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Legion Season Three Premiere
Los Angeles, California
Dan Stevens


Meet Virginia

I ❤ Dan Stevens & his shoes. this is not a revelation. what may be surprising is that for as much time as I spend tracking his doc martens, I don’t have any of my own. well, that changed a few days ago. meet Virginia. isn’t she pretty?

Dr. Martens Pale Teal Virginia

I saw someone wearing a pair in this color this past weekend. because when you’re waiting in a crowd full of people, you pass the time by looking at everyone’s shoes, right? totally normal. I was drawn to the color of them. they reminded me of the classic work pants that my grandfather used to wear. the someone they belonged to was a teenage girl who also had a little backpack in the exact same color. her docs looked vintage though, hiking boots with the DM stamp. I wanted to be her.

this is not her, this is me. I combed my hair this morning, I swear!

I couldn’t quit thinking about that color all day. was it robin’s egg? was it teal? so that evening I looked it up online and found them in a regular low cut shoe…in my size…and drastically on sale! the doc martens gods were looking down on me that day, my friend! two days later, and I now have a pair on my own two feet.

note: do you see my phone? do you see how it’s as big as my face? now look at my pants. can you see how that phone would not fit in my pocket? yeah. just wanted to point that out.

On a not completely unrelated note, Jeff Russo posted this pic of he and Dan on Twitter:

Jeff Russo is the music composer for Legion. Dan sang Behind Blue Eyes in the Legion season 2 finale. will he be singing again in season 3? Dan is holding a guitar; will he also be playing the song he sings? please say yes! Please Say Yes! Dan is also sporting a new tattoo on his arm. if you can tell me what that tattoo is, you will save me a lot of time and energy…

is it a dancer in repose? is it half a leaf with some people inside? is it a moth? a fairy? wtf is it?!

E is for Everlong

Fangirling A-Z

If everything could ever feel this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again

I’ve had plenty of hobbies to occupy my time with over the years, scrapbooking, cross-stitching, painting ceramics, writing poetry, planting flowers, raising tropical fish, I even tried pressing my own paper once (but then I was afraid to write on it); nothing has brought me as much enjoyment as fangirling over actors and blogging about it. ingesting all the different stories they enact for us, following along as they promote their projects, observing their different styles and getting to know their personalities, and then sharing those experiences with others who enjoy this particular hobby as much as I do. it speaks to my love of storytelling and people watching.

I get a ridiculous amount of enjoyment from hunting down the make and model of the bold shoes that Dan Stevens shows up to events in. I see a new pair and I’m off, searching through Google images and looking at company websites, trying to match the blurry zoomed screenshots. when I find a distinctive mark or color pattern that solidifies my guess work, it’s such a rush!

I spy with my little eye a Nike swoosh and Air Jordan

it can be a difficult feeling to explain or justify to those who don’t share this hobby, so it’s very fulfilling to blog about these things and read other blogs that write about them too. it’s a feeling that I’m addicted to, a high that I look forward to experiencing every time I open my laptop.

I’m thankful that I have this kind of outlet to be creative and express myself in. I’d like to thank you for sharing this hobby with me, whether the subject matter be Dan or Richard or fandom. there was a point when I almost gave it up, but you kept me going with your friendship, acceptance, and encouragement. this is a fun, meaningful hobby and one I plan on continuing.

The only thing I’ll ever ask of you
You got to promise not to stop when I say when


[song lyrics from Everlong by Foo Fighters]


My Favorite Thing

I always enjoy watching Dan Stevens in interviews, but my favorite by far is Off Camera with Sam Jones. 54 minutes filled with talk of imagination, voice acting, and career trajectory. in black in white.

when I sit down to watch it, I settle in with anticipation and am instantly entranced. the first subject to be discussed? accents. I’m in love already! Dan talks about not just learning the lines on the page with a particular accent but the physicality that comes with learning an accent, the way you hold your body and how the sounds sit in your throat. Sam asks if he’s ever practiced an accent by pretending to be that character in public. Dan says that he has, though it’s harder now that he’s recognizable and people already know what he sounds like. he goes on to say how much he enjoys that aspect of acting, the researching of a character:

“I like the feeling of working. I like the sense of exploration, of research. I like feeling like I’m learning. If I’m fulfilling a character properly, in my mind, I’m learning something about the world, about people, about the way things have always been done, or the way that things might be done. I feel like I’m absorbing new information and sort of feeling my way out through this particular character.”
we’re off to a good start, because I love accents as well. and research! our ideas of research differ a little though in that my subject of choice is Dan himself… next up is the concept of imagination. Sam references an essay Dan wrote about an Invisible Watch


the way Dan’s eyes light up when he talks about the sound effects of radio plays and how that engages our imagination. first accents, and now imagination and sound effects? they are speaking my language! the talk of radio plays moves into discussing theatre and how Dan didn’t train by going to drama school, but rather from performing with The Peter Hall Company, learning on the job instead:


