Sharp Dressed Man

This post is about Dan Stevens in a suit

And Dan Stevens in a blazer

And a blazer with a scarf

Or a scarf and a hat

but mostly it’s about Dan Stevens & his funky(in the good sense) taste in shoes.

I really like the current fad of peek-a-boo splashes of color that appear under a man’s suit or trouser leg in sock form; it’s fun but classy. Dan Stevens takes it one step farther and adds personality through his shoes. I first noticed this when I saw a clip of his appearance on the ‘Late Late show with James Corden’. My eye was drawn to the red socks and then… are those flowers on his shoes? Oh, I hope so!!

I love a bit of unexpected eccentricity


In interviews and appearances he seems to favor boots or chunky shoes

No matter if he’s going for the ‘I just threw this together’ look

Or a more ‘office appropriate’ style.

Then I saw him in a ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ interview. He was wearing a striped number that was in no way understated, but he wore it well and it was fun. I could get on board with that.

One of the shared pastimes of my celebrity crush fandoms is ‘premiere suit appreciation’. When a movie is released, it is usually accompanied by multiple premiere’s in different cities/countries, all of which require a different suit for it’s leading men. I became a Dan Stevens fan after ‘Beauty and the Beast’ premiered, so I had to go looking for examples of his suit style. What I found really tickled my fancy! Dan isn’t afraid of color. He often shows up in jewel toned suits

With an occasional ‘out of the box’ pick thrown in for good measure.

After discovering those flower shoes, I found myself looking more closely at his feet. And I found a treasure trove of awesomeness! Dan sometimes matches his shoe color to what he’s wearing


this tie deserves a closer look, because I love it


There have also been metallic pixels

And blue suede.

I don’t know whether these choices are purely Dan, his stylist, or a collaboration between them both but I wholeheartedly approve!

I was curious how his off camera style might differ, so I looked for some out-and-about candids too. He likes boots and jackets

And scarves and hats.

His most recent appearance was at the Tribecca film festival for his film ‘Permission’, which gave us a bold Houndstooth

And a funky maroon number that I adored.

Maybe it wasn’t just the suit but the shaggy hair and captivating eyes.

(to see the suit in action, check out this interview. it gives a great example of his laugh and dry sense of humor)

Dan’s next movie release is sci-fi ‘Kill Switch’, due out June 16. No matter if he decides to go bold or classic with his attire


 I’ll be holding out hope for more funky shoes!



Edited to Add: Roses


Hieronymous Bosch



Through the Cracks of Recollection

Memories of a trip are often colored by the overall experience as a whole; certain things end up defining the trip, while others fall through the cracks of recollection. When my husband and I took our first trip to Scotland two years ago, we were plagued by bad luck at the outset: missed flights, lost luggage, and a traffic accident, were just some of the obstacles we faced. In our retelling of the trip those things seem to take precedence with listeners, while the less shocking moments get pushed aside. My personal memories of Scotland don’t consist of everything that went wrong, but rather, everything that went right. Here are just a few of the things that stick with me:

(photography by my husband)

*wide open Sligachan, and the vitality of it’s picture postcard views




*eating shortbread cookies in the rain, while sitting on a moss covered wall in Pitlochry

*how the wind whipped my hair all over the place as I looked out across Edinburgh, from the ruins of St. Anthony’s Chapel



*the rust colored jellyfish I saw in the wake of the ferry, as I cautiously looked over the rail

*sitting on the side of the road after our tour bus accident, taking in the rural view with all of my senses, as the police officer directed traffic behind me and yelled at the passing cars for driving too slow



*comparing the rubberband bracelets that adorned my wrist with the teenage girl from France, who also had many on her wrists as well, as we laughed at how the steam from the open train window fogged up my glasses and the coal dust dotted our clothes

*the lazy seal, napping as he floated in the water along the dock in Mallaig, waiting for the fishermen to throw him a treat as they cleaned their nets



*standing beside a waterfall on a crisp cool morning, as l gazed out over the mist covered moor

*how the cool air bit my skin while the bright sun freckled it at the same time, as I viewed an iconic white cottage with it’s massive mountain backdrop in Glencoe



*when the owner of a small cafe in Fort Augustus sent me a complimentary fruit plate when he found out I didn’t enjoy my glass of Irn Bru, Scotland’s other national drink.

*Eilean Donan Castle at dusk, trying to protect my face from swarms of biting midges



*the sense of wonder I felt when strolling through the historic streets of Edinburgh, thinking “wow, it’s just like a film set!” and then realizing it has been a film set, many times over.

*seeing heather bloom in it’s natural environment


wild are the winds to meet you
staunch are the friends that greet you
kind as the love that shines from fair maidens eyes

Sometimes Simple is Refreshing

I’ve talked about Jamie’s music and I’ve talked about his modeling but I’ve not really talked about his acting yet. I should probably do that, since he’s an actor and all.



I was familiar with Jamie Dornan from his (woefully) short stint on Once Upon a Time as the Sheriff. So when he was cast in Fifty Shades of Grey I was like, “hey, I know him!”

