Beards: yay or nay?

Do you prefer your ‘Object Of Affection’ clean shaven or sporting a beard? this is a question that gets asked again and again in fandom circles. some fans answer with nonchalance, while others do so with fiery passion!

facial hair is serious business.

Jamie Dornan prefers himself in a beard because he thinks he looks too young without one. I agree that he does have a baby faced look without a beard.

I prefer the close-cropped look over the fuller variety.

but his sweet smile shines through either way!


Richard Armitage, I prefer with a beard. partly because this is the Richard I first became familiar with during the promo tour for The Hobbit: an unexpected journey.

He also looks younger without a beard, but not as boyish as Jamie.

Scruff is okay, but I’m partial to more facial hair on him.


With Dan Stevens, I prefer a happy medium of scruff’. I think.

sorry, all I see are eyes.

There’s something about the uniqueness of a clean shaven Dan that I find refreshing though.

He has a really nice close-cropped beard too.

So I guess my answer is, any which way?

the jury is still out on this one.


Chris Evans? beard.


Christian Bale? scruff.


Henry Cavill? clean shaven.

do not hide this jaw. I forbid it!

Robert Pattinson? scruff.


Do you prefer your favs bearded, clean shaven, or a happy medium of scruff?


Fandom Asks: Christian Bale

If you know me, you know I’ve had a long time crush on Christian Bale. other celebrity crushes come and go, but he’s been a constant for me. yet, I rarely blog about him; I want to change that. so what better way to give you a peek into why I admire him, than to use a Fandom Asks post to touch upon some of my favorite characters.


The first character I first fell in love with: Jim Graham from Empire of The Sun

When I first saw Empire of The Sun, I was the same age as the main character, Jamie/Jim Graham. this fact caused me to look at myself in relation to him and the situations he found himself in. when he was self absorbed or immature, I hoped I really didn’t act that way myself. when he was waiting out the separation from his parents by living in the family home alone, would I have been so calm? when he latched onto the character of Basie, would I have been as trusting or felt as loyal? and so on and so forth. I wouldn’t say I was ‘swoony’ for Jim, but I fell for him in a way that my adolescent heart didn’t understand at the time. one minute I thought he was cute and I developed an odd fascination with his fingers, but the next I thought his hair looked stupid and I hated his cocky confidence. but when he cheered for the P-51 fighter plane like a lunatic and then cried because he couldn’t remember what his parents looked like, he became mine.


The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Dan Evans from 3:10 to Yuma

A crippled, depressed rancher vs a clever, well read outlaw? seems like I would fall for the latter but I fell (so hard) for the former instead. Dan Evans is integrity personified. lesser men would have given up or sold out in his situation. he had a bum leg that he earned in the war which made it difficult to provide for a wife and two children, and he turned the other cheek so often that many mistook it for cowardice but he was a good man, a father who was trying to do what was right to show his son what being a man really meant. when he utters the line “I’ve been standing on one leg for 3 damn years, waiting for God to do me a favor. and he ain’t listening.” it breaks my heart into a hundred tiny pieces, every time.


The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Arthur Stuart from Velvet Goldmine

I’m going to be superficial here and say I didn’t like this character just because I didn’t like how he looked. I’ve never been a fan of the ‘glam’ look, plain and simple.


The character I love that everyone else hates: Thomas Berger from Swing Kids

first he was a rebel who believed in a cause, then he rejected it all to appease his father. he disappoints me, he angers me, but the circumstances of the time period and the pressure he was undoubtedly under, makes me pity him more than hate him. I wish he had been stronger, I wish he had been braver, but his fashion sense was delightful!

I’m a man without conviction…


The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Laurie from Little Women

Oh Teddy, with the floppy hair, twinkling eyes, and playful smile; you were irresistible to me! it gutted me how Jo passed you over for an older man. how could she? I mean, Look.At.You. then I grew up a bit and grudgingly realized that it would have never worked between you two in the long run. you would forever be a boy to her, and she needed more than that. I could see her point. but I still think you’re awfully cute.


The character I would totally smooch: Jack Kelly from Newsies

With his exaggerated accent, red necktie, and dreams of heading out west to find a better life; so swoony! I absolutely ADORE him singing ‘Santa Fe’. I would marry that scene if I could.


The character I’d want to be like: Dieter Dengler from Rescue Dawn

Could I survive being shot down in the jungle during war time? could I survive being hung upside down and tortured with ants? could I survive daily life in a remote P.O.W. camp? and could I eat maggots with such gusto? probably not, but I really hope I could if I needed to.


The character I’d slap: Alfred Borden from The Prestige

An arrogant showman who believes the ultimate goal in life is to perform the perfect magic trick. and let’s just say that the choices he makes in his love life are creepy and wrong. so so wrong.


A pairing that I love: Captain Blocker & Rosalee Quaid from Hostiles

What brings them together is tragic but the bond it forms between them touches me.  Rosalee has had to deal with a lifetime of hurt in a short amount of time, while the Captain has shouldered the burdens of war for far too long. he gives her the sense of safety that was brutally taken from her, and she gives him the emotional security that he’s never allowed himself to want.


Fav fanvid:


bonus: Christian’s Academy Award acceptance speech. I was already in tears when he won- it had been such a long time coming and I was so elated– but then the way he got choked up when thanking his wife, and what he said about being a father…gawd! it still gets to me.


