I didn’t watch Dan Stevens’ new movie, Permission, just to get a better look at the tattoo on his rib cage. Okay, maybe I did. I’m none the wiser on the tattoo, but the movie was equal parts endearing & poignant. I enjoyed it very much.

another letter?

Anna (Rebecca Hall) and Will (Dan Stevens) have been dating since their first year of college. They were each other’s first kiss, first sexual experience, first (and only) everything. As Anna gets ready to turn 30 years old and Will prepares to officially ask her to marry him, a drunken friend points out that they’ve only slept with each other. How can they be sure they really want to spend the rest of their lives together, if they’ve never experienced anyone else? This causes Will to hesitate and postpone his plan to propose, while Anna suggests they sleep with other people, because ‘sex is just sex’.

is it, though?

I’m sure you can see where this is going: awkwardness and heartbreak. Why would I want to subject myself to that? Especially when Will looks like such a cuddly teddy bear!

But it is Dan Stevens. I’ve grown to trust that his choices will be thought provoking or outside of the box in some form. So the day the movie became available to view, I debated for about 10 minutes before giving in.

okay, maybe more like 3 minutes

Why I like this movie is hard for me to articulate. The story goes in the direction I thought it would, but how it got there exceeded my expectations.

shall I elaborate?

It was funny in some areas: Will sleeps with an older woman who wandered into his woodworking shop. Lydia (Gina Gershon) is kooky, free spirited, and endearingly likable. Will’s naivete and her ‘anything goes’ personality lead to some cute and funny interactions.

he’s wearing fur. in an empty bathtub.

Contemplative in others: The drunken friend is Will’s business partner, who happens to be in a same-sex relationship with Anna’s brother, Hale (David Joseph Craig). One of them can’t stop thinking about becoming a parent, while the other won’t even entertain the idea. Their scenes together are both beautiful and heartbreaking.

The color palette was serene: Sparsely decorated apartments in cool colors, an abundance of scarves and hats and fluffy blankets that add warmth in sweet moments, sensual skin shots that enhance the storytelling instead of exploiting it.

me, searching for interior shots but coming up empty because the movie has only been out 2 days

The acting enjoyable: Francois Arnaud as Dane, the heart-on-his-sleeve musician. He’s the other man who doesn’t know he’s the other man. He’s emotionally brave and has a really nice singing voice. I liked him much more than I wanted to.

The situations were awkward: Will tagging along as Anna and Dane get to know each other, Hale’s attachment to the sleep deprived father and baby that he meets at the dog park, when Lydia had much more planned for Will than just delivering a table.

The visuals were beautiful: The intimate scenes between Hale and Reece (Morgan Spector), Anna rediscovering her love of piano in Dane’s dimly lit apartment, the Christmas tree in the window of the brownstone Will renovated for Anna.

I liked all of the characters and just wanted to give each of them a hug!  But when Will realizes that for he and Anna to grow, they need to do it apart? The tears!

I would have preferred an ending with more resolution. If not one where loose ends were tied up, at least one that suggested a direction for each character to go. Luckily, I’m a master daydreamer…

I’m the one he’s looking at, btw.

P.S.- Will owns a woodworking shop and is renovating a Brooklyn brownstone as a gift for his girlfriend. I know I said that already, but it’s worth mentioning again.

and again.




reasons why I love this Dan Stevens-James Corden clip

Dan appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden to promote his new film, ‘Permission’. In the interview clip above, he professes his love for the Winter Olympic sport of Curling. In the list bellow, I profess my love for this clip…


-Husband & I like to watch Curling too. well, him more than me but there is a certain kind of satisfaction that comes from hearing the soft thump of the stones hitting each other.

-Dan’s accent changes when he’s excited

-Dan tells stories exactly like me: over dramatic & loud

-the socks

-geeking out when learning Curling lingo. Hurry Hard! I didn’t know that’s what they said either. it was thrilling to find that out. thanks, Taylor!

Get off the rock! his mind goes straight to the gutter.

-Dan’s varying laughs

-Basketball & teen pregnancy were top sports at my school too

-in true Dan fashion, he gets bleeped for swearing.

-from the video comment section: I didn’t know Dan Stevens was such a dork. I did ❤

Also: Dan’s bar trick


The Waiting is The Hardest Part

When I was 7 years old, I sent away for a Nestle Quik Bunny drinking mug. the handles were bunny ears, it was awesome. I could imagine myself drinking chocolate milk out of it every night at dinner and not even complaining about how much I didn’t like milk. so I waited. and I waited. I went to the post office with my mom, and my dad, and my grandma and checked our box eagerly, hoping beyond hope that this time I would see the slip of paper inside that said we had a package. it seemed to take for-ev-er. finally the day came and I ripped into that package like a wild animal! I am happy to say, the mug was everything I hoped it would be. I drank out of it for years to come. both my kids drank out of it. sometimes I still drink out of it.

true story.


Waiting for the second season of Legion to air on FX is like that. I’m dying a slow death as I wait for it to start in April.

When I see or read little tidbits about what to expect in the new season, like Oliver and David having a dance off for control of David’s soul, it’s pleasure and pain in equal measure.

