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Falling Into ‘The Fall’– Jamie Dornan/Gillian Anderson television thriller

just a note…– why I started blogging about Jamie

My Burning Sun– Jamie’s former band, Sons of Jim

Strike a Pose– Jamie got his start as a male model

So Many Wasted Hours– misheard song lyrics to a Sons of Jim song

Sometimes Simple Is Refreshing– movie Shadows in The Sun, told through pictures

Putting Those Misconceptions To Rest– a friends recalls her first impressions of Jamie, and how fame hasn’t changed his humble nature

3 Recent Dreams of Jamie Dornan– dreams accompanied by fun gifs/captions

Parasocial Relationships, or, My History of Celebrity Crushes– my crushes through the years and what drew me to them

Hearts and Flowers– the Fifty Shades of Grey movie and how relatable Ana is to me

Liebster: take two– questionnaire answer about The Fall, series 3

You’ve Got The Look– fashion choices influenced by actors

fangirl fix- links to Jamie/Sons of Jim music

Beards: yay or nay?– facial hair preferences

let’s do this thing!– the I Walk The Line Levi’s commercial

and I Fell– recalling how I fell for Paul Spector

Straight To The Heart– Sheriff Graham