“Through the formal training that I got from Peter Hall, I learned that speaking verse, doing Noël Coward, is very precise, tersely written dialogue. The tempo of that and finding the musicality of great writing is something that he really taught me. That really played into learning the rules, and then, learning how to break them.” 
the musicality of writing. I really like that description. they talk about Legion a bit, and then Dan says something that I find very interesting. he says that he makes project choices with specific people in mind:


“It might be a small group of friends, one friend, my wife, or my kids. But there will be somebody that I’m picturing, almost like I’m handing them the DVD and being like, “I was thinking about you when I made this.” That helps me focus my choices, but it also leaves me open to doing different things in different ways.”
he goes on to say that you’re not going to please everyone all the time, especially now when the internet makes it so easy for people to say how terrible they think things are. he brushes that off by knowing that the person he made it for liked it and that makes him happy. that’s nice, isn’t it? Dan, if you want to make something for me, I’d like a comedy about your shoes. Katherine Heigl did ’27 dresses’, you could do ‘a Legion of Doc Martens’!  a mad idea, maybe. speaking of madness:


“If you find another mad person who thinks you’re maybe not so mad, that’s the most beautiful thing in the world.”
*hugs all my fandom friends*


They touch upon Dan’s time at university, when he tried his hand at stand up comedy. during the course of this part of the conversation Sam asks Dan if he thinks he’s an extrovert. Dan is a little evasive about it at first,  joking that it depends upon what room they’re in, how big the room is, how many people are in the room, but then he admits that he’s not someone who needs to be the center of attention. watching him answer that question confirms what I’ve suspected- even though Dan can be a real ham, there’s shyness underneath.



They talk about the ‘big move’ next, when Dan left Downton Abbey and moved to America (which, by the way, the internet still can not seem to shut up about. if I had a dollar for every time I saw someone tweet how mad they still are at Dan for this, I could have my own Doc Martens collection). he came for a play (The Heiress), stayed for a movie (A Walk Among The Tombstones) and then settled into Brooklyn to stay (until he moved to LA earlier this year). I always think of his wife when this discussion arises, moving across the ocean with two very small children, for something that isn’t a sure thing. Dan is sure to emphasize how much her support means to him:


“having a partner in life who meets that mad idea and doesn’t run in the other direction, but says, That’s kind of beautiful. I want to come on that adventure.” … “Having the love and support of somebody who can hold your hand through those difficult moments where you realize it’s going to be okay, something good is going to come out of this—that’s a wonderful thing.”
we ❤ Susie

They close the interview by talking about Beauty and The Beast, how Dan found the right voice for The Beast and if the singing aspect of the film was intimidating. Dan talks about the tool bag of an actor here, how it used to be that every actor had a bag of skills that he automatically brought with him, singing, dancing, acting, being able to have fun and then be able to cry, etc. and that’s the way he still looks at it. he wants to be the type of actor who can rise to the challenge and keep adding to his skill set. with a career as varied as Dan’s: sci-fi, period dramas, crime thrillers, comedy, horror, and a tool bag that contains acting, singing, dancing, narrating, writing, he can give those Golden Age of Hollywood actors a run for their money.

It may seem like I recounted the entire interview here but I didn’t. it’s well worth a watch. and another. and another. go download it (it’s only $1.49). you know you want to…

Off Camera with Sam Jones episode 139. Dan Stevens

it’s all about the flair

Dan made an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden again, last Wednesday. and he’s still teasing us about the Downton Abbey movie!

Besides highlighting his infectious personality in these interviews, I also like them for the chance to view yet another of his playful shoe/wardrobe choices. this time it was boots showcasing album art from New Order’s Power Corruption & Lies.

I love his shoes! most fans dream of meeting their object of affection and getting lost in their eyes, live and in technicolor. I won’t say I wouldn’t enjoy that

I cannot tell a lie

but what I would equally enjoy, is getting a peek at his shoe collection. why do I fangirl over his shoes so much? because I like how he uses them to express his personality, to bring some unexpected whimsy to the same old norm.

me, falling apart over Dan’s shoes


Shoes make an outfit. You can throw on a crazy shirt and crazy pants but you add those shoes – done~Russell Westbrook


Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally~Christian Louboutin

a closer look at that jacket:

stealing things is a glorious occupation, particularly in the art world~ Malcolm McLaren


A shoe without sex appeal is as barren as a tree without leaves~Rita De Acosta Lydig

some people may find these lacking in sex appeal. I am not one of those people.


Putting on fierce boots is an instant pick-me-up~Nina Garcia


Never underestimate the power of a shoe~Giuseppe Zanotti


I’ve always looked at shoes as being immensely beautiful things~Graham Coxon

❤ ❤ ❤


[event pics from DanStevensNetwork, manips by me]