oh Maggie, I couldn’t have tried any more

My daughter has a new friend named Maggie. I originally wanted to name my daughter Maggie. Husband vetoed the name because I didn’t want to name her Margaret and just call her Maggie, I wanted to cut out the middle man and go straight for the name I actually wanted. with my love of song lyrics, her middle name would have undoubtedly been May, so that I could sing “wake up Maggie, I think I got something to say to you” every morning as I stepped into her room; but alas, it was never meant to be. so when I found out that daughter’s new friend has the middle name of May, my eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning! I clued daughter into the name combination and sang her that first line, but her eyes did not light up in excitement…they harbored dread instead. because she knows me, and she knows that if this new friend ever spends the night here, I will be hard pressed not to wake them up in the morning singing that song.

Parenting is hard.



2 thoughts on “oh Maggie, I couldn’t have tried any more

  1. One of my all-time favourite songs. I saw Rod Stewart live once, during the (spandex era) Do You Think I’m Sexy tour. Great show. I, too, would find it hard not to be singing that song.

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