reasons why I love this Dan Stevens-James Corden clip

Dan appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden to promote his new film, ‘Permission’. In the interview clip above, he professes his love for the Winter Olympic sport of Curling. In the list bellow, I profess my love for this clip…


-Husband & I like to watch Curling too. well, him more than me but there is a certain kind of satisfaction that comes from hearing the soft thump of the stones hitting each other.

-Dan’s accent changes when he’s excited

-Dan tells stories exactly like me: over dramatic & loud

-the socks

-geeking out when learning Curling lingo. Hurry Hard! I didn’t know that’s what they said either. it was thrilling to find that out. thanks, Taylor!

Get off the rock! his mind goes straight to the gutter.

-Dan’s varying laughs

-Basketball & teen pregnancy were top sports at my school too

-in true Dan fashion, he gets bleeped for swearing.

-from the video comment section: I didn’t know Dan Stevens was such a dork. I did ❤

Also: Dan’s bar trick




Dream Diary

I was researching something dark and sinister. I crept into abandoned churches and read ancient manuscripts by candlelight. I was on the right track, at any moment a major piece of the puzzle would be revealed; I could feel it. So when the dark force overcame me and wrestled me into submission, I wasn’t surprised. I was surprised at the way it happened though. Walking down a deserted country road, I was thrown into the air by an invisible force and slammed into the pavement. I had just enough time to realize what was happening, as I was lifted once more. I tried to recite the prayers I had known since childhood, but they came out a jumbled mess! I was most definitely scared, but determined as well. I did not wish to avoid being dragged to Hell, I just wanted to keep my mind set on the task: find the answers you seek, and then find a way back.

It wasn’t at all what I was expecting. I awoke in a forested clearing. There were a few rough looking men milling about, guarding me in a relaxed sort of way. their clothing had a very medieval feel to it. They knew I was awake but paid me no attention. I slowly stood up, and as if that were the cue, the mood of the men was suddenly charged with electricity; not menacing but almost excited. I noticed a tall, handsome man leaning against a large stone. He came towards me and I instinctively backed away until I was up against a strong tree. His stare was so intense! The light green eyes bored into my own, switching from caring to empty, and back again. Instantly I was drawn to this man, with his tasseled hair and athletic build. I both feared and desired him. Who was he? As if I had spoken aloud, he said “You know where you are, so who else were you expecting?” My mind could not accept that this person standing before me was the Prince of Darkness! “I prefer Lucifer, myself” he smiled, “It has a softer ring to it, don’t you think?” He leaned into me, his breath tickling my ear, as he slowly exhaled and then breathed me in. He lifted his head and looked into my eyes. I couldn’t discern what I saw in those depths, but I willingly jumped in.

‘Luc’ and I formed a special connection. I wrestled with myself, wondering how I could feel so strongly for evil incarnate. This connection afforded me a certain amount of protection though, so I convinced myself that it was akin to a business arrangement. At times, Luc didn’t seem at all interested concerning my quest, but when we met at the Big House, things were different. At those times, he took on a form and personality that I didn’t like at all. This Mob Boss persona was solely concerned with my investigations, even encouraging them. My protection all but disappeared then, and he seemed to enjoy watching the mishaps I stumbled through. Sometimes he inflicted pain upon me himself, prodding me with a cattle prod or causing the ground beneath my feet to turn into a lava filled stream, forcing me to precariously jump from rock to rock until I landed back on solid ground. On those occasions, the Luc I preferred would eventually appear to me again, back in the forest, to tend my wounds. It was at this point that I started to realize that Luc wasn’t who he led me to believe and that the Mob Boss was not aware of my dealings with him. Boss tolerated me being in his realm because he needed me. One of his fallen angels had been sneaking away to Earth without his knowledge, playing double agent, on his way to redemption. This is what my research had led me to, before I was originally taken. Boss seemed surprised and just a bit annoyed that I was there, which means he didn’t give the order to capture me in the first place. but as long as I was there, he’d use it to his advantage. and once I did track down the elusive angel, he’d know who it was and stop him.

It soon became obvious that Luc was the one. Our connection included the ability to read my thoughts, which the Boss could not do, thus the need to continually be summoned to the Big House for updates. Luc secretly followed my theories until I came to this conclusion.”Don’t ask me why or how because I won’t tell you.” he said,” If he suspects you really do have the answers, he’ll turn up the torture .” Frustrated beyond measure I asked, “Why the deception?” he smirked and replied, “Would you really have taken a trip to Hell, voluntarily, to help a fallen angel?” He took my hand then and transferred intense feelings of regret, shame, and hope into my mind. then turned to walk away. I blurted out, “I’ll do it!” surprised, he sincerely asked me why. I said, “True minions of darkness don’t hope” and to myself I added, and I could never fall in love with a demon. he whispered, “I’m not a demon, I’m an angel. my wings are just a bit tarnished at the moment, but I’m working to change that.”

