It’s In The Photograph

I like behind-the-scenes photos and videos because I think it’s interesting to see how things work. I also like fun shots that are taken around the set.

As of late, I seem to have developed a fascination with photos that show the filming/photographing itself, cameras-taking shots of cameras-taking shots.

I didn’t realize how much I apparently like this, until I was looking through my Dan Stevens folder and saw how many of these types of pics I have saved.

I’m not sure why I’m so drawn to these ‘camera’ pictures.

Behind-the-scenes pics put the make-believe on hold while reality momentarily returns for a short time, whereas the shots of cameras have reality and make-believe running alongside each other.

When I was young I had a view master that showed a scene from Disney’s Fox and The Hound. Todd & Copper were playing on a log in the distance while some shrubbery in the foreground made it seem like I was really there watching it all play out. I loved that slide!

blurred foreground, fox in focus.

I guess these camera shots are kind of like that. I see Dan playing a character or doing press for a character, while the cameras are the bushes I’m hiding behind.


Bonus: pictures of Dan taking pictures


4 thoughts on “It’s In The Photograph

    1. yes, to be able to block out all of the equipment/people, not to mention all of the stops, starts, and repeating of a scene; I have a great respect for anyone who is able to do that day in and day out!

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  1. I like the behind the scenes pics because the actors are more themselves goofing around or interacting with the crew and that bubble seems gone between the acting and the real person. I also am fascinated with where movies and shows are filmed so showing locations by the water or by a cliff or in a street in NYC makes it more relatable and I can put time and place together better when I actually see the show or movie except of course CGI stuff. I always wonder what the actors say or do to pass the time between shots and the behind the scenes give a glimpse into this in my opinion.

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    1. there’s a cool account I follow on Twitter called ‘Fangirl Quest’ where they travel around to film locations. they have a screen shot of a movie on their computer tablet and then hold it up so that the scene lines up with the real location they are at in the background, & then take a pic of it 🙂
      [I didn’t know a scroll of their account would show up by linking it like that! so I’m replacing it with just one of their tweets instead :P]

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