it was like…magic


[recent dream of Richard Armitage]

Richard and I were at an annual celebratory event in a foreign city. he just so happened to sit down across from me, at my little single table, outside on a cobblestone patio with twinkling lights draped haphazardly around. the event was festive without being intrusive to those who were walking by. at one point a group of older women came around with a tray filled with ethnic sweets, but they were more to show off and look at than to eat. I had no idea what anyone was saying but I wasn’t intimidated by that. I was there to just enjoy the atmosphere, and the added bonus of seeing Richard enjoy it too. we didn’t talk to each other much, we were strangers after all, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. it was like we were two outsiders just taking it all in together. he was someone I could enjoy being quiet with.
Towards the end of the evening it was announced with sadness that a certain woman who was always highly involved in the event had passed away. there were several gasps throughout the crowd and Richard looked visibly upset. I instinctively reached across the table and took his hand into mine for comfort. he asked if I knew the woman and although the urge to fib and say ‘yes’ was strong, I told the truth and said that I didn’t know her, though her name was familiar to me from previous years. soon after Richard left our table to search out this woman’s daughter and to talk to the family. it appeared that he wasn’t coming back and the night had died down anyway, so I rose to leave. I had gone back to my nearby lodging and prepared to check out because I had planned to travel home right after the event.
As I wandered back through the patio a few hours later, I passed Richard sitting at our table. we both made eye contact with each other at the same time and so I stopped and said goodbye. he leaned up and I leaned down and we embraced in a hug as he kissed my cheek. he didn’t know my name and I didn’t give it. the embrace felt intimate, still between two strangers but no less magical. as I walked away I had a strong sense of deja vu, like it had all happened before in that exact way and that it would happen again.





7 thoughts on “it was like…magic

  1. I think it is a beautiful dream and about discovery. Very honest and emotional post. Puts my dreams about him to shame…


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