Take a Guess

Redbubble is having a sale on small stickers (50% off 10), so I bought a bunch to put on my laptop. it was fun typing things into the search box and seeing what creative ideas other fans had come up with to represent some of my favorite television shows and movies. my picks are ones that make references to the program without actually naming the title.  it’s more mysterious that way, and will be enjoyable to see if family and friends pick up on the references without me having to tell them. will any of them guess all ten correctly? can you? four of them are television shows, five are movies, and one is neither…













5 thoughts on “Take a Guess

    1. The Wesley Crushers or The Wesley Crushers 😀


      1.) The Big Bang Theory
      2.) Lost
      3.) ‘Carousel of Progress’ at Disney World
      4.) Office Space
      5.) The Matrix
      6.) Captain America
      7.) The Office
      8.) Back To The Future
      9.) The Shawshank Redemption
      10.) Legion

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        1. in an episode of The Big Bang Theory, the gang bowls against Wil Wheaton’s team. Sheldon names their team The Wesley Crushers, as a taunt that they will ‘crush’ Wil’s team. but since that’s actually the name of his Star Trek character, Wil irritates Sheldon (which is what he does so well) by claiming it as a compliment 😀

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