Flat Richie: Around the World in 309 Days (and counting)

See the market place in old Algiers
Send me photographs and souvenirs
Just remember when a dream appears
You belong to me

It was on an unseasonably warm day in the beginning of October that I found an unexpected visitor at my door, Flat Richie from the Richard Armitage fandom!

oh, I’m Richie, by the way. sorry! all over the shop today.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I forgot he was coming. you see, he didn’t give me a set date that he would arrive nor did I press him on the issue, just an invitation of ‘when you come through Indiana, you can stay at my place!’ Richie has been on a once in a lifetime trip around the world, stopping for short stays at fan’s houses, exchanging gifts and then moving on to the next destination. he’s been at it since November!

[I apologize in advance for my less-than-stellar photos. I still can’t work my phone]

I was excited to receive the unexpected visitor but my house was a mess

I’m still waiting for that fairytale scene where the animals clean everything for me

and our plans for the weekend wouldn’t afford any fun trips downtown to see the sights. sorry, Richie, you’re stuck spending time inside my house with me and the cats!

I dug into the box of mystery straight away and got to work unwrapping all the colorful tissue wrapped gifts. so many unique and pretty things to choose from! I made a pile of things I wanted to pick from, taking things out of the pile and putting them back in again. back and forth, back and forth, how was I going to choose?! I gave up and waited for my daughter to get home from school, hoping for her input.

Richie, watching me ‘work’

In the meantime, I opened up the log book and was suddenly transported to far away lands, like any good book will do. I really enjoyed reading all of the entries and turning all of the beautiful handmade pages. I’ll even admit that I read the pages about pine trees that were taken from a real book and used for decorative purposes. it taught me the names of the different pine trees that I have in my back yard, which I didn’t previously know. so not only is the log book fun but it’s educational too! once my daughter arrived home, we spent the evening going through the gifts and matching them up to their entries in the journal. she thought the whole concept was really fun, plus she fell in love with a pair of giraffe earrings and claimed them as her own. my husband was impressed with the fact that Richard himself signed the journal, and so was I! I forgot that he had signed the book until I ran across it and gasped in surprise, then I reverently touched it with my fingers, and then laughed at my own reaction!

the next evening, after I had finally made my choices, I switched out the box because it was looking a little worse for wear (I went a little crazy decorating it with some of my daughter’s decorative tape). then Richie was out the door and on to his next destination. my picks from the Richie booty were a pen and dust cloth set from Australia, a pretty ornament and key chain from France, and a magnet highlighting historic architecture from Germany, along with the funky earrings my daughter loves.

Thank You to all who have taken part in this traveling project, it was a memorable experience! I wish Richie well on his continuing journey. stay safe, Richie! oh, and Thorin wants me to tell you to not be as stubborn as him and just accept help from the GPS…

so he lost his way twice, what of it?
Flat Richie is a fandom endeavor organized by RA Fandom’s Guylty, from the Guylty Pleasure blog. go check out her posts to track Richie’s journey


Fly the ocean in a silver plane
See the jungle when it’s wet with rain
Just remember ’til you’re home again
You belong to me


[song lyrics from You Belong to Me by Dean Martin]

40 thoughts on “Flat Richie: Around the World in 309 Days (and counting)

  1. So cool that you and your daughter traced back the logbook and the gifts. I was early in the process and wished now I had really looked through the logbook more. Great gifts that you chose. Thank you for sending me his autograph pic page that must have been soo cool to touch and caress. Hopefully in Feb I’ll get it for real with a group selfie!! So glad Thorin is still with you and is that Whiskey keeping guard of Flat Richie by the window?!
    Hallejah your kitchen is normal!!
    great report!!!


  2. Three big cheers and a massive thank you for this lovely post, Kelly. Looks as if Flat Richie was fully assimilated into the family on his stop in Indiana. And it is so cool that you were able to choose items from different countries. Love it. Also, it’s nice that your daughter was involved in picking and choosing through the parcel.
    309 days, btw 😳. I’ll update the map on my blog and link to you. Thank you for the lovely report! x

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    1. I didn’t plan to specifically choose items from other countries but my daughter pointed out to me that I had and that’s why we started matching up the gifts to the log book entries b/c she wanted to see who contributed them 🙂

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  3. ‪Thanks for this great travel report, Kelly!!
    I’m sure Richie & Co. were happy to just kick back and relax for a change. I mean, 309 days and counting. What a world tour this has turned out to be. ‬
    ‪Lovely gifts you chose and such a geographic cross-section. This project has been such a joy. ♥️‬

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I knew it would be fun to follow his journey but it surprised me how much I enjoyed reading the travel log. it was really cool to see everyone’s handwriting, not just what they said (which, btw, you have really neat penmanship! if you ever get a chance to see mine when this is all over you will see that I can’t write in a straight line, I drop farther and farther down, line by line… )

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s my big regret. As cool as being first was, I had nothing to look at yet. I will have to bribe Guylty to show me the log at the end.
        Awww, thanks. I tried to be legible. 😉


  4. Ah what a lovely write up! Thanks for that! The last few stops seem to have occurred quite quickly too. It’s nice that you’ve been able to chose things that you liked too esepc the earring for your daughter 😊

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  5. I loved your report, Kelly, and it’s great that your family were involved in looking at the treasures. (Not like me, trying to smuggle an enormous box past mine, saying ‘Oh, it’s nothing’.)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I would have gone the smuggling route too except my husband got a notification that a package had been delivered and so he sent me a text and confusedly asked “were you expecting something from Australia?”, so I had to fess up and say “it’s a fandom thing” then once my daughter came home from school and saw a box full of colorful tissue paper, she was very intrigued. so while explaining to her what it was, husband overhead. it was a big snowball effect that I had no chance of stopping!

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  6. What a lovely report. Thanks Kelly. It´s always interesting to read about Flat Richie´s adventures in all these different places. I´m still fascinated by the idea that one puts something in a box that someone on the other side of the world might fall in love with. This project is such a wonderful thing! I also enjoyed reading through the logbook and trying to match up the gifts. I was in line quite at the beginning so I somehow regret that I won´t be able to have a look in the logbook at the end.
    P.S. I agree with Michele, your kitchen looks perfectly normal.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Hi Michele, it´s so nice to hear from you. Was already wondering where you hang around. I have only seen a tiny part of the world, yet, so not really a world traveler. Iceland was great, of course. And yes, theatre in London next year is already on my list. Hope you are doing fine.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Nordlicht, I am around still, long story.. great about theatre next year!! Me too. I am glad you liked Iceland. You went to Scotland too right? Would love to hear about that. I am blogging too at The M Files on Word Press if you want to catch up lovely!!


  7. Lovely report Kelly, I’m glad FR reached you safely, and that my contribution with its indigenous art has found a home with you. 😊 (hope the pen works lol!) It’s always a worry sending a parcel a hundred miles here with our postal service, let alone half a world away! I too loved reading the journal, several times. I had forgotten that RA added his autograph to it (thankyou Armi! x) When I flipped through the pages to the end (checking out the rest of Guylty’s creativity 😉) and saw it my heart leapt. I found myself tracing over his scrawl, big grin on my face – Richard held this little journal in his hands! I am a sensible, mature, happily married woman, but this man….*shrugs*

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