Mr. Haller will see you now

To make matters worse, the DVD of season one isn’t available to purchase in the US yet. can’t you take pity on me, FX network, and show a marathon or something?


It probably doesn’t help that every time I open my computer, I see this:

my lock screen

Followed by this:

my avatar

And then this:

my desktop background.

I adore David Haller, truly!


I’m very much looking forward to David opening himself up to the powerful Legion that is inside of him. even if that means he doesn’t always make heroic choices. the confusion, the struggle, the threat of corruption, it’s going to be fantastic!

The suspense is terrible! I hope it will last.


Because David is awesome.

what? what’s wrong?! oh, right. my brother’s name is David, and adolescent me can not believe that the words David and Awesome just came out of my mouth at the same time.

breathe. stay calm.

For the record,

puns are awesome too.

David Haller, as portrayed by Dan Stevens, is awesome.


Are we good now? okay. glad we got that straightened out.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

two minutes after I finished this draft, I checked Twitter and found these teasers:



whine and you shall receive

❤ ❤ ❤


show me your passion

Benedict Cumberbatch just became the new president of LAMDA(London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art). that’s an impressive accomplishment, congrats! how do I know this, since I’m not really a Cumberbatch fan? because I follow someone on Twitter who is. why do I follow a fan account of an actor I’m not interested in? because I enjoy her passion.

this is not the Benedict that I know. show me more!

Once upon a time, when I was active on a Christian Bale forum, I became friendly with a fellow fan who adored the actor William Fichtner. he acted alongside Christian in ‘Equilibrium’ and also had a bit part in ‘The Dark Knight’. this fan loved to make manips/signatures/avatars of both Christian and William, so she started her own thread in the art area of the forum. it tended to be heavy on the Bill and light on the Chris, but I didn’t mind. I liked seeing the different ideas that she came up with and how she applied them.

Wm. Fichtner aka Badass Bank Manager, The Dark Knight:


On the Twilight fan forum, we had a chat area where we would talk about anything and everything, from Robert Pattinson’s button fly jeans

or just post pics when we couldn’t form words.

to how annoying our coworkers were. if any of us were following other actors alongside Rob & the Twilight gang, we’d routinely discuss them too. that’s how I found Richard Armitage. come to think of it, Matthew Crawley was sometimes mentioned as well, but I scrolled past him. sorry, Dan! I just wasn’t ready for you yet.

I’m here now. 5 years late.


I like when fellow fans expose me to things I may not be familiar with, be that movies, television shows, books, music, or actors. I also find it insightful to read about fan experiences in other fandoms. The Lost fandom was constantly divided among Jack and Sawyer fans, much like Twilight and ‘Team Edward vs Team Jacob’. Outlander and Twilight share their zealot shipper wars, though Outlander has William Shatner fighting with them in their ring! Jamie Dornan fandom seems to get wrapped up in what is and is not acceptable content to post, often using the phrase ‘true fan’ to shame each other (I despise that phrase, I absolutely loathe it). Richard Armitage fandom shares many of these as well. each fandom likes to think they’re different, and they are to some extent, but we’re more the same than not.

So the Benedict Cumberbatch fan I follow on Twitter, or the Robert Downey Jr. fan I sometimes peek in on, or the former Robert Pattinson fan who is now all about Chris Evans, and the Dan Stevens fan who knows all the ins and outs of Star Wars, and that other one who idolizes Michelle Dockery, or the one who swoons over Jared Leto… thank you for sharing your passion with me. I hope no one ever dulls your shine.


You’ve Got The Look

Jamie Dornan has a habit of only buttoning/zipping the top of his jackets.

I found this odd at first but the more I saw him do it, the more it made me shake my head and smile.

A few weeks ago, once the weather turned extremely cold and I had to bundle up with my favorite sweater inside the house, I happened to catch a glance of myself in the mirror…and saw that I only had the top two buttons fastened. now I’m doing it too! this caused me to think about the fashion statements that other actors may have influenced me to adopt.

Drew Barrymore was my fashion icon as a teen.

When I was 13 years old,  I convinced my mother to cut my hair super short like Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) from the movie Some Kind of Wonderful. after the fourth time of being mistaken for a boy, the look lost it’s appeal.

I also tried Meg Ryan’s hair style from You’ve Got Mail. it worked for awhile, until my husband complained that it was too short. I gave in and let it grow out.

When toting toddlers around all day left me in need of an extra pair of hands, Christian Bale’s affinity for cargo pants seemed extra appealing. they’re not only comfy but very practical! my kids are teens now but my love of pockets is still strong.

I also purchased a particular pair of shoes because of Christian Bale. sorry to say they never did fit right.

Speaking of shoes, I really wanted the blue Nikes that Robert Pattinson used to wear. unfortunately (or fortunately?) I couldn’t find them.

I went through a t-shirt-over-long-sleeves phase like Sheldon Cooper. but the ‘no matching’ aspect proved to be too challenging for me.

I seem to be getting better at clashing my colors, with socks this time, thanks to Richard Armitage and Dan Stevens.

I’m also very close to taking the plunge and getting my own whimsical Dr. Martens. this is outside of my comfort zone but Dan makes them look so fun to wear!

can one call Hieronymus Bosch fun?


What’s next- Hats?




The world is my oyster.