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Benedict Cumberbatch just became the new president of LAMDA(London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art). that’s an impressive accomplishment, congrats! how do I know this, since I’m not really a Cumberbatch fan? because I follow someone on Twitter who is. why do I follow a fan account of an actor I’m not interested in? because I enjoy her passion.

this is not the Benedict that I know. show me more!

Once upon a time, when I was active on a Christian Bale forum, I became friendly with a fellow fan who adored the actor William Fichtner. he acted alongside Christian in ‘Equilibrium’ and also had a bit part in ‘The Dark Knight’. this fan loved to make manips/signatures/avatars of both Christian and William, so she started her own thread in the art area of the forum. it tended to be heavy on the Bill and light on the Chris, but I didn’t mind. I liked seeing the different ideas that she came up with and how she applied them.

Wm. Fichtner aka Badass Bank Manager, The Dark Knight:


On the Twilight fan forum, we had a chat area where we would talk about anything and everything, from Robert Pattinson’s button fly jeans

or just post pics when we couldn’t form words.

to how annoying our coworkers were. if any of us were following other actors alongside Rob & the Twilight gang, we’d routinely discuss them too. that’s how I found Richard Armitage. come to think of it, Matthew Crawley was sometimes mentioned as well, but I scrolled past him. sorry, Dan! I just wasn’t ready for you yet.

I’m here now. 5 years late.


I like when fellow fans expose me to things I may not be familiar with, be that movies, television shows, books, music, or actors. I also find it insightful to read about fan experiences in other fandoms. The Lost fandom was constantly divided among Jack and Sawyer fans, much like Twilight and ‘Team Edward vs Team Jacob’. Outlander and Twilight share their zealot shipper wars, though Outlander has William Shatner fighting with them in their ring! Jamie Dornan fandom seems to get wrapped up in what is and is not acceptable content to post, often using the phrase ‘true fan’ to shame each other (I despise that phrase, I absolutely loathe it). Richard Armitage fandom shares many of these as well. each fandom likes to think they’re different, and they are to some extent, but we’re more the same than not.

So the Benedict Cumberbatch fan I follow on Twitter, or the former Robert Pattinson fan who is now all about Chris Evans, and the Dan Stevens fan who knows all the ins and outs of Star Wars, and that other one who idolizes Michelle Dockery… thank you for sharing your passion with me. I hope no one ever dulls your shine.



8 thoughts on “show me your passion

  1. Wow! That picture of Benedict Cumberbatch, though. Never really been a fan. He mentioned once about being โ€œlikened to Sid the sloth from Ice Ageโ€, which I can kind of see! But I have to say that he looks pretty cool in that picture!

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    1. Dan Stevens roasted him for GQ in a speech, and said he has a face that looks like an otter ๐Ÿ˜€ he also said that one anagram of his name is ‘be embraced bitch cunt’… I’m learning by watching from the sidelines that he’s more than he appears to be (I think getting married & having kids has softened him up too). but the photos from that photo shoot? yeah. he needs to do more of that ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. I just had to re-follow this blog – the post didn’t show up in my reader . Hmph.
    Like you, I quite like the whole cross-fandom interrelationships. It’s nice to learn about other actors, hear other stories, see other films than just of “the one and only”.

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  3. This post of yours really hits the target for me on a lot of levels. I’ve never been a part of any fandom on line. I am as green as broccoli when it comes to online happenings. I’m kinda glad that I’ve found the blogsphere to exchange ideas and thoughts and information and intel and that it came about through Richard’s work is icing on the cake. What is Cosplay? The shipping thing is ridiculous to me. I think it presupposes stuff that may not be true and creates rumors and innuendos about people that no one really knows or will know. I do love that I too have learned about so many new shows (ie Legion!!) movies (The Guest!!, Permission and another one you mentioned that I can’t think of right now) music, interviews (Dan and Taylor Kitsch on Corden’s show) and real life anecdotes. It’s very humanizing and relatable and empathetic and exciting to learn new things about different people you’ve never met blogging and commenting and esp about oneself. So thank you!!!

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    1. “I am as green as broccoli” ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve never heard that phrase before! Cosplay is when fans dress up as their favorite characters and go to conventions or premieres, etc. the fictional shipping can be fun, having a favorite couple and hoping they get together in the end. but real life people- no. some fans can be so mean to actor’s wives/girlfriends in those situations, insulting them and constantly trying to convince the world that they’re actually in a secret relationship with their costar ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  4. Ah well I made up the green as broccoli bec I couldn’t think of a green vegetable this morning and I was waiting for my second cup of coffee to wake me up! I should have known about the Cosplay bec I’ve been to a couple of Awesome Cons with the brother and family (they are big into them and the twins dress up a lot esp Guardians of the Galaxy) I didn’t know who David Tennant was in 2016 when we went to Awesome Con in Dc and I said who is that actor people were lined up for (he had 6 groups to sign autographs and take pics) and my acid tongue brother said it’s Dr Who-google him. Now I like David Tennant for Broadchurch, Gracepoint, Kilgrove in Jessica Jones. He’s funny and like Dan a bit eccentric in his fashion wear. He’s also like Dan a devoted family man but Scottish.


    1. I don’t watch Dr Who, so I didn’t know who David Tennant was either but I saw everyone raving about him online. I watched his movie ‘Decoy Bride’ which was very cute, and I’ve seen him do interviews and stuff when others talk about him. he is very nice to listen to ๐Ÿ™‚

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