fangirl fix

just a heads up for a new page I have displayed over there in the sidebar titled links of special interest. I was looking for a nice convenient list of entries for the column Dan Stevens used to write for The Telegraph but couldn’t find one. so I made one myself.

fandom these days, smh.

I added links to his creative writing on ‘The Junket’ and his music on Youtube as well. then I thought it would be nice to have a list of Jamie Dornan’s music too. after I added Robert Pattinson’s music and a link to Richard Armitages fan messages…a fangirl page was born.

b/c fangirling makes me happy

also, I apologize to those of you who received a notification for that ‘questionnaires’ post. it was supposed to be a Page.


I was in the process of making pages for specific subjects to make posts easier to find- so we don’t have to scroll through the whole archive page. I say ‘we’ because I revisit my own posts when I need a fangirl fix!

the future of fangirling: direct download

It’s In The Photograph

I like behind-the-scenes photos and videos because I think it’s interesting to see how things work. I also like fun shots that are taken around the set.

As of late, I seem to have developed a fascination with photos that show the filming/photographing itself, cameras-taking shots of cameras-taking shots.

I didn’t realize how much I apparently like this, until I was looking through my Dan Stevens folder and saw how many of these types of pics I have saved.

I’m not sure why I’m so drawn to these ‘camera’ pictures.

Behind-the-scenes pics put the make-believe on hold while reality momentarily returns for a short time, whereas the shots of cameras have reality and make-believe running alongside each other.

When I was young I had a view master that showed a scene from Disney’s Fox and The Hound. Todd & Copper were playing on a log in the distance while some shrubbery in the foreground made it seem like I was really there watching it all play out. I loved that slide!

blurred foreground, fox in focus.

I guess these camera shots are kind of like that. I see Dan playing a character or doing press for a character, while the cameras are the bushes I’m hiding behind.


Bonus: pictures of Dan taking pictures