Oh Kelly

In Baby Driver, one of my favorite scenes of the movie revolves around songs with names in them. Debora says she only knows one song with her name in it, Beck’s Debra, which she sings very badly but endearingly. she then asks Baby what his name is, and when he replies ‘Baby’ she says “you have us all beat, every damn song is about you!”

it made me realize that aside from Woody Harrelson’s Kelly song from an episode of Cheers, I don’t know any songs with Kelly in them. so I turned to Google to see what is out there. the first one I came across was an oldie by Del Shannon. this Kelly is sneaking around with her boyfriend’s best friend.

he’s told me of your sweet caress and of your lovely eyes

then I clicked on Kelly by Van She, which I actually really like, but these Kellys are all very hands on with their boyfriends (I’m assuming they’re boyfriends…)

there was an electronica type number by Air called Kelly Watch the Stars, which is just the phrase ‘Kelly watch the stars’ said over and over, and really shouldn’t be as catchy as it is.

and then there is Insistor by Tapes n Tapes, which doesn’t have Kelly in the title but the song is about another Kelly who cheats.


hmm. maybe being compared to a zeb-ra isn’t as bad as it seems.


let’s talk about Joe Keery

I’m going to be upfront and state that I have not seen Joe act in anything other than Stranger Things and the Ferris Bueller Domino’s pizza commercials. so many celebrity crushes, so little time…

but those were enough to grab my attention and keep him on my radar. though apparently pizza delivery is not one of Joe’s strong suits

When I started browsing through interviews of Joe, my impression was that he just seems real, not a cardboard cut out of a movie star at all. I like for the actors that I admire to be down to earth, the type of people I can easily imagine myself having conversations with, instead of having a fangirl meltdown in front of them and tripping over my tongue as well as my feet if I ever met them. some of them intimidate me more than others but all of them appear to be nice, friendly guys. Joe fits that description well. he seems like someone I might even know, someone who could live down the street and I not even know he was an actor.

The internet has fallen in love with the bromance Joe’s character Steve has formed with the younger Dustin (played by Gaten Matarazzo). it’s like a big brother relationship but one that works both ways, with the younger of the two doing just as much guiding and supporting as the older more experienced one. that seems to bleed into real life as well with the praise that Joe is always quick to give regarding his younger costars, and Gaten in particular. I love the interviews with just the two of them, laughing and having fun together, it’s cute but also very heartwarming. there’s just something about that big brother vibe that melts me.

Something that several of my favorite actors share is that they are musically talented. Joe can be added to that list with confidence. he plays guitar and occasionally sings with the band Post Animals. he’s had to step back from this as of late because of Stranger Things commitments but he has three albums with them under his belt to show for it.

(okay, maybe not so real after all because I don’t know anyone who can sing like that)

I ran across an interview recently conducted by actor and comedian Kevin Pollack. it’s very informal and also very long, neither of which I’m complaining about! Kevin is very interested in origin stories, finding out step by step how someone got into acting and how their big break came about. Joe was so laid back, so honest and open in this interview, the time just flew by for me!

he was also eager for any recollections or advice Kevin offered. I think the best advice though came from Freaks and Geeks alum, Samm Levine, who urged Joe not to be afraid to put his foot down, so to speak, with the wardrobe department.

never ever ever say yes to the wardrobe department about a pair of shoes that are even a little bit uncomfortable

now that’s what I call practical advice!

I liked the character of Steve Harrington instantly, even back in season one when maybe he shouldn’t have been so likable. I knew(hoped) that there was more to him than meets the eye. thankfully I was right. so even though I’ve not viewed much of Joe’s acting yet, I’m going to trust my instincts. Stranger Things returns to Netflix for season three July 4th.


2 degrees of Dan Stevens- Joe is dating actress Maika Monroe, who shared the big screen with Dan in The Guest. any connection to Dan is always worth mentioning.

Fearless and Wild

Ansel Elgort, playful heartthrob, is fun

but there’s someone underneath the charismatic comedian who doesn’t show himself as much. in the Face to Grace interview, with former model and family friend Grace Coddington, we get a glimpse of who that is.

“I’m realizing that I need to go back to the way I used to write when I was younger, which is just like a pure way of writing. I remember in 9th grade I took a creative writing class and I wrote something and the teacher told me it didn’t make any sense, but I remember it making plenty of sense to me, and then I had to change the way that I wrote and that was a huge mistake”

They talk of childhood innocence, how creativity is hindered when it comes with a set of rules,

“what happens is that you start to over think things and people start to tell you ‘well actually let’s look at these artists, let’s see how they did it’ and it’s not pure anymore. creativity isn’t something that’s supposed to be overly critiqued and overly managed”

if his music career will overtake his acting one,

“it feels good to just allow yourself to be artistic and to do it on your own terms”

and how the darkness that consumed him while embodying his upcoming Goldfinch character made him not eager to repeat the experience anytime soon.

