You may notice that things look a little different around here. I’ve not only changed the look of the blog, but the focus as well (or I guess I should say I finally have a focus?) I added the tag line ‘actors, fandom, and me’ because those are the things I like to write about the most.


fact: I love behind-the-scenes set pics.


When I started this blog, it was a place for me to write about things other than my celebrity crush on Richard Armitage (which I had a separate blog for). when that started to wane (and I finally accepted it), I still blogged sporadically but with no real direction. then I discovered Dan Stevens, and he quickly took over.


I haven’t been able to devote the time and energy towards blogging lately that I would have liked, due to unresolved (still!) stomach problems that have been wearing me down. I have an ulcer- I know it, the doctor knows it, but I have to jump through hoops just to be sure. ugh.

just give me the antibiotics, I beg of you!


It’s a new year, hope is on the horizon, and so I think investing myself in this blog a bit more will help my peace of mind. all sounds good, right? the problem is, I need direction. random questionnaires are fun but I can’t do that forever. I could blog about Dan easily but I don’t want to blog only about him. I still intend to transfer my dream diary over here for creative writing purposes but that’s more of a side project. I need to focus, but on what?

me, trying to make decisions.


I read several blog posts on how to find your niche and refocusing your blog, that were helpful. they basically all said the same thing: what are your hobbies? what are you passionate about? connect the posts you’ve had the most fun writing, with your blog’s traffic stats, to come up with possible subjects to focus on. take those suggestions and make a list of post topics for each one. if one list is longer than the others and was easier to make, then that’s your focus. needless to say, ‘actors/fandom’ won by a landslide.


I’m throwing ‘me’ in there as well, because I tend to ramble on about my thoughts & feelings. a lot.


So, there you have it. I’m trying to focus. I hope it works…



4 thoughts on “Focus!

  1. I felt like 2017 was an unusually fragmenting year, with constant calls for my attention from all quarters; I thought it was hard to focus, too. Wishing you the best in figuring it out!

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    1. thanks. I’m at my parents house for the weekend, b/c I need more stress in my life πŸ™„ but it gave me the chance to think up several ideas for future posts during the 5 hour car ride, so that’s something. I’m excited to get started on it all when I get back πŸ™‚

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