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Liebster: take two

I have officially been nominated for the Liebster Award by SueBC of the ‘I’m Feeling This’ blog. I say ‘officially’ because the questions I recently answered in relation to the Liebster Award were a general shout out from zees muse to anyone who wanted to answer them; this time, SueBC nominated me directly.

for me? thanks!


One of the stipulations of this blogging award is that you not only answer the questions presented to you, but you then come up with a set of questions for the 5 other blogs that you nominate. Problem is, the blogs I read have either already been nominated or they don’t like to participate in these question/answer type of challenges. I can NOT pass up the opportunity to answer a blogging questionnaire though, so I will forfeit the ‘award’ but answer the questions anyway!

don’t look at me like that! I’m just tweaking the rules to suit me…


The first few questions are duplicates from the set I answered for zees muse, but I will be giving different answers this time around. I very rarely have just one favorite anything, so it’s not like I’ll be wracking my brain to come up with more answers!

Raindrops on Roses or Whiskers on Kittens? this is so hard!


1.) What is the best movie you have seen in the past year?

Does this question mean ‘best new release’ or just any movie that I’ve seen for the first time recently? If it’s the latter, then that would definitely be ‘The Guest’, which I wrote a little about here. If it’s ‘best newer release’, then my answer is: Doctor Strange. I really enjoy the Marvel movies but for some reason I had low expectations for this one. Benedict Cumberbatch proved me so wrong, I am very happy to say! I loved his look, I loved his accent, I loved the way I started out scoffing at the character’s selfish arrogance but grew to feel so warmly towards him by the end. I thought Tilda Swinton and Mads Mikkelsen were excellent as well.


2.) What is the most memorable live theatre and/or concert experience you’ve had in the past year?

My daughter’s Spring Concert for Middle School Choir. I was really impressed with the selections, particularly Michael Jackson’s ‘Man in the Mirror’ and Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

they did both


3.) What is the best book you’ve read in the past year?

Truthfully, I’ve not read anything in the past year that could qualify. I did stumble across a Twilight fanfic that I really enjoyed though, and ended up reading more than once. It was called ‘Because of a Boy’. The story centered around a single mother of a child with Asperger’s, who meets and falls in love with a man whose father has Asperger’s as well. It made me cry several times throughout the story, not in sadness, but more for the way the families acknowledged and adapted to their circumstances so willingly. Edward understood the little boy in a way that most others could not because he had grown up with a father who was so similar. Edward not only loved his father but he genuinely liked being around him, and so he always made time for him. On the flip side, Bella was able to understand Edward’s father in a way that he never experienced as a young boy, because his parents were not as understanding and accepting as she was. One of my favorite aspects of the story was the way that Edward’s father called him several times a day to inform him of random facts. Because of this, Edward was able to bond with Bella’s son in the same way, the two often trying to stump each other. The story really touched me because of my struggles with anxiety as a child, and just imagining how much easier things could have been if I didn’t feel like I had to hide it all of the time. That, and the fact that the phrase ‘did you know’ is one that my husband and children are quite familiar with…speaking of, did you know that ‘Google’ is a misspelling of the term ‘googol’, which is the number 10 raised to the 100th power? Dan Stevens taught me that.


4.) What is your favorite photo of the past week on your mobile phone and are you willing to share it?

My son completed his Eagle Scout rank for Boy Scouts. This photo was taken at the ceremony, of him awarding me my ‘Mother’s Pin’. It’s funny to me because I had just fumbled with the pin I placed on his uniform; I couldn’t figure out how it worked (you had to push, then pull). So when it was his turn, he didn’t know how it worked either and I had to show him.


5.) What is your favorite photo ever of your favorite actor/actress?

I’m supposed to pick just one photo? Ha! That’s not happening. I’ll narrow it down to 3 instead:

and anytime he makes the ‘confused’ face, because I love the raised eyebrow.


6.) What songs are at the top of your playlist right now?

Two different songs by Sara Bareilles. The Light because I think it’s a beautiful song, both musically and lyrically.

You are the air in my breath, filling up my love soaked lungs
Such a beautiful mess, intertwined and overrun
Nothing better than this, knowing that the storm can come
You feel just like the sun
Just like the sun


and ‘I Choose You’ because I find the beat uplifting and the lyrics optimistic.

