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Dan The Man – initial discovery of Dan

The Ticket – opinions regarding the movie

A Fangirl Moment – favorite interviews & fanvids

Hilde – love story of characters Hilde & David

Sharp Dressed Man – Dan’s clothing choices

Wonderstruck – examples of Dan’s acting talent

Simple Tastes and Odd Notions – actors and tattoos

Zeepster – Liebster Award questionnaire, illustrated with Dan Stevens gifs

Liebster: take two – more Dan Stevens reaction gifs

Slow Going – Tumblr questionnaire, illustrated with Dan Stevens gifs

Because He’s a Damn Delight! – Dan Stevens appreciation

Fandom Asks: Dan Stevens – various Dan Stevens characters

Gratification – photos of Dan at charity Polo match

Once Upon a Fanvid – slideshow I posted on Youtube

Mystery Blogger Award – questionnaire, featuring answer about Dan & ice cream

High Maintenance- Rachel – Dan as cross dressing, pot smoking, SAHD

The Man Who Invented Christmas – Charles Dickens & ‘A Christmas Carol’

Beauty and The Beast: appreciation – my favorite things about the 2017 movie

You’ve Got The Look– fashion choices influenced by actors

show me your passion – fans who are multifandom

The Waiting is The Hardest Part– waiting for LegionFX, season 2

reasons why I love this Dan Stevens-James Corden clip– Dan & the sport of Curling

Permission– Dan Stevens/Rebecca Hall movie about an open relationship