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Slow Going

I’ve been sick. turns out I have Acid Reflux Disease. thankfully my meds are finally starting to kick in and I’m not confined to the couch anymore, but it’s still slow going.

me, after carrying a laundry basket upstairs


I don’t feel like eating, even though it makes me feel better when I do. quite frankly, I’m kind of afraid to eat. I’ve been living on applesauce and bananas. today I had a piece of toast, with nothing on it. yeah.

bye, cherry pie. I’ll miss you.


I’ve been zoning out to Law & Order episodes and Harry Potter movies. I wanted to change things up today and try to blog a little but didn’t want to think too hard about anything, so I’m answering a list of questions I previously found on Tumblr. decorated with Dan Stevens gifs, of course. because they make me happy.


1. You were just given a yacht. What would you name it?



2. What is your favorite commercial?

Domino’s Pizza- Ferris Bueller


3. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

with an empty nest & too much time on my hands.



4. What is the worst possible name to call a child?



5. What is the weirdest gift you have ever received?

a charm bracelet for a trip I didn’t take

‘hey, I’ve been there!’ cool. I haven’t.


6. What is your most disappointing moment in life?

spending my whole childhood dreaming of seeing this in person:

Cinderella’s Castle, Disney World


but seeing this instead:

shattered dreams


7. When have you laughed the hardest?

when my father accidentally got into the wrong car. and the owner was in the driver’s seat.

the rest of us, watching it happen and doing nothing to stop it.


and when have you cried the hardest?

when my boyfriend left for college



8. If you had a “theme song” that played whenever you walk into a room full of people, what would it be?

Don’t Stand So Close To Me– The Police

except for you. you can stand as close as you want.


9. Would you rather plan a party or attend one? Why?

attend. so I can leave.

oh, look at the time! (10 minutes after arrival)


10. Would you ever use a dating service (, e-harmony, etc.) to find someone? Why/Why not.

yes. to save time.

seeing their ‘unique’ taste in decor by Skype first…


and that’s that. I think I’m going to go try eating some pudding now. wish me luck!



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So it seems the Liebster Award questionnaire is going around again. I participated in this a few years ago with music related questions. I always find it fun to answer questions, of any kind, so when zee’s muse suggested her readers answer a set, I thought “why not?”

because I have things to say, dan it! (that was a Freudian slip but I’m leaving it there)


Zee is a friend from the Richard Armitage fandom but I’m going to pepper my answers with Dan Stevens gifs, because they’ve been accumulating on my hard drive with no occasion for me to use them. I hope she doesn’t mind.

mind? IKR


1.) What excites you at the moment?

Dan Stevens.

those eyes

that… everything


2.) In one sentence, what depresses you at the moment?

In one year, my son will graduate High School.

yesterday he was 14, today he’s 17. there’s sorcery involved, I’m sure of it!


3.) Cats or Dogs? piccies please.



4.) What tv series did you love in your youth?

Mork & Mindy

5.) Who is your favorite actor/actress no longer living?

Jimmy Stewart

6.) What is the best movie you’ve seen so far in 2017?


7.) The top three theatre/concert experiences you’ve ever had.


B-52s, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Lollapalooza


B-52s because it was a small turn out & it started to rain, so they invited those out on the lawn to move into the pavilion & then encouraged us to stand on the seats and just have a silly good time.


Rocky Horror Picture Show because I went several times and it was always late at night (Midnight showing) so everyone I was with tended to get slap happy. Drinking over caffeinated Jolt helped as well, I’m sure.


Lollapalooza because I got to see Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam in the same concert, while also being totally grossed out by people shoving nails up their noses and swallowing fire on the side show stages.

not really but it was memorable!


8.) What is the best book you’ve read in the past year?

see, here’s the thing…

I can’t remember what it was called. I know it was a romance novel about a psychic that saw a little boy & his dog lost in the wilderness. She connects him to a bachelor rancher, convinced that he’s his son, but the rancher doesn’t believe her until a story hits the news about a senator & his family missing due to a boating accident, and the Senator’s fiancee just so happens to be someone this rancher had a long term relationship with. Anyway, my Mother-in-Law left it at my house, so I read it, and it was surprisingly good.

9.) What is your favorite photo of the last week on your mobile phone and are you willing to share it?

I don’t have a mobile phone. I share one with my husband and only use it to text my son when he’s late for dinner. If I tweak the question to apply to my laptop though, this is the latest pic I saved:

I was bored and so on a whim, I typed my very small hometown (population: 500) into Google Images and found this pic of my favorite thing to play on at the playground when I was young. The internet is a wonderful thing.

10.) my favorite dessert?



11.) Favorite Richard Armitage pictures

At the end of Zee’s post she hinted that her questions from the last Liebster round never got answered and so maybe someone would feel moved to do so this time around. I picked 5 off of that list.

1) A gift you regifted (and how quickly and why?)

A one piece hat/scarf thing from my Mother-in-Law.

It was very soft and pretty but not my style at all so I regifted it, just a few weeks later, to my friend. Because she actually dresses like a woman instead of a 15 year old boy, like me.

someone who will choose comfort over fashion every.single.time.


2) Balin or Oin?


because he looks like Santa Claus


3) Do you REALLY want to see the Silmarillion done in movie(s)?

Yes, so I can finally understand what’s going on.

me, pretending the timeline doesn’t confuzzle me


4) Mozart or Haydn or Beethoven? (Cross your eyes if you can’t tell the difference)

Who’s Haydn?

Zee, the music teacher, being so done with me.


5.) Your New Year’s Resolution list

seeing as how it’s May and not January, my ‘Summer’ to do list is:

-lose 30 pounds

-organize my photo albums

-Iron all the shirts (some have been in the basket for two years and counting)

don’t judge me!


