You’ve Got The Look

Jamie Dornan has a habit of only buttoning/zipping the top of his jackets.

I found this odd at first but the more I saw him do it, the more it made me smile.

A few weeks ago, once the weather turned extremely cold and I had to bundle up with my favorite sweater inside the house, I happened to catch a glance of myself in the mirror…and saw that I only had the top two buttons fastened. now I’m doing it too! this caused me to think about the fashion statements that other actors may have influenced me to adopt.

Drew Barrymore was my fashion icon as a teen.

When I was 13 years old,ย  I convinced my mother to cut my hair super short like Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) from the movie Some Kind of Wonderful. after the fourth time of being mistaken for a boy, the look lost it’s appeal.

I also tried Meg Ryan’s hair style from You’ve Got Mail. it worked for awhile, until my husband complained that it was too short. I gave in and let it grow out.

When toting toddlers around all day left me in need of an extra pair of hands, Christian Bale’s affinity for cargo pants seemed extra appealing. they’re not only comfy but very practical! my kids are teens now but my love of pockets is still strong.

I really wanted the blue Nikes that Robert Pattinson used to wear. unfortunately (or fortunately?) I couldn’t find them.

I went through a t-shirt-over-long-sleeves phase like Sheldon Cooper. but the ‘no matching’ aspect proved to be too challenging for me.

I seem to be getting better at clashing my colors, with socks this time, thanks to Richard Armitage and Dan Stevens.

I’m also very close to taking the plunge and getting my own whimsical Dr. Martens. this is outside of my comfort zone but Dan makes them look so fun to wear!

can one call Hieronymus Bosch fun?


What’s next- Hats?




The world is my oyster.



8 thoughts on “You’ve Got The Look

    1. I’ve never had a pair before. reviews say they run at least a half size big? I was thinking of getting floral mary janes; a bit outside my comfort zone but that’s the whole point of getting them! they remind me of a backpack I had in high school ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. I’ve only had two pair — and I still have them. One is 19 years old and the other is ten. So I’d make sure you get something you think you can live with for a while and definitely get the fit right. I have the brown Mary Janes and I love the style. I honestly don’t remember about the sizing, but I have huge feet.

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  1. (Working my way through your posts, retroactively.)
    Ha, definitely have been influenced in clothing/style choices by my favourite actor, too. (And that’s a bit worrying because he’s notoriously fashion-illiterate, by his own admission.) There was, for instance, the pair of shiny jeans I bought after he had been seen in a whole suit made of that kind of fabric…


  2. Some Kind of Wonderful was such a great movie! I loved Mary Stuart Masterson in it and Eric Stoltz was great too! I owned a couple of cargo pants like in 2005-06-07 time frame. I liked Daniel’s Nikes from BS1. They are comfy for running errands but not for running/exercising. I will say that last pic of Jamie Dornan is adorable! He’s a devoted husband and dad (soon to be #3 kid!) His wife is gorgeous too. Big Bang Theory I haven’t seen. My brother and sister-in law loved it. They reference it all the time and I’m like what??


    1. I’ve heard a lot of people say that they don’t find The Big Bang Theory funny. I guess I do b/c it’s close to real life for me. my husband is an engineer and he knew people like that in college, plus we’re into comic books and games and stuff, so we relate to all the references. what’s funny about rereading this post is that last week I got my hair cut like that Meg Ryan pic again (haven’t had it like this for over 10yrs) and today I just so happen to be wearing cargo pants ๐Ÿ˜€


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