On my next meeting at the Big House, the Boss had a proposition for me: I’ve been there 3 weeks. if I wished to remain longer, my human body must go through a form of death. it wouldn’t be pretty, I’ll wish I were truly dead. He was willing to waive the death throes and let me leave right now, if I told him everything I had discovered so far. I wasn’t looking forward to the sickness but it would only last one day. I couldn’t sell Luc out like that, not when he was so close to succeeding. Boss was not pleased with my answer but he accepted. I walked out of the house unharmed, with the knowledge that I couldn’t leave until I found his answers. But secretly I knew my soul wasn’t meant for Hell, so I couldn’t stay indefinitely either. The question was: how long? As I awaited the death throes, I contemplated my decision to refuse the deal I had made with the devil. I knew I couldn’t trust him to uphold his end of the bargain, but I knew there were rules about me being there that he had no control over. Was the coming agony worth the extra time with Luc? For that matter, what was my goal at this point, redeeming a fallen angel or saving the man I loved? But he wasn’t really a man at all, was he?


I originally had this dream after reading ‘The Historian’ by Elizabeth Kostova. looking at it now, I find it interesting how much it reminds me of ‘Twilight’. if only I had published my dream first. if only!

The Waiting is The Hardest Part

When I was 7 years old, I sent away for a Nestle Quik Bunny drinking mug. the handles were bunny ears, it was awesome. I could imagine myself drinking chocolate milk out of it every night at dinner and not even complaining about how much I didn’t like milk. so I waited. and I waited. I went to the post office with my mom, and my dad, and my grandma and checked our box eagerly, hoping beyond hope that this time I would see the slip of paper inside that said we had a package. it seemed to take for-ev-er. finally the day came and I ripped into that package like a wild animal! I am happy to say, the mug was everything I hoped it would be. I drank out of it for years to come. both my kids drank out of it. sometimes I still drink out of it.

true story.


Waiting for the second season of Legion to air on FX is like that. I’m dying a slow death as I wait for it to start in April.

When I see or read little tidbits about what to expect in the new season, like Oliver and David having a dance off for control of David’s soul, it’s pleasure and pain in equal measure.

Mr. Haller will see you now

To make matters worse, the DVD of season one isn’t available to purchase in the US yet. can’t you take pity on me, FX network, and show a marathon or something?


It probably doesn’t help that every time I open my computer, I see this:

my lock screen

Followed by this:

my avatar

And then this:

my desktop background.

I adore David Haller, truly!


I’m very much looking forward to David opening himself up to the powerful Legion that is inside of him. even if that means he doesn’t always make heroic choices. the confusion, the struggle, the threat of corruption, it’s going to be fantastic!

The suspense is terrible! I hope it will last.


Because David is awesome.

what? what’s wrong?! oh, right. my brother’s name is David, and adolescent me can not believe that the words David and Awesome just came out of my mouth at the same time.

breathe. stay calm.

For the record,

puns are awesome too.

David Haller, as portrayed by Dan Stevens, is awesome.


Are we good now? okay. glad we got that straightened out.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

two minutes after I finished this draft, I checked Twitter and found these teasers:



whine and you shall receive

❤ ❤ ❤


Fandom Asks: Lost

When it comes to favorite television shows, Lost is at the top for me. it is the epitome of character development, which makes it somewhat difficult to answer ‘favorite character’ questions about, because who each character is over the course of the story is constantly evolving. but I gave it my best shot anyway!


The First Character I First Fell In Love With: Jack Shephard
this question was easy to answer because Jack was my favorite character throughout all 6 seasons. he wasn’t always lovable, but his idealism and inner struggles made me relate to him so much. plus he’s a really good doctor, which is useful when you’re stuck on a deserted island.

The Character I Never Expected To Love As Much As I Do Now: Richard Alpert
Richard is a secondary character but the mystery behind him builds a little at a time, leaving you insanely curious about who he really is and how he fits into the foundation of the story. at times he’s friendly and helpful, at others he’s closed off and confusing, but his eye lashes are always mesmerizing.


The Character That Everyone Else Loves That I Don’t: Sawyer
he is the king of pop culture references but he’s a bully who is only concerned with himself, at least at first. Sawyer really evolves as a person, and plays an important part in other characters developments. I don’t dislike him, I just find the ‘beefcake’ part of his role completely overdone.


