I Have a Cell Phone Now (and I hate it)

For the longest time I didn’t have a cell phone, and life was blissful. now I have one and I want to throw it out the window every day.

me, without a cell phone
annoyance number one

I used to have one with a slide out keyboard but they no longer offer service on that one, so my husband bought me a newer one. it’s so big it can’t fit into my pocket. I don’t carry a purse, only a wallet.

how my husband thought I’d react
how I did react
annoyance number two

I don’t need all of the bells & whistles that come with a cell phone these days; internet access, a bucket full of apps that I don’t know how to use, even the camera trips me up! I just want to be able to text my kids and use it as a telephone for emergencies.

this is a camera. it takes pictures. it only takes pictures.
annoyance number three

we already have multiple lines on our phone plan, so instead of getting another one, we just switched our home phone over to the cell phone. it has horrible reception when I use it, just me, no one else. I have to stand next to the window on days that it cuts out repeatedly. my parents get frustrated when talking to me on the phone now, so they don’t call anymore.

all by myseeelf…
annoyance number four

I used to let the answering machine pick up numbers I didn’t recognize. I could hear when someone was leaving a message, so if it was something I needed to take care of, I would pick up the phone while they were still on the line (even though we’re on a no call list, the charity telemarketers can still call. and they do, every single day) but now, I can’t do that. now I have to wait until the message is done, call voicemail to listen to it, and then call directly back if I need to.

me & my peace of mind, ignoring calls
annoyance number four

my fingers can not use a touch screen. I press down too hard, I can’t swipe, and texting can be a trial. I think I’m pressing one letter but it registers as the letter below it. men, with much bigger hands than me, can type with ease but I can’t. recently I was trying to text quickly and messed up, so I tried to hit the back button but turned on voice activated typing instead. my text: are you serious, right now? mother fucker!

it’s really convenient to text with my kids and husband when they’re not home or to tell my daughter that dinner is ready, instead of yelling up the stairway, but all of the above is a headache. I’m 44 years old, but sometimes I feel like an old grandma when it comes to technology! don’t even get me started on my Blu-ray player…


it’s what I do.

I like to play around with ideas. some of those ideas become a reality and end up working out for the better, others don’t. no biggie, I just hit ‘undo’ and go back to the place I was before. I never put all my eggs in one basket, because I know myself. in the past year I’ve rearranged my living room 3 times. I don’t know how many times I’ve moved my two curio cabinets into other rooms and back again. or my bookshelf. or my dvd cabinet. it’s just what I do. I even moved my piano once, by myself. it’s staying where it is from now on!

my husband, when he comes home and sees that I’ve moved things again

I like the planning and execution. since I started blogging in 2013, I’ve had 7 WordPress blogs. some were ideas that worked out for the better, some served their purpose and then were deleted afterwards, and some I just changed my mind about. I’ve also had 3 Proboards fan forums, 4 Twitter accounts, 2 Tumblr accounts, and 2 Youtube channels. it’s what I do. so when I chose to move my Dan Stevens related posts from here to a new Dan Stevens focused blog, that was me playing around with an idea. I thought if I compartmentalized them so that they would be altogether in one place, it might benefit my blogging process, opening up ‘more room’ in my brain to write more between the two blogs. it was fun setting up the blog, but I’ve changed my mind about splitting myself in two like that. I want all my stuff back here where it can grow organically. this blog is about fandom and actors and dreams but more than anything, it’s about me. everything that I write is based on my feelings, opinions, and passion. Dan Stevens is at the forefront of my feelings, opinions, and passion at the moment, so he belongs here.

opinion: I belong in this gif

I like to read back through my posts sometimes, in chronological order, to see how I’ve progressed and changed, what things were on my mind during certain time periods, etc., like a book. I started blogging on a Richard Armitage fan blog. I wrote a few posts on this blog during that time, but I mostly told my story over there. when that came to a close, I continued on over here; it was one story. I don’t want to tell two different stories at the same time. I don’t like when authors/film makers do that because I get lost, trying to keep the timeline straight.

me, being so done with ‘alternate universe’ timelines

a Dan Stevens fanblog is something that I have thought of trying several times since I became a fan of his. now I’ve done it. and now I’m hitting the ‘undo’ button to reset things. it’s what I do.

if only moving a piano were this easy…


(I wrote 4 posts on the fanblog that I will be moving over here. so when you notice them, that’s where they came from 😉 )

Criminal Activities: appreciation

Why I Like It:

Eddie(John Travolta). lovable crime boss. drinks Kale shakes.

Noah(Dan Stevens). eager to please. head full of curls.

Marques(Edi Gathegi). philosophical drug dealer. in love with his gun.

Zach(Michael Pitt). hot headed stockbroker. wears sunglasses in church.

Warren(Christopher Abbott). likes Yuengling beer. collects people’s problems.

Bryce(Rob Brown). FBI agent. good at darts.

some beat downs happen, there’s a kidnapping or two, a cheating girlfriend, insider trading, ice cream, Joan Walsh Anglund bed sheets, a funeral, over sweetened coffee, and poodles.

and this car.

Favorite Scene:

Zach, after finding out that his girlfriend has been cheating on him: I wanted to catch her. how sick is that? I mean, what kind of sick individual is happy that his fiancee is getting banged in the back seat of a car, that he’s paying for?
Noah: you didn’t put it in her name, at least.
Bryce: Noah! really?!


Zach, after more ranting: you know what this detective said? 85% of his clients who think that their wives are fucking around on them…they are!
Noah: at least there’s some comfort in knowing you’re in the majority
Warren: Noah, just stop talking!


I love Noah.
Favorite line:

“that cow on the window is really freaking me out”

Favorite outfit:

A wish:

that Eddie was my uncle

5 words to best describe it:

I think you’ll like this