I could stay young & chipper and I’d lock it with a zipper, if I only had a heart
‘…if I only had a heart’


Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was surfing the Net looking for clips of Christian Grey to help me decide if I was brave enough to see it in the movie theater.

while this is nice, no clothes at all brings out my blush. and since he's nekkid half the movie...
update: still not brave enough


It was then that I stumbled across The Fall and soon found myself enamored with a (fictional) serial killer. After I realized that it wasn’t just the character I was smitten with but the real life actor as well, I settled in for a YouTube marathon. And that is how I found Shadows in the Sun. I read a few comments about the film before I began watching. The prevailing opinion seemed to be that it was boring, with very little plot, but visibly appealing. So…like these blog posts, then?tumblr_nksqllbkyo1u8r1imo4_2501

Spoilers Ahead

(no seriously, I basically reveal the whole plot)


This is Joe:


He’s a drifter who befriends an older lady by the name of Hannah. Joe likes to sit with Hannah and hear all her old stories (and smoke Weed with her); he keeps her company because she lives alone. Hannah is sickly, so they spend a lot of time in her bedroom.


This concerned me at first but rest assured, this isn’t Harold & Maude. Though some humor could have brightened up the place…Hannah has a son who doesn’t like Joe much, but his children do. Hannah’s grandson, Sam, takes a liking to Joe and often meets up with him after Joe is done working odd jobs for the day.


Sam’s older sister also takes a liking to Joe. She doesn’t just like him though, she like-likes him. So Joe brings her back to his love shack.

like Joe’s Crab Shack but without the crabs. well, maybe…
like Joe’s Crab Shack but without the crabs. maybe.


I kid! It was actually a very sweet encounter between Joe and Kate. Because Joe is kind of dreamy.

huggin and kissin, dancin and a lovin
‘huggin and kissin, dancin and a lovin’


But as Kenny Rogers once said, “don’t fall in love with a dreamer.” Joe has plans to make his way to America, so their love is bittersweet.


Sam sees the two of them together and storms off in a huff. He’s had a lot going on, poor guy. His grandmother is dying, his dad is channeling Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, and now his friend is starry-eyed for his sister. Yuck!

FYI: this is not “yuck”.
FYI: this is not yuck.


Sam runs off to the abandoned shipwreck, out on the sandbar, that he’s not supposed to go to. It’s getting late in the day and the tide will be coming in, so Joe goes out to bring him back. The tide comes in fast though and they get caught in it. Been there done that, and I do not recommend it.


Joe and Sam almost drown but Sam gets pulled ashore by his father and an old fisherman. Meanwhile…where the frig is Joe?!

don’t mind me. just gasping for air, here.
don’t mind me. just gasping for air, here.


He eventually stumbles out with nothing but a slight head nod from the fisherman as thanks. Then Joe walks off and that’s pretty much the last we see of him. While it’s true that the plot was woefully underdeveloped, it reminded me of something I would have watched on a lazy Sunday afternoon as a kid. I liked that. Sometimes simple is refreshing.


(Shadows in the Sun screen-caps made by me. other images/gifs made by people who actually know what they’re doing)

Over the Sea to Skye

My Scotland Adventure: days 5, 6, and 7

Skye from ferry


With the wretched curse being broken on day 4, we experienced a wonderful two days on the Isle of Skye before crossing back over to the mainland and winding our way down through Glencoe, to arrive back in Edinburgh.

Glencoe vista
Jamie Fraser was nowhere to be found, sadly


Our first day on the Isle of Skye was packed to the brim with beautiful sights! In the cool misty morning we stopped at a picture-perfect waterfall

early morning waterfall


and drove past the iconic Old Man of Storr rock formation. It has many legends attached to it but our guide told us that it was thought to represent an old man (standing) and his wife (sitting) who made a deal with those trickster faeries and were turned into stone.

misty Old Man of Storr


We visited a prehistoric Broch that was located just off the side of the road. in a sheep pasture.

climbing to the Broch

I was feeling a little shaky up on that hill!

view from Broch
that little blue rectangle is our bus


there was honest to goodness scottish thistle all around though, so it was worth it.

clumps of scottish thistle


Historic Dunvegan Castle, with it’s many strollable gardens, proved enjoyable.

Dunvegan castle


My husband took a boat tour of some surrounding islands to view the seals. I thought that riding in a small motorized boat that only seated a handful of people was just taunting our recent bad luck, so I declined.

baby seal
isn’t he adorable though?


The bridges and surrounding mountain views at Sligachan were lovely and one of my favorite stops of the trip.

stone bridges


We ended the day at our home-base of Portree, with enough time to grab dinner and wander around the picturesque port town.



The next day we took a ferry back over to the mainland. I had much more confidence in that boat…

ferry ride


and then we hopped on a steam train that took us to Fort William.

train winds over viaduct


We couldn’t resist sneaking into the first class compartments and pretending we were on our way to Hogwarts.


We then experienced unforgettable Glencoe

magestic Glencoe


before arriving back at our starting point.

Firth of Forth bridge


Our last day was spent exploring Edinburgh itself

curved streets of Edinburgh


and wandering around the base of Arthur’s Seat. We climbed the first little bit up to the ruins of the old chapel but after our last few busy days, I did not have the energy to attempt going higher.

Arthur's Seat


Oh well, there’s always next time!

foreground thistle