I Declare

Sometimes my words get away from me and I end up writing long drawn out missives in the comment section of my posts, impassioned speeches that can make me slightly embarrassed when I read back over them. so I tone them down with editing, or just end up scrapping them altogether.

me, critiquing everything I say

In a recent conversation that centered on the age of the actors I admire and how I enjoy the younger ones with as much gusto as the ones that are closer to my own age, I went off on one such impassioned speech. I decided to rein myself in and change direction,

but I thought what I had written described my feelings about this hobby and what it means to me rather well, so I saved it to share in a post instead:

fangirling, to me, is about appreciation for the actor and his craft, as well as the personal character of the man and his personality. as I admire those qualities from a distance, I see parts of myself in him that I like and that gives me confidence to show those parts of myself more. I also see parts of myself in him that maybe I don’t feel so great about but seeing how he deals with them can give me a different take on it that I may try applying to myself. I learn so much through following along with his career, the places he visits for filming and promotional events, the vast array of characters he portrays, and people he talks to while doing so. when he gives us peeks into who he is off screen by mentioning his favorite books, movies, music, food, clothes, hobbies, the causes he supports, the things he thinks about, I’m more likely to try those things for myself. maybe I’ll like them too or maybe I won’t, maybe he’ll change my mind about something or maybe he won’t, but it gives me experience and exposure to things I might never have had otherwise. the physical attractiveness is there too, I’m not going to pretend that it’s not, but it’s more about learning through him, seeing and experiencing things through his eyes, enjoying the daily connection that I’ve formed as he makes me smile and laugh and look forward to whatever comes next. that positive energy radiates out from me, making me a happier, nicer, more appreciative, open minded person to the people I have in my life and come into contact with. the age of these muses don’t matter to me, both older and younger men bring a multitude of experiences and outlooks that enhance my life. how’s that for a passionate speech?

15 thoughts on “I Declare

  1. I like the melding together of these guys and I think they all have things in common that form a nexus for you to draw inspiration from and to express yourself. All of that shows in your posts and your commentary. Life is too short to worry about the negatives and who cares anyway. You are happy as a result of these guys work and their shoes and their YT interviews and their singing and their humbleness and their creativity and their respect for others and their families. That all comes back to you! We as your audience and readers are enriched by it!

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  2. Well, having fangirled Robert Pattinson all through the Twilight movies, I certainly can’t criticize! Of course I told myself it was okay because he played a much older vampire. Lol. (Have you heard he’s supposed to be playing The Batman?)

    Not only that, but despite being 100% heterosexual, I have felt very passionately (but not sexually) about female artists in my time too. Linda Ronstadt, Barbra Streisand, Emmylou Harris, etc. I used to say I wanted to BE Linda Ronstadt! My passion when I was younger was singing, and I really wanted to do what they did.

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    1. the reasoning that fangirling a 104 year old fictional vampire is more acceptable than fangirling a 23 year old actor 😆 we do what we gotta do 😉 😀 (yes I have heard about The Batman and am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the official announcement!) I’ve been a little envious through the years of those who have ‘girl crushes’ b/c I’ve never been able to do that. it would be a lot less complicated to look up to and admire a fellow female but I’ve just never found any who inspire me the way the guys do.

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      1. I really hope RP gets it. The more I think about it and that Buzzfeed clip I sent you I tend to agree with those postulators he would be a great choice, yes left field but I think that is what the franchise needs. I was chuckling last night cuz they mentioned Nicholas Hoult who I don’t even remember from The Favourite. I think he’s a bit of a putz


    2. Sue I am a big Babs fan including her politics (won’t cross that threshold here Kelly) I would have loved to sing but unlike you Sue I can’t carry a tune to save my life and I have massive stage fright so could never perform. I do like Lady Gaga especially her “Joanne” album.. very honest and down to earth.

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