Simple Tastes and Odd Notions

There’s nothing that intrigues me more than when I discover an actor that I admire who has tattoos. Not temporary tattoos that belong to the character he is portