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Dan The Man – discovery of Dan Stevens, and The Guest

The Ticket – movie about a blind man who regains his sight

A Fangirl Moment – favorite video interviews and fan made videos

Hilde – the love story in actress-singer Hildegard Knef bio pic

Sharp Dressed Man – Dan’s clothing style

Wonderstruck– examples of Dan’s acting

Simple Tastes and Odd Notions – the mystery of actors who have tattoos

Zeepster– questionnaire illustrated with Dan Stevens themed gifs

Liebster: take two– answers to Liebster questionnaire

slow going– questionnaire illustrated with Dan Stevens themed gifs

Because He’s a Damn Delight! – Dan Stevens appreciation post

Fandom Asks: Dan Stevens – favorite Dan Stevens characters

Gratification – 2 pics from Sentebale charity Polo match, 2014

Once Upon a Fanvid– I create a fanvid slideshow of Dan

Mystery Blogger Award– questionnaire answer about Dan, books, and ice cream

High Maintenance- Rachel – Dan as cross dressing, pot smoking, stay at home dad

The Man Who Invented Christmas – Charles Dickens and A Christmas Carol

Beauty and The Beast: appreciation – a celebration of the 2017 movie

You’ve Got The Look– fashion choices influenced by actors

The Waiting is The Hardest Part– awaiting Legion, season 2

reasons why I love this Dan Stevens-James Corden clip– Dan and James fanboy about the sport of Curling

Permission– Dan Stevens/Rebecca Hall movie about an open relationship

Comfy Questionnaire– questionnaire illustrated with Dan Stevens themed gifs

At The Moment– current favorite Dan Stevens content

#sunshine– catching up with Dan Stevens content

: D – funny gifset of Dan at 2016 New York Comic Con

unf. – Dan sings in Legion season two finale

It’s In The Photograph– pics of cameras filming Dan Stevens

relatableThe Guest gifset about internet friends

fangirl fix– links to Dan’s Telegraph column, Junket essays/short stories, and singing

Beards: yay or nay?– facial hair preferences

He’s Such A Tease! – Dan & his mustache tease Downton Abbey fans on Instagram

Legion: appreciation– reasons why I like the FX show

I’m Weak– why I’ve never felt the ‘ruined’ stage with this celebrity crush

scaredy-cat– nervously anticipating Apostle

let’s do this thing!– I like David Haller’s reaction when Cary compliments his amygdala

and I Fell– recalling how I fell for David Collins

Discovering Dan: the first year– things I said when I was a newbie fan

Straight To The Heart– David Haller

I Survived ‘Apostle’ (and liked it)– what I liked about the horror thriller

when all I want to write about is him– it’s hard blogging about things other than Dan

it’s all about the flair– I love Dan’s shoes!