reasons why I like this Robert Pattinson-Mia Wasikowska interview

Even though I’m not an active Robert Pattinson fangirl anymore, I do still occasionally click on things about him that pop up in my social media. when I saw this video of him answering search engine questions, it made me all nostalgic for Adorkable Rob.

Warning: if you’re not familiar with Rob’s awkwardness, watching this may hurt. if you are familiar with his awkwardness, it will still hurt.

Reasons why I like this train wreck:

1.) it makes me feel nostalgic for my RPattz fangirl days

2.) does the man age? I’m not sure he does.

3.) the song Rob performed for Twilight was Let Me Sign not ‘let me sing’. fangirl me couldn’t leave that uncorrected. also: the fingers through the hair. classic.

4.) fangirl me again: not only can he read but he reads a lot. it doesn’t always show, but.

5.) that laugh at 1:04. also, those checkered pants. just to be clear, I really like both. I know it’s hard to tell, since I keep insulting him, but that’s how I fangirl Rob- to mock with love. it’s a thing.

6.) Mia’s quick centimeter to feet/inches conversion. skillz.

7.) how he says ‘insecurities’

8.) “you do say a lot without, like, saying anything”

9.) that look when he says Cedric Diggory. I remember that look. I remember it well.

10.) 2:48- hands in the hair part 2.

11.) Bobby! it’s Bobby! <– me, shouting out the answer.

12.) crazy hair is still crazy. 😎



One thought on “reasons why I like this Robert Pattinson-Mia Wasikowska interview

  1. I like Mia. I think she is underrated as an actress. I saw her first in the HBO series In Treatment. She’s Australian and her American accent was super. I never would have known she’s an Aussie. I haven’t seen her in a lot of things. Alice in Wonderland and half of Looking Glass (saw that for Richard’s cameo then got interrupted by my mom and didn’t finish it on Netflix) I know she’s done a lot of indie pics. Rob is blessed with boyish looks. He’s gone the Indie route a lot too I think. I would want to run a brush thru his hair while Richard’s I do like rolled out of bed look. Hmmmm


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