Links Of Special Interest

links to non-acting (writing, singing) content of Dan Stevens, Jamie Dornan, Richard Armitage, and Robert Pattinson.


Dan Stevens

Telegraph column– from 2011-2013 Dan wrote a monthly column for The Telegraph, highlighting things of interest and sharing personal observations.

October 1, 2011-Downton Abbey: Uniforms and Fisticuffs, Television Can’t Get Better Than This
Dan Stevens on the real reason behind Downton Abbey’s success

October 22, 2011-My Week

November 20, 2011-My Week

December 18, 2011-My Week

January 24, 2012-My Week

February 21, 2012-My Week
Why winter in Cornwall- and confronting one’s darkside- can be oddly comforting

March 20, 2012-My Week

April 17, 2012-My Week

May 11, 2012-My Week
The welcome renaissance of performance art and why giving it a go just got easier

June 12, 2012-My Week
The actor on rediscovering the world’s greatest invention

July 9, 2012-Dan Stevens goes to bat for poetry
tax-dodging, force-feeding children poetry, and the joys of cricket

August 9, 2012-My Week
Dan Stevens defends the Booker long list

September 11, 2012-My Week
Escaping the ‘Downton Abbey’ madness for a stint on Broadway

October 22, 2012-My Week
The Downton Abbey actor gets an email from Obama

November 6, 2012-My Week
The actor on facing New York’s “Frankenstorm”

December 2, 2012-Dan Stevens: my week of US festivities
Thanksgiving parades, “Black Friday”, and letters to Santa

February 3, 2013-Dan Stevens: my week remembering theatre’s brightest star
“My dear friend Nicky Hilliard’s passion for theatre was infectious”

March 3, 2013-Dan Stevens: my week of discovering the true cause of jet lag
Want to avoid jet lag? Just saddle up your “soul horse”

April 2, 2013-Dan Stevens on American auteurs
In his monthly column, Dan Stevens salutes the comedian Eddie Pepitone and the film-maker Harmony Korine

April 30, 2013-Dan Stevens on the comforts of comedy in our darkest hours
In his monthly column, Dan Stevens pays tribute to the performers who ‘spoke the truth’ following the Boston bombings

May 28, 2013-Dan Stevens: can technology bring the arts to life?
In his monthly column, Dan Stevens discusses whether technology benefits the arts

July 2, 2013-The word “coffee” is music to my ears
In his monthly column, Dan Stevens berates Britain’s lack of stamina

July 26, 2013-Dan Stevens: Overdue news, homemade knitwear and family bonding
In his monthly column, Dan Stevens questions Britons’ frenzied familiarity with the royal baby

August 27, 2013-Dan Stevens on the unbeatable buzz of an insect killing spree
In his monthly column, Dan Stevens recommends fighting the flies with an electrified racquet or, if all else fails, making a tactical retreat into a summer blockbuster

September 24, 2013-Dan Stevens on a cinematic voyage to other planets
In his monthly column, Dan Stevens has his universe expanded by the spacecraft Voyager 1 and the wordless films of Godfrey Riggio

October 22, 2013-Dan Stevens: ‘The value of art is in it’s worth, but to whom?’
In his monthly column, Dan Stevens talks about artistic addictions and the value of Banksy

The Junket– Dan is ‘editor at large’ for this online writing quarterly. he’s contributed essays and short stories for the site, which can be found HERE.

Music– Dan recorded two songs, Evermore and Something There, as the Beast in Disney’s Beauty and The Beast. he also sang The Rainbow Connection while playing the banjo in an episode of FX’s Legion, as well as a rendition of Behind Blue Eyes.


Jamie Dornan

Music– Jamie was once a member of the musical duo, Sons of Jim, along with childhood friend David Alexander. Jamie also appears on the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack.

All the Wrong Answers (Sons of Jim)
Old Faces (Sons of Jim)
Don’t Throw Your Love Away (Sons of Jim)
Fairytale (Sons of Jim)
My Burning Sun (Sons of Jim)
Tonight (Sons of Jim)
When I Go (Jamie Dornan)
Maybe I’m Amazed (Jamie Dornan, Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack)


Richard Armitage

Starting in 2004, Richard has written messages to his fandom. in 2015 he become ambassador for the anti-bullying site Cybersmile, where he contributed an essay about social media. 

Music– Richard appears on The Hobbit: an unexpected journey soundtrack, singing the Misty Mountains song.


Robert Pattinson

Music– Rob sings two songs on the Twilight soundtrack, Never Think and Let Me Sign. he sometimes performed at open mic nights before he became too recognizable to continue.

Stray Dog
I Was Broken
I’ll Be Your Lover Too (Van Morrison cover)
To Roam
It’s All On You