The Character I Love That Everyone Else Hates: Ana Lucia Cortez
she’s intense and badass and borderline scary, but she shares Jack’s struggle of being forced into a leadership role and then condemned for the choices no one else was willing to make.


The Character I Used To Love But Don’t Any Longer: Charlie Pace
Charlie was my favorite, behind Jack, for a long time (it’s his ring that is my ‘DS’ avatar). one hit wonder rock star that no one can seem to remember where they know him from. Charlie has good intentions that don’t always work out but he would do anything for Claire and her baby. and his redemption is iconic!


The Character I Would Totally Smooch: Desmond Hume
1.) Desmond has a Scottish accent
2.) Desmond can’t seem to button his shirts past his chest
3.) Desmond has the best character introduction, in the season 2 opener


The Character I’d Want To Be Like: Hugo Reyes
‘Hurley’ loves music and ranch dressing, is a loyal friend, and stays true to himself through all the hardships and obstacles. plus Cheech Marin plays his Dad.


The Character I’d Slap: Michael Dawson
I find Michael so annoying, and his parenting skills suck. he deludes himself into thinking he’s sacrificing so much for his son, when in reality he’s selfish and arrogant, and not a team player.


A Pairing That I Love: Jack Shephard & Sun-Hwa Kwon
this isn’t an actual pairing but it is one that I would have liked to see. Jack and Sun respect each other, understand each other, have compatible natures, and would have been very cute together. but alas, she was married and he was tethered to Kate.


Fav Fanvid: Tribute to Jack Shephard
this is a very long fanvid but so well done. it touches upon Jack’s struggles, and then changes tone to acknowledge the relationships he forged while on the island.
Last Pic You Saved: I don’t save pics of Lost anymore but this one has always been my favorite:
Jack is here because he has to do something. he can’t be told what that is. he’s got to find it himself. sometimes you can just hop in the back of someone’s cab and tell them what they’re supposed to do. other times, you have to let him look out at the ocean for awhile.
p.s. I loved the ending of the series. it couldn’t have ended any other way and still connect all the dots.

show me your passion

Benedict Cumberbatch just became the new president of LAMDA(London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art). that’s an impressive accomplishment, congrats! how do I know this, since I’m not really a Cumberbatch fan? because I follow someone on Twitter who is. why do I follow a fan account of an actor I’m not interested in? because I enjoy her passion.

this is not the Benedict that I know. show me more!

Once upon a time, when I was active on a Christian Bale forum, I became friendly with a fellow fan who adored the actor William Fichtner. he acted alongside Christian in ‘Equilibrium’ and also had a bit part in ‘The Dark Knight’. this fan loved to make manips/signatures/avatars of both Christian and William, so she started her own thread in the art area of the forum. it tended to be heavy on the Bill and light on the Chris, but I didn’t mind. I liked seeing the different ideas that she came up with and how she applied them.

Wm. Fichtner aka Badass Bank Manager, The Dark Knight:


On the Twilight fan forum, we had a chat area where we would talk about anything and everything, from Robert Pattinson’s button fly jeans

or just post pics when we couldn’t form words.

to how annoying our coworkers were. if any of us were following other actors alongside Rob & the Twilight gang, we’d routinely discuss them too. that’s how I found Richard Armitage. come to think of it, Matthew Crawley was sometimes mentioned as well, but I scrolled past him. sorry, Dan! I just wasn’t ready for you yet.

I’m here now. 5 years late.


I like when fellow fans expose me to things I may not be familiar with, be that movies, television shows, books, music, or actors. I also find it insightful to read about fan experiences in other fandoms. The Lost fandom was constantly divided among Jack and Sawyer fans, much like Twilight and ‘Team Edward vs Team Jacob’. Outlander and Twilight share their zealot shipper wars, though Outlander has William Shatner fighting with them in their ring! Jamie Dornan fandom seems to get wrapped up in what is and is not acceptable content to post, often using the phrase ‘true fan’ to shame each other (I despise that phrase, I absolutely loathe it). Richard Armitage fandom shares many of these as well. each fandom likes to think they’re different, and they are to some extent, but we’re more the same than not.

So the Benedict Cumberbatch fan I follow on Twitter, or the Robert Downey Jr. fan I sometimes peek in on, or the former Robert Pattinson fan who is now all about Chris Evans, and the Dan Stevens fan who knows all the ins and outs of Star Wars, and that other one who idolizes Michelle Dockery, or the one who swoons over Jared Leto… thank you for sharing your passion with me. I hope no one ever dulls your shine.