Last pic you saved:

no hair, bleached eyebrows, hefty weight gain, but still that boy I fell for so long ago.


I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away


Comfy Questionnaire

I don’t know why this set of questions is named ‘comfy’ but that’s the title it came with, so…

1.) Q: how do you drink your tea?
     A: under duress (because I don’t like it)


2.) Q: favorite dessert?
      A: cake. it used to be chocolate cake but now that chocolate gives me horrid heartburn, I’m happy with white or yellow.
poor me. it’s a tragedy.
3.) Q: favorite season and why?
      A: autumn. colorful leaves, the smell of wood smoke, and apple-butter at every festival/craft fair.


4.) Q: what cheers you up?
      A: Christian Bale & Robert Sean Leonard dancing in Swing Kids.
5.) Q: cats or dogs?
      A: cats. when I was 5 years old, I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said a cat, so that I could sleep all day and not clean my room. I’m 43 now and my answer hasn’t changed.


6.) Q: what’s your dream holiday? (I guess this questionnaire is British, so holiday means trip/vacation)
      A: a cabin, a crackling fire, a few books, and food that magically appears without me cooking it.


7.) Q: how many kids do you want?
      A: I have two. at one time I considered having a third, until my son pointed out that I had a hard enough time handling the two I had already. from the mouths of babes.


8.) Q: favorite weather?
       A: rain. I love the murky skies, the smell of the air, and the pit-pat sound it makes on an umbrella. but mostly I like that it’s an excuse to stay indoors.
look at me, Ma: no sunblock!
9.) Q: what would your last meal be?
      A: homemade noodles, homemade bread, and fresh cut french fries. not exactly balanced but it’s my last meal, there are no rules.


10.) Q: you can spend 24 hours anywhere, any year, where do you choose?
        A: any holiday from my childhood playing with my cousins at my grandparents house. except the one where I burnt my hand on the wood burning stove. not that one.
my brother, when I quit playing Hide-n-Seek because of a 2nd degree burn
11.) Q: if you were a ghost, who or where would you haunt?
       A: can I be a friendly ghost? if so, I’d hang out with little kids & be their ‘imaginary friend’


12.) Q: what is your family ancestry?
        A: Heinz 57. the strongest ‘variety’ being British and Polish


13.) Q: what scares you?
        A: ghosts. and the Blair Witch.


14.) Q: what are you most grateful for?
        A: my family and my faith


15.) Q: dream job?
        A: giving hugs


16.) Q: do you believe in aliens?
        A: I’m open to the possibility. in my younger years I was afraid of aliens. but then I started watching the X- files and convinced myself that it’s all a government conspiracy, so now I’m over it.


17.) Q: favorite sport?
       A: football. not that I completely understand it, but I like to watch it


18.) Q: how do you relax after a long day?
        A: watch home improvement shows.
because I like plaid
19.) Q: if you could meet one historical figure who would you choose and why?
        A: Dean Martin. because he was Dean Martin. no explanation needed.


20.) Q: if you had to be a teacher, what subject would you teach?
        A: stupid human tricks. I know a bunch!


21.) Q: describe your perfect day
        A: I had a perfect day once. it was autumn in Washington D.C. I spent the day taking guided tours of the museums, strolling around the monuments, and feeding ducks by the duck pond. by myself. I ate a hot dog and popcorn for lunch. it was great.


22.) Q: describe yourself in a sentence


23.) Q: who makes you laugh the most?
        A: my husband. 21 years and counting.


24.) Q: what superpower would you choose?
        A: flying
I didn’t say I’d be good at it.
25.) Q: favorite animal?
        A: cats. I have four.


26.) Q: biggest accomplishment
        A: my children.
[pic from Dan’s Instagram]


You’ve Got The Look

Jamie Dornan has a habit of only buttoning/zipping the top of his jackets.

I found this odd at first but the more I saw him do it, the more it made me smile.

A few weeks ago, once the weather turned extremely cold and I had to bundle up with my favorite sweater inside the house, I happened to catch a glance of myself in the mirror…and saw that I only had the top two buttons fastened. now I’m doing it too! this caused me to think about the fashion statements that other actors may have influenced me to adopt.

Drew Barrymore was my fashion icon as a teen.

When I was 13 years old,  I convinced my mother to cut my hair super short like Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) from the movie Some Kind of Wonderful. after the fourth time of being mistaken for a boy, the look lost it’s appeal.

I also tried Meg Ryan’s hair style from You’ve Got Mail. it worked for awhile, until my husband complained that it was too short. I gave in and let it grow out.

When toting toddlers around all day left me in need of an extra pair of hands, Christian Bale’s affinity for cargo pants seemed extra appealing. they’re not only comfy but very practical! my kids are teens now but my love of pockets is still strong.

I really wanted the blue Nikes that Robert Pattinson used to wear. unfortunately (or fortunately?) I couldn’t find them.

I went through a t-shirt-over-long-sleeves phase like Sheldon Cooper. but the ‘no matching’ aspect proved to be too challenging for me.

I seem to be getting better at clashing my colors, with socks this time, thanks to Richard Armitage and Dan Stevens.

I’m also very close to taking the plunge and getting my own whimsical Dr. Martens. this is outside of my comfort zone but Dan makes them look so fun to wear!

can one call Hieronymus Bosch fun?


What’s next- Hats?




The world is my oyster.