The Season 3 premieres of two of my favorite shows are almost here: Legion– June 24th on FX and Stranger Things July 4 on Netflix. I am filled to the brim with anticipation!

ignore the fact that this cup is actually empty

In preparation, my husband and I are currently finishing up a rewatch of Legion season 2,  and then my kids and I will start a rewatch of Stranger Things seasons 1-2 next week, while my son and I recover from dental surgery- him for wisdom teeth removal, me for yet another crown.

my subconscious, while waiting in the dental chair


We can never know about the days to come
But we think about them anyway


Will David Haller’s multiple personalities, as enjoyable as they may be, continue to wreak havoc in his life?

fanvid: David Haller- A God


Will Steve Harrington continue to get his ass kicked?

fanvid: Steve Harrington- Hard Times

Stranger Things season 3 promo image

signs point to yes


Will David be able to repair the relationships with his friends and girlfriend?

fanvid: David Haller- I Need a Hero


Will Steve ever find happiness?

Steve Harrington- No Parents Big House

I support this message


Anticipation, anticipation
Is makin’ me late
Is keepin’ me waitin’


don’t hurt Steve.

[song lyrics from Anticipation by Carly Simon]

short on words

Legion Season Three Premiere
Los Angeles, California
Dan Stevens

Oh Kelly

In Baby Driver, one of my favorite scenes of the movie revolves around songs with names in them. Debora says she only knows one song with her name in it, Beck’s Debra, which she sings very badly but endearingly. she then asks Baby what his name is, and when he replies ‘Baby’ she says “you have us all beat, every damn song is about you!”

it made me realize that aside from Woody Harrelson’s Kelly song from an episode of Cheers, I don’t know any songs with Kelly in them. so I turned to Google to see what is out there. the first one I came across was an oldie by Del Shannon. this Kelly is sneaking around with her boyfriend’s best friend.

he’s told me of your sweet caress and of your lovely eyes

then I clicked on Kelly by Van She, which I actually really like, but these Kellys are all very hands on with their boyfriends (I’m assuming they’re boyfriends…)

there was an electronica type number by Air called Kelly Watch the Stars, which is just the phrase ‘Kelly watch the stars’ said over and over, and really shouldn’t be as catchy as it is.

and then there is Insistor by Tapes n Tapes, which doesn’t have Kelly in the title but the song is about another Kelly who cheats.


hmm. maybe being compared to a zeb-ra isn’t as bad as it seems.

Commercial Success

I find it irksome when a commercial is cut into small parts and played out of context. I’m constantly looking them up on YouTube to find the original versions so that I can try and make sense of them.

often they are like short films, giving much more of an impact when seen in their whole form, instead of random snippets. unless that’s the point? a marketing strategy that makes you so confused you’ll just buy it out of curiosity.

*disclaimer: I will try this at home

the cologne and car commercials that actors do tend to fall into this category. the sponsors are banking on the fact that you’ll subliminally associate the handsome actor with the cologne or car or suit, etc. I won’t say they’re wrong…

Dan Stevens did a series of commercials for Jaguar about being an expat in Brooklyn. in one he gets his beard trimmed, in another he gets his suit tailored, and in a third he eats. my brain wouldn’t normally associate any of those things with a car, but now it does! he’s also been part of an Armani suit campaign, which could have easily doubled as an eyeglasses campaign. missed opportunities.

Robert Pattinson went the cologne route with Dior Homme. in this instance it is just a bunch of different scenes spliced together, not a lot of context to begin with.
the original longer scenes do make more sense though (head canon: the elevator bit was a gift to the ‘Master of the Universe’ fan-fiction fangirls, giving them the original face of the Fifty Shades trilogy. I speak for all of us when I say Thank You.)
bonus: a completely different one.


Jamie Dornan was a model before he went into acting, so he’s done a lot of commercial campaigns. his most recent is for Boss. will smelling this fragrance do to me what those glasses did for them? I need more information!
Ansel Elgort is currently the face of Polo Red Rush cologne. because of this I’ve seen him in my clothing store, I’ve seen him in my mailbox, and I hear him(every day) on my IPod. he’s also been a face of Prada.
and then there is Joe Keery. Joe didn’t do a sexy car or cologne commercial but one for pizza instead. it might not have been sexy in the classic sense, but I found the remake of scenes from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off fun and very memorable! those raised eyebrows? love. enough to order Dominoes pizza when that’s not normally the company I buy from? a solid yes.
On a somewhat related note: if you like photo shoots, always be sure to check either YouTube or the website of the magazine article it was originally attached to for behind the scenes footage.  sometimes there will be a short video showing the shoot in action. like this one of Joe Keery eating Poutine and getting mistaken for Ansel Elgort.
or this one of Ansel Elgort falling into a swimming pool.


this is a scene of Joe rapping and messing up his lines in a bit part from the television show Empire. not a commercial or photo shoot but something memorable that I like to watch over and over again. sexy is subjective.

the love affair continues

Headcanon (or head canon, head-canon) is a fan’s personal, idiosyncratic interpretation of canon, such as the backstory of a character, or the nature of relationships between characters.

Ansel Elgort posted 17 shirtless selfies on Instagram and no one knows why. speculations consist of:

-a friend snatching his phone and posting his camera roll without his knowledge

-a late night ego explosion

-bringing attention to himself and thus the new trailer for his movie The Goldfinch (which dropped the next day)

-he was bored and thought it would be fun to send the internet into a tailspin.

-my delusional headcanon: he heard about the love affair I have with his house and made sure to include glimpses of it in the background of every shot.

hush, you! this isn’t your post.

The Evidence:

beautiful door

amazing mirror with wrought iron scroll hooks


chevron pattern wood floor and fireplace

look how off center he is, it’s so obvious!

crown molding

close up of woodwork (& scroll hook again)


Wasn’t that sweet of him to do that for me? He’s the best!


You can watch the Goldfinch trailer here, and see all the selfies (while they last) on Ansel’s Instagram.

hmmm, so this is love…