I’m used to? or maybe I’m just one of those annoying people who want people in a relationship b/c I’m in a relationship. I dunno, cheesy romance just makes me happy! but if romance isn’t his thing, then he could just go around making children giggle or hugging fluffy animals or something; I’m willing to compromise ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. I don’t think he would share info about a relationship all that freely either but if it did come to marriage, then we would at least know that someone existed & would eventually get a pic or two (along with the wedding band). that would be enough for me, my imagination could fill in the rest


  1. I wrote the biggest, longest post. Or maybe that’s rode. I dunno…
    The site asked me to sign in and bam, 2 hours of writing from my subconscious was lost into the ether.
    Never married. Maybe it was a friendship ring, and only fit that finger. And maybe some teenager at a Sizzler misinterpreted a couple saying they were celebrating an anniversary, to mean wedding. And can you imagine what jealous mutual acquaintances might spin things or dumb things down? The mind boggles ๐Ÿ˜‰

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