“playing a drug addict…it takes a serious toll on you. I lost a lot of weight for the role. not only was I depressed playing this guy, but I was also starving! I was in a terrible mood on set. I did my work but, I don’t think I was a nice guy. I think I was a horrid person…I don’t know if I ever will do this again. it’s been tough to get back”
Through recollected stories of young Ansel accompanying his photographer father on exotic fashion shoots, to how he was bullied in Middle School for being too silly, and even the functionality of his iconic rings,
“they’re pretty dangerous, your rings…”

this interview reveals the struggle going on underneath the pretty face- to grow up and be taken more seriously or stay youthful but restrict your career choices.

“I think we go through an awkward phase in life, as creators…you go through this learning period where you get serious and start to doubt yourself and everyone tells you ‘grow up’. a lot of people get out of being creative and they never become creative again…people are going to tell you to stop being a kid, people are going to tell you to grow up, but as an artist that’s the worst thing you could possibly do”

with long term girlfriend, Violetta Komyshan

I hope he’s able to keep the kind of freedom that let’s him express himself in spontaneous ways,

while also nurturing the sophisticated air that made that sleek velvet suit look so alluring.

I hope he’s able to channel his energy and drive into engaging indie roles like Jonathan, while also putting those heavenly pipes to use for higher profile projects like the West Side Story remake. I hope he’s able to nourish his passion for music and to never again feel like he’s selling out.

I hope he’s able to stay fearless, fearless and wild.

there was a phone call where everybody spoke about how I needed to start dressing for Baby Driver, as myself, because I wore stuff that was too wild. if we wanted middle america to embrace Ansel Elgort …it’s tough because now there’s a lot more at stake, right? there’s money at stake and success…every successful wealthy person I know is pretty miserable.

yes, that’s a studded Prada handbag.

Meet Virginia

I ❤ Dan Stevens & his shoes. this is not a revelation. what may be surprising is that for as much time as I spend tracking his doc martens, I don’t have any of my own. well, that changed a few days ago. meet Virginia. isn’t she pretty?

Dr. Martens Pale Teal Virginia

I saw someone wearing a pair in this color this past weekend. because when you’re waiting in a crowd full of people, you pass the time by looking at everyone’s shoes, right? totally normal. I was drawn to the color of them. they reminded me of the classic work pants that my grandfather used to wear. the someone they belonged to was a teenage girl who also had a little backpack in the exact same color. her docs looked vintage though, hiking boots with the DM stamp. I wanted to be her.

this is not her, this is me. I combed my hair this morning, I swear!

I couldn’t quit thinking about that color all day. was it robin’s egg? was it teal? so that evening I looked it up online and found them in a regular low cut shoe…in my size…and drastically on sale! the doc martens gods were looking down on me that day, my friend! two days later, and I now have a pair on my own two feet.

note: do you see my phone? do you see how it’s as big as my face? now look at my pants. can you see how that phone would not fit in my pocket? yeah. just wanted to point that out.

On a not completely unrelated note, Jeff Russo posted this pic of he and Dan on Twitter:

Jeff Russo is the music composer for Legion. Dan sang Behind Blue Eyes in the Legion season 2 finale. will he be singing again in season 3? Dan is holding a guitar; will he also be playing the song he sings? please say yes! Please Say Yes! Dan is also sporting a new tattoo on his arm. if you can tell me what that tattoo is, you will save me a lot of time and energy…

is it a dancer in repose? is it half a leaf with some people inside? is it a moth? a fairy? wtf is it?!

music roulette


This could be cool or it could be a train wreck. let’s see…


1.) A Hard Day’s Night by The Beatles

I love The Beatles. their songs are fun to sing, and they tend to have a simplistic nature to them but still able to reach in and grab my emotions. this version is from the album ‘1’, which is all of their number one songs from both the UK and the US between the years 1962-1970. it’s a great compilation.


2.) Baba O’Riley by The Who, also known as ‘Teenage Wasteland’

The way the intro introduces the different instruments really gets me into it before the singing even begins! the synthesiser has me tilting my head back and forth quicker and quicker until the drum beat comes in and then I’m nodding my head along with the beat. the combination of the two has me swaying my shoulders, until the lyrics come and I start singing along. I can’t sit still and listen to this song, I have to move with it.


3.) Call and Answer by Barenaked Ladies

I really like the lyrics to this one. it captures the raw, real feelings of a relationship.


4.) Damn Girl by All-American Rejects

I used to play this CD in the car a lot. my son liked this song because I’d let him curse, loudly, when it got to that part of the song. shh, don’t tell Dad!


5.) Earned It by The Weekend

I have this one because it’s on the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ soundtrack. it has a smooth, slow beat that I like.


6.) Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song) by Otis Redding

fun fact: this song is about the way Otis always hummed the horn parts to the $64,000 Question theme song.


7.) Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones

soothing jazz, mixed with the intimate combination of piano and Norah’s wispy voice. this is one of my most played albums.


8.) Robbers by The 1975

I discovered this song through a Jack O’Connell fanvid. I find the best music from fanvids! I really like the vocals of this song, it has a very 1980s vibe.

the fanvid, because it’s a really good one:


9.) Irish Heartbeat by Van Morrison and The Chieftains

I listen to a lot of Van Morrison, and I like The Chieftains for their traditional Celtic connection, but I first heard this song in the movie ‘The Matchmaker’ when David O’Hara sings a horrible but very endearing version of it. it’s a cute, funny movie with a really good soundtrack.


What’s the verdict: do I have taste or not?