I was disappointed

[The ‘Yours in Armitage’ series is a collection of posts documenting my changing perceptions about my celebrity crush on Richard Armitage, using excerpts from past correspondence to help me come to terms with the uncertainties.]
August 24, 2013- I didn’t like his voice in the most recent New Zealand promo video. it’s like he was trying to sound too animated, almost like a character instead of just a voice. I really like ‘just the voice’, so I was disappointed.


I think what bothered me about this example of Richard’s voice, was that in trying to establish a certain tone, he ended up taking away the essence of why I like his voice. the narration sounds like it should be part of a classical reading, devoid of the personality that I was used to hearing in his audio books and film portrayals. while this dissatisfaction could just be a preference issue for others, for me it pointed to something deeper.

I realize that sometimes an actor has to do things that don’t excite them in order to work their way up to the things that do, but sometimes too many “space filler” projects can turn into a whirlpool that can be difficult for them to find their way out of. at this point, The Hobbit was bringing Richard out into the light, and so my fears of what the spotlight may or may not do to the new ‘object of my affection’ were bubbling underneath. I didn’t want to lose him already, lose the satisfaction I was finding in him. the thought that he could start to disappoint me, that projects he would do might not touch me in the fulfilling ways that I had become accustomed to, was not something that I wanted to acknowledge. ‘all or nothing’ is a theme I still struggle with.

Yours in Armitage,



Strike a Pose

One of the first things I learned about Jamie Dornan upon seeking more information, is that he was a male model. That made me raise an eyebrow. a model? really? not that he didn’t have the looks for it but I guess I just had a stereotype in mind for male models.

leather pants? check
leather pants? check


While the underwear ads are enjoyable in their own way, I bypassed them for the fragrance and clothing ones instead. clothes on but disheveled, is far sexier than clothes off, in my book.


I soon discovered that I recognized a lot of the ads and commercials Jamie was in. especially the Levi’s jeans commercial where he and the girl are making their way to one another, walking over cars and whatnot, to the sound of “I Walk the Line”. I used to love that commercial! (specifically for the guy in it) so to find out it was Jamie was a nice surprise.

I had to laugh when I recognized some of the print ads as well, not because I remembered seeing them in magazines, but because they were popular for photoshopping purposes around the internet. Jamie’s body looks much better attached to his own head than to Robert Pattinson’s.





The more I watched some of the photoshoots that were filmed, the more I realized that Jamie is very good at conveying a tone or feeling without actually speaking words. That’s a talent that I greatly admire in traditional acting, using the body and eyes, instead of dialogue alone. The behind-the-scenes footage from the Calvin Klein shoot is a prime example of this. All it takes is a look and the slight lowering of his chin to raise the temperature dramatically. Skin and wet clothes help too, of course. Watch and you’ll see them receiving directions, awkwardly laughing, then the switch flips and BAM! seduction central.


Jamie is good at acting without words but he’s good at acting with words too, he has a really nice voice.

Oh, Daddy

I was trying to pick out a birthday card for my dad while grocery shopping today. Choosing cards for my father can be delicate. I don’t like going the “you’re so old” route because he’s sensitive about his age (except when he gets to use that senior citizen discount!) When I go for the sentimental ones, we both end up in tears, so that’s not desirable either.

Do you know what really turns on the waterworks for me? The father-daughter commercials on TV; those things should come with a warning label!

My favorite is the Subaru car commercial. I make everyone quiet down when it’s on!

As for the greeting card dilemma, I settled for cute and punny this year: two bbq grills, a big blue one and a smaller pink one, on a white background; inside it says “Happy Birthday Dad, from your little grill”.