‘I could live by the light in your eyes’


7.) What is the most recent TV show that you binge-watched?

The Fall: season 3. And it was so good! I was nervous, with it being the last season and the assumption that Paul Spector would probably die. It was a lot more exciting than I anticipated, and Jamie Dornan delivered with some incredible eye acting! It feels wrong to say I ‘enjoyed’ the ending but I liked the way it turned out, and I really can’t imagine an alternate ending that would stay true to the story. All in all, this last batch of episodes was one of those rare times for me when the anticipation payed off.


8.) What time of day do you usually write and/or blog and why?

I do the writing part in the morning, because it’s quiet and I have time to myself without anything distracting me. Sometimes I post directly afterwards, while other times I’ll wait and just plug in the pics and post it in the evening before I sign off for the night (so that I can’t change my mind!)

me, before I hit ‘submit’


9.) Does your avatar have special significance and if so, what is that significance?

Yes. The ‘DS’ image is a prop (a ring) from the television show Lost, which is my all time favorite show. ‘DS’ also happens to be the initials of my last name (I have one of those capital-lowercase-capital surnames).

Dominic Monaghan as Charlie Pace


10.) In your real life, how open are you about the fact that you have a blog?

In discussions that relate to fandom, blogging or the internet, I might mention that I blog in order to help illustrate a point, but I don’t elaborate about the blog itself/what I blog about unless I’m asked about it further (which I’m usually not). It’s not so much that I’m hiding it (though I don’t exactly want to shout it from the rooftops either) but just that I don’t normally share information about myself that isn’t relevant to the conversation at hand.

I have a blog. I write about actors and movies. It’s a hobby.


11.) What are the boundaries for you in terms of how much of your real life you share on your blog?

I have shared personal stories on this blog in the past, in answer to writing prompts but I don’t refer to the people in my stories by their names, just their relationship to me; it seems like the polite thing to do. I’m pretty open about who I am in real life, I don’t blog under an alter ego because I really have no reason to. I might say some embarrassing things sometimes in relation to fangirling but generally I’m rather mild. I have thought about how therapeutic it could be to blog about more personal things, get the negativity off of my chest and out of my system, but I wouldn’t want to hurt the people I talked about. Plus, I’m afraid if I started, it would become a habit of complaining. I’ve burned my fair share of bridges on Facebook, I’ll stick to blogging about actors/movies and retweeting on Twitter instead, it’s safer!



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Go Ask Alice

I came across this graphic for “pills” a fangirl can take in order to make her heart’s desires come true. I thought it was cute, and so am sharing my answers.


Amnesia- the chance to experience a story again, like it was the first time
answer: the Lord of the Rings trilogy
I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy for the first time after graduating from High School. I was feeling stuck in a holding pattern, doing what had to be done (work a menial job to save money) until I could do what I really wanted (move out of my parents house so that my adult life could begin). so I escaped to a world filled with adventure and danger through the pages of those books instead. I used to hole myself up in my room for hours, reading by candlelight, burning incense to set the mood. my parents would peek in on me from time to time just to make sure I wasn’t summoning spirits.


Sacrifice- bring a fictional character who has died, back to life
answer: Lucas North from MI-5/Spooks
the spy who jumped off a building because he couldn’t come to terms with who he used to be. even though he course corrected his mistakes by becoming someone who saved countless lives on a grand scale. even though he suffered through 8 years in a Russian prison protecting state secrets while pretending to be someone else. I think he paid his dues and then some.


Love- make a fictional character fall in love with you
answer: Steve Rogers/Captain America
because Captain America needs a soft place to land, someone to turn to at the end of the day, who he can be himself with. instead of the one everyone depends on to always carry what’s good and right upon his shoulders. the one who willingly wrestles with all the evil in the world. the one who silently suffers the loneliness of being a man out of time. the little guy (both metaphorically and physically) who suddenly found himself inside a superhuman body. providing comfort to a sweet and handsome superhero? it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!


Life- make a fictional character come to real life
answer: Buddy from Elf
an odd choice, but he’s just so pure (and clueless). it’s nice to think of all the smiles he could bring to people’s faces, and how many grumps he could annoy some sense into.


Travel- the chance to travel to any fictional world
answer: The Wizard of Oz
I had to think long and hard about this one. I finally settled on Oz because I was reminded of the first time I rode  “The Great Movie Ride” at Hollywood Studios, Disney World. when the tram entered the room that resembled the Munchkin Land scene, I felt like I had suddenly stepped inside a viewmaster reel of the movie, only it was better than 3D because it was a childhood fantasy brought to life! I still get choked up when I ride through that scene now, but at least I don’t full out cry like I do on It’s a Small World (every. single. time.)


Body- change bodies with any fictional character
answer: Kate Austen from Lost
although Kate is not my favorite character, more like the character that causes me the most frustration… I do covet her body. she’s physically fit without loosing her feminine shape. she has a ‘girl next door’ face (complete with freckles) while still possessing the beauty of a grown woman. and she’s neither tall nor short, but somewhere in between.



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On My Telly

I saw a question and answer post on Tumblr recently that focused on television shows, so I thought I’d use it here to highlight what I’m currently watching.

Pick your five favorite TV shows:

1.) Person of Interest

2.) Gotham

3.) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

4.) Big Bang Theory

5.) Lost (this one is no longer on the air but it’s my favorite, so I’m including it!)


⭐ Who is your favorite character in no.2? Edward Nygma

(Gotham) I just love his nerdy, sunny disposition. He’s cute and he’s sweet and very clever. I think most of his coworkers dismiss him as being awkward and oblivious because he’s so smart but he will eventually become The Riddler…



⭐ Who is your least favorite character in no.1? Dominic

(Person of Interest) Dominic is a new mob boss that has come into town and is trying to take over Elias’ turf. I don’t like him because he’s just a thug in disguise. Elias has an order to things, a system of sorts–whereas Dominic just throws his weight around and wants to be top dog, regardless of the consequences.

⭐ What’s your favorite episode of no.4? The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

(Big Bang Theory) The last scene is my favorite out of the whole series: when Penny gifts Sheldon a napkin with Leonard Nimoy’s signature. She doesn’t understand what a monumental thing it is that he also wiped his mouth on it…I knew I was truly a geek the first time I watched it and my mind automatically went to cloning.



⭐ What is your favorite season of no.5? Season 4

(Lost) The show really kicked up into upper gear that season. The group was split between following Jack or following Locke, a rescue team had finally arrived on the island, Juliet’s connection to the Island’s inhabitants was revealed…and Desmond started jumping through time. I loved the time-travel aspect, with Daniel Faraday and his parents, but particularly Penny being Desmond’s “Constant”: his anchor in time.

⭐ What is your favorite relationship in no.3? FitzSimmons (Leo Fitz & Jemma Simmons)

(Agents of Shield) It’s not a romantic pairing per se but you know they really do care for each other. They’re the youngest of the crew and often thought of as one unit because they make up the scientific research team. I like the strong bond that they share (and also their accents).


⭐ Who is your anti-relationship in no.1? John and Root

(Person of Interest) While they may seem like a decent match because of their shared trait of staying on task and not losing sight of the objective, their single-minded ways would cancel each other out and I fear we’d just be left with a kind of robotic mentality between them.


⭐ How long have you watched no.4? about eight years, I think.

(Big Bang Theory) it’s in it’s tenth season now but I don’t think I really started watching episodes in real time until the third season. I’ve watched all of the episodes many times over in reruns though!

⭐ How did you become interested in no.3? it’s an off-shoot of the Avengers movies.

(Agents of Shield) My husband is more of a regular watcher of the show than I am but I’ve been watching more of it  lately.

⭐ Who is your favorite actor in no.2? Donal Logue

(Gotham) I know him from the sitcom Grounded for Life and have enjoyed seeing him pop up in things since then. his Gotham character, Harvey, is a street-wise cynical police detective.


⭐ Which show do you prefer: 1, 4, or 5? 5 of course! Lost is my favorite show of all time.


⭐ Which show have you seen more episodes of: 1 or 3? 1

(Person of Interest) I’ve been a regular watcher from it’s first season.  regardless though, Agents of Shield is only in it’s second season while Person of Interest is in it’s fourth.

⭐ If you could be anyone from no.4, who would you be? Penny

(Big Bang Theory) because she owns who she is and is not constantly trying to fit in with the others. while she may feel intimidated by their intellect and sometimes makes an effort to try and keep up, she’s her own person as well and doesn’t put on airs.


⭐ How would you kill off your favorite character in no.1? John would die saving Harold

(Person of Interest) I really enjoy the unlikely friendship and respect between the two of them. John feels that Harold saved his life by giving him a purpose. he would not only willingly return the favor but I think he feels that Harold is too important to humanity, and the forces that they are fighting against, to loose.


⭐ Would a no.2/3 crossover work? maybe

Gotham and Agents of Shield are both set in comic book worlds, after all. Gotham tries to ground itself in the foundation of a somewhat reality based gritty city. Agents of Shield, on the other hand, centers around physical super powers and aliens. The latter sets it’s foundations in governmental type protection agencies though, so I’m sure they could share a storyline involving the same criminals.

⭐ Pair two characters in no.2 that would make an unlikely but strangely okay couple: Alfred and Leslie

(Gotham) I might be stretching with this one, what with the age difference and current employment responsibilities, but I could see straight-laced Alfred falling for the good doctor. She possesses a level of emotional detachment that is balanced with a childlike sense of adventure, so I think she could have fun getting under Alfred’s skin.

⭐ Overall, which show had a better cast: 3 or 5? 5, hands down

(Lost) Granted, Lost did run for six intricate seasons, so it had a lot of cast members coming through it’s doors. It was very much a character driven show though, which is one of the many reasons why I enjoy it so much. Aside from the main group of characters that made up each season, the secondary characters were just as enjoyable to watch. One of my favorites that ran throughout most of the continuing storyline was Richard. I really wish they would have expanded upon his character more.


⭐ Which show has a better soundtrack: 1, 4, or 5? that would be no.5, again.

(Lost) Person of Interest is an action show and Big Bang Theory is a comedy, not a lot of opportunity for meaningful background music. Lost was a drama with recurring themes, character recognition, and various types of emotional turmoil; I always felt that the music choices really enhanced what I was watching on screen.


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I Pledge Myself to Thee…sort of

Loyalty, book adaptations. How far do you support something based on it’s origins, rather than it’s own merits? Ideally I think most of us would say that we wouldn’t do that, we either like something or we don’t–not because of any prior bias. For myself, I can admit that I do give weight to that bias and it makes me feel guilty, twofold: If I’m giving the project more leeway than I normally would because of the story it was adapted from, that’s not a fair judgement. By the same token, if I don’t like it as much as I feel that I should, that somehow feels disloyal to the original story. Sometimes the differences between “original” and “adapted” bother me, while other times they don’t. I guess it depends on whether I think they’ve improved upon the original story or even branched off far enough that it’s become it’s own unique telling. What has me in this particular frame of mind currently is the Starz television drama Outlander.


As I’ve stated previously in former posts, I’m a long-time fan of the Outlander novels. Yet, I’ve struggled with my impressions of the television version. Character portrayals, plot changes, and even minor historical or logistical differences have stood out to me like a sore thumb. I want to over look them, just go with the flow and enjoy seeing my beloved story on screen…but I can’t. It’s not that I hate the show, I would probably really enjoy it if I had no prior Outlander knowledge; I hate being one of those “in the book” people but in this case I am. I think it’s time to own that for myself.


There were many “in the book” people who didn’t like The Hobbit movies. I could understand their complaints but I had no problem enjoying the movies on their own merit…sort of. I really liked the first movie, An Unexpected Journey. And it was through my love of that movie that I became enamored with one of it’s leading men, Richard Armitage. The second movie in the trilogy, The Desolation of Smaug, had a different tone to it than the first but I liked it well enough. By the third and final film, The Battle of the Five Armies, I was left questioning how deep my bias might actually be. Looking back, I’m thinking that it was my investment in certain characters that pulled me along, instead of an overall affinity for the films themselves. The second series of the Star Wars films can fit into this category as well. The original three were, and still are, a nostalgic part of my childhood. The last three were only watched for Ewan McGregor–and by the third film, even he could hardly get me through it.


I always carry some kind of bias with me in regards to book and film series, tending to see them as a whole instead of their individual parts. I can’t help but have positive (or negative) slants regarding actors, directors, screenwriters, etc. before I even view a film for the first time; it’s unavoidable, really. Sometimes that bias helps and sometimes it hinders but most of the time I can see the forest for the trees. On the occasions that I can’t though, do I keep trying in hopes that some switch will suddenly be flipped, or just bow out while I’m ahead?


I’ve pretty much bowed out with the continuing book series of Outlander, for instance (I adore volumes 1-4 but I gave up after number 6) but I think it’s easier to let go of a book series than a television one, for some reason. It’s so easy to binge watch things these days, which can be an entirely different experience than hanging on week to week. I’m a big fan of the television series Lost but was not an original watcher. I binge watched the series during the summer before the final season aired, and fell in love with it. Waiting week to week during that last season though was torture! Considering how different some of the seasons were from each other, and how many of the storylines never came to fruition, I probably wouldn’t have stuck with it if I had watched in real time.


I think I’ve hung on this long with the Starz version of Outlander out of obligation: so many of my family and friends know my love for the story and look to me for opinions about it. so much so that I think some of them were surprised that I didn’t visit the real life sites when I went to Scotland last summer. I won’t say the characters and situations didn’t cross my mind on my travels but Scotland isn’t Jamie Fraser to me. I guess the question is: how much of Outlander-Starz, is?




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Pieces Can Stand Alone

When I was trying to come up with a name for this blog, I wanted something that roughly meant ‘to get lost within the details’. That’s when a particular song lyric jumped into my brain:

Man goes beyond his own decision, gets caught up in the mechanism~ The Scarlet Tide by Elvis Costello

There it was! The perfect tagline for what I had in mind.


This kind of thing happens to me often, a certain lyric, verse or quote will grab my attention for seemingly no reason. I always scramble to write it down. it screams out to me, regardless of the context or bigger body of work that it came from; it can stand alone all on it’s own.

Sometimes I just like the sound of it, the way it feels in my mouth when I speak it aloud. It is an added bonus if these pieces come to mean something; when they’re able to make a statement or small story within their compact space. I really grow to respect a verse, or even a single word, that can do that to me.

The taste of her breathe I’ll never get over, the noises that she made kept me awake~ Won’t Go Home Without You by Maroon 5

Sensual. Able to create a clear vision without going into too much detail.


tread softly because you tread on my dreams~ The Wind Among The Reeds by W.B.Yeats

This verse spoke to me from the very first time that I heard it. (I heard it in the movie, Equilibrium, which caused me to go look up the entire poem and who wrote it) At first it just resonated as a plea to others to please not be too harsh in relation to the things I had plucked up enough courage to share. Over time though it has become a reminder to me, to always be sure to extend that courtesy to others.


I find these slices of feeling in books:

Adventure is no more than discomfort and annoyance recollected in the safety of reminiscence ~The Journeyer by Gary Jennings


When the day shall come that we do part, if my last words are not “I love you” you’ll ken it was because I didna have time ~The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon


From movies:

I lead a small life, valuable, but small. Sometimes I wonder, do I do it because I like it, or because I haven’t been brave? So much of what I see reminds me of something I read in a book, when shouldn’t it be the other way around? ~You’ve Got Mail


I was dreaming about God. He was playing Tennis. Perhaps that’s where God is all the time and that’s why you can’t see him when you’re awake. Perhaps he’s our dream, and we’re his ~Empire Of The Sun


Even from television:

Jack is here because he has to do something. He can’t be told what that is. He’s got to find it himself. Sometimes you can just hop in the back of someone’s cab and tell them what they’re supposed to do. Other times, you have to let him look out at the ocean for awhile ~Lost


They all speak to me in their own ways. So while I too often get caught up in the mechanism and over think things, luckily I am also able to take small snippets of wisdom for what they are, without needing to plug them into something bigger and grander.

These little compact stories are able to teach me helpful things about myself, enhancing my life in ways that the deeper things can not. There is nothing to work through, there is nothing to move past, or on, from. I can just let them gracefully sink in, and keep them in my pocket for a rainy day.

…now if only I could commit to writing all of them down in one place, instead of on envelopes, schoolwork, magazine covers, my skin. and on rare occasions, even actual notebooks.

Don’t you see yourself in every picture you love? You feel a radiance wash through you. It’s something you can’t analyze or speak about clearly. What are you doing at that moment? You’re looking at a picture on the wall. That’s all. But it makes you feel alive to the world. It tells you, yes, you’re here. And yes, you have a range of being that’s deeper and sweeter than you knew ~Don DeLillo, Cosmopolis





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