Dan, Sweetie, you’re killing me here! I’m trying to keep my composure with this crush on you, only hanging on by a thin thread as it is, and then you SING A COVER OF BEHIND BLUE EYES? how can I not fall deeper after that?!



I’m back home after being in the hospital for five days. it really, REALLY sucked.

that’s an understatement.


so imagine my delight when I open social media and see that not only has Dan done another BUILD series interview, wearing Doc Marten Union Jack boots


but also that he’s gotten an earring!


and what about last week’s Legion episode? I think it’s been my favorite one yet- all the different realities.


oddly enough, Legion is what grounds me in reality week by week; I know it’s Tuesday because that’s Legion night.

me, watching Legion
me, waiting for the next episode







you make me happy when skies are grey…


at the moment

The weather has been so crazy lately, like it can’t make up it’s mind if it wants to move on to Spring or stay Winter. The same could be said of my mood lately; I can’t seem to make up my mind what I want to focus on. I have multiple projects around the house that need attention but I can’t choose which one to devote myself to, so I do none of them. I feel in limbo at the moment. When I feel like this, I tend to fall back on the easy things that make me happy…


Dan content I really like at the moment:


The Guest movie…still. I loved this movie the first time I watched it and I continue to love it each and every time. The tone of the movie, the dry dark humor, and the way it avoids crowding the screen with unnecessary distraction. Yes, the plot is far from perfect but it’s the kind of movie that you can just enjoy. The way David remains charming, even when he’s killing people. The way Dan physically carries himself. The way Dan delivers that amazing accent. And the way he pulls that gun from the back of his jeans; its safe to say that I’m still swoony for David Collins.
poster that is now gracing my laundry room wall. because it’s the best kind of incentive.

Legion, season 1. The second season of Legion is due April 3rd, so I did a rewatch of season one this past week. Binge watching the series is so much better than waiting week to week; Dan’s acting skills stand out more when you watch episodes back to back. Sweet vulnerable David, morphs into maniacal mutant and back again, in the blink of an eye. Once David harnesses his abilities though, he’s kicking ass and taking names! It’s a roller coaster ride that I hope will continue in season 2.


Dan’s Alice in Wonderland ‘playing card’ Docs. Appreciating Dan’s choice in shoes has become a fangirl experience in and of itself; his shoes need their own fanclub! each time new pictures of him come out, I giddily scroll down to look at his shoes. Will they be colorful? Will they be rugged? Will they be classy, casual, or sporty? Every time is a surprise.


This picture:

And this one too:

the text in the bottom right hand corner 😎


Dan’s Instagram account. His photography is lovely and his captions are witty.

I enjoy the way his posts highlight his personality.


And although this hasn’t aired yet, I know I’ll love it too

The Waiting is The Hardest Part

When I was 7 years old, I sent away for a Nestle Quik Bunny drinking mug. the handles were bunny ears, it was awesome. I could imagine myself drinking chocolate milk out of it every night at dinner and not even complaining about how much I didn’t like milk. so I waited. and I waited. I went to the post office with my mom, and my dad, and my grandma and checked our box eagerly, hoping beyond hope that this time I would see the slip of paper inside that said we had a package. it seemed to take for-ev-er. finally the day came and I ripped into that package like a wild animal! I am happy to say, the mug was everything I hoped it would be. I drank out of it for years to come. both my kids drank out of it. sometimes I still drink out of it.

true story.


Waiting for the second season of Legion to air on FX is like that. I’m dying a slow death as I wait for it to start in April.

When I see or read little tidbits about what to expect in the new season, like Oliver and David having a dance off for control of David’s soul, it’s pleasure and pain in equal measure.

Mr. Haller will see you now

To make matters worse, the DVD of season one isn’t available to purchase in the US yet. can’t you take pity on me, FX network, and show a marathon or something?


It probably doesn’t help that every time I open my computer, I see this:

my lock screen

Followed by this:

my avatar

And then this:

my desktop background.

I adore David Haller, truly!


I’m very much looking forward to David opening himself up to the powerful Legion that is inside of him. even if that means he doesn’t always make heroic choices. the confusion, the struggle, the threat of corruption, it’s going to be fantastic!

The suspense is terrible! I hope it will last.


Because David is awesome.

….my brother’s name is David, and adolescent me can not believe that the words David and Awesome just came out of my mouth at the same time.

breathe. stay calm.

For the record,

puns are awesome too.

David Haller, as portrayed by Dan Stevens, is awesome.


okay. glad we got that straightened out.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

two minutes after I finished this draft, I checked Twitter and found these teasers:



whine and you shall receive

❤ ❤ ❤


Fandom Asks: Dan Stevens

Now that I’ve become familiar with more of the characters that Dan Stevens has portrayed, I can finally use them to answer this ‘Fandom Asks’ questionnaire! Maybe I’ll make it a series and apply it to other crushes as well. We’ll start with Dan though, because he’s so much fun.

Dan, inconspicuously visiting Disneyland, just weeks after the release of ‘Beauty and The Beast’ had made him the newest Disney prince. in his rose covered shoes.


The first character I first fell in love with: David Haller, Legion

He’s so sweet and clueless and broken, and he has no idea how very powerful he truly is. Once he starts to discover his powers though, he levitates, and moves things without touching them, and can take you outside of your body into the Astral Plain where he’s set up a nice little love nest for the two of you… I mean, Syd. the love nest that he set up for Syd.


The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: David Collins, The Guest

He’s a psychopath, but so damn polite about it! It’s not his fault though, the big bad government used him for an experiment and made him a super soldier without empathy, so that makes it okay to love him. As long as he thinks it’s his ‘mission’ to make you happy; don’t disrupt the mission.


The character everyone else loves that I don’t: The Beast, Beauty and The Beast

I like him well enough, but c’mon! They hid that beautiful face under CGI fur for almost the whole movie! His grumpiness has a certain charm to it, I’ll admit. I like him much better after the transformation though.


The character I love that everyone else hates: Noah Dorfman, Criminal Activities

I don’t know that others hate him, necessarily, it’s just that he’s not exactly a heartthrob. He tries too hard to fit in, willingly letting his ‘friends’ take advantage of him, and he’s kind of bouncy like a puppy. He has an enjoyable dry wit that comes out in full force when he’s stressed though, and his curly hair is adorable!


The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Will Porter, Killswitch

I really liked him in the build up to the release of the movie but then once I saw the movie, he felt flat, very one dimensional. And not actually on screen all that much. The movie, while inventive, was full of dead ends.

he ‘gazes’ like nobody’s business though!


The character I would totally smooch: Joey Van Helsing, Vamps

The floppy hair and the boyish smile, and the fact that he doesn’t run away screaming when he finds out that you’re a vampire. Not only that, but he still wants to make out with you, even though his dad is a vampire hunter. He’s a keeper!


The character I’d want to be like: David Cameron, Hilde

Confident, Charismatic, Cocky


The character I’d slap: James Harvey, The Ticket

I go from wanting to cuddle him in his disheveled clothes, to wanting to slap him in his designer suits. Maybe we should eliminate the clothing factor altogether and see what I feel then?



A pairing that I love: All of them and their Beautiful Blue Eyes


Fav fanvid: Dangerous- David Collins, The Guest

Warning: gun violence, brief female nudity, swear words, but excellent editing!

ETA: unfortunately this video was removed. so I’ll change the answer to this question to ‘There’s An Infestation in My Mind’s Imagination- David Haller, Legion’. the subject matter may be tamer but the song and editing is on point!


Last pic you saved: Hip Bone connected to the…