Bonus, because Zee likes Beefcake



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Murphy’s Law: part two

My Scotland Adventure: days 2 and 3

lone flower


After trying to get some sleep at the airport and failing miserably, Minute Suites called to say that a room was available for us, if we still wanted it. Woo-Hoo!!


The room was Hobbit-sized, just wide enough for a small trundle couch, but it was quiet. And dark. And ours for the next 8 hours! I was dead to the world as soon as I laid down. A few hours later, I felt much better but was it enough to venture out into the city? The only thing that even vaguely interested me at that point was the Rocky Balboa statue, but my spirits weren’t quite recovered yet.


So we freshened up in the nearest rest room, which was under construction as well, and then just relaxed in the room. Our flight wasn’t until 9pm that evening, so needless to say, we became very familiar with all the ins and outs of the airport.

The Liberty Bell: Lego version


Finally we were on the plane and flying to Scotland! We were seated next to a friendly Englishman who enjoyed talking up his adopted home city of Edinburgh. Being an avid backpacker, he warned us about the midges. He urged us to purchase some Skin-So-Soft if we happened to run across it. This would not be the last time we heard about the miracle that was Avon’s Skin-So-Soft. We’ve been using it for years to fight off mosquitoes, but I doubted it was warm enough to need it yet (we should have listened).


The flight was long with little sleep achieved but I was getting used to viewing the world through puffy eyes. As we neared our destination the skies became unbelievably clear, which afforded me a lovely view of the islands that we flew over. Then the mainland came into view *girly squeal!* We circled round, which acquainted me with all of the bright green hills, golden fields, white windmills, and grey stone houses. Oh, look: the cars were moving on the opposite side of the road. I was here. really, really here!


We bid our travel companion good-bye and set off to collect our luggage. The conveyor belt went round and round and round some more, but our luggage was not on it. Surprised? I wasn’t. My husband looked like he was about to have a stroke but I wasn’t phased. What papers do we have to sign? Let’s just do this and get on with things.

Customer Service Rep: is there anything of value in your bag?

Me: my pillow


Next, we caught the city bus to transport us to our hotel. I made the mistake of sitting on the bottom of the two-tiered bus. every city street=motion sickness. blah. We weren’t sure which stop was ours but luckily several locals discussed it amongst themselves to find us the best path to take. Scots are so friendly and helpful! This was something I would experience again and again throughout our trip.


After checking in to our hotel we needed to grab some lunch and then buy clean clothes. My guidebook suggested a tavern that was relatively close, so that was our first destination. We were seated upstairs with a perfect view. The window was open (no screen!)

Deacon Brodie's Tavern


the window box was in full bloom and I could finally breathe easily again.

view out tavern window


Things could only look up from here, right?


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Murphy’s Law- part one

Anything that can go wrong
will go wrong


My Scotland Adventure: day 1

We arrived at the Indianapolis airport early so that we would have ample time to say our good-byes to children and parents before going through the process of checking in and going through security, etc. We noticed that flights out of New York and New Jersey were getting canceled. How far away is Philadelphia from New York, again?


While we patiently waited for time to pass, we heard our first announcement: flights to Philadelphia were being delayed due to bad weather, updates would follow by the hour. Two delays later we realized that we were not going to make our connecting flight to Edinburgh, Scotland. We rerouted to London, with a connecting flight up to Edinburgh, putting us in Scotland just a few hours behind schedule.


One more delay and we were finally on the plane. And then we weren’t. We were herded off the plane and made to wait some more, due to a missing air-conditioning clamp. Another hour later we were on a different plane and on our way to Philadelphia. As an added bonus, we were fortunate enough to have a screaming two year old on our flight. I really couldn’t hold it against her though, if I could have thrown a public tantrum, I totally would have.


As we flew closer to Philadelphia, we started to encounter the predicted bad weather. Not a lot of turbulence, surprisingly, but plenty of lightening. I probably should have been scared, flying through a storm in a big metal box, but I wasn’t; it was actually very pretty! The Pilot announced that the airport was closed but they might let us land if the plane ahead of us did so without any problems. Oh, okay. Cool. Fingers crossed they don’t crash.


We had a rough landing but everything was fine. We were cutting it very close in regards to our connecting flight to London, so we pushed our way through the deboarding line as best we could.


Several of our fellow passengers sympathized with our plight and told us to be sure to tell the gate attendant to call ahead and let the other plane know that we were coming. We did so as we rushed by and were assured that the other gate was expecting us. It was in a whole other terminal, of course, and after sitting around waiting all day, my legs were one big cramp! We finally made it to the gate with two minutes to spare, only to be met with complete silence. The plane left. Early. Leaving 16 of us behind. This was not good, not good at all.


The ticket agent we found to help informed us that no other flights were going anywhere that night, the airport was closed until morning. I finally lost it and started crying. Not only was I going to miss my scheduled tour of Loch Lomond and Stirling Castle in Scotland but all the hotels in the Philadelphia airport area were occupied. I was going to spend the night in an airport!


It was Midnight and I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, so we wandered around the airport until we found a store open and I forced down some stale bread and fruit. We spied a Minute Suite establishment, where we could rent a cracker-box sized room for a few hours to catch some sleep, but it was all booked up. We put our name on the waiting list and went off to find the “refugee camp” where they had sleeping cots set up and were handing out free toiletries. We spent the next four hours trying to sleep under bright lights and crinkling space-age “blankets”, which had the added side-effect of reflecting the light back into our eyes.


Thank Cod I had my I-Pod and the soothing playlist I originally made for the night flight. Did I mention that they were repairing the moving walkway that was opposite our sleeping station? With Saws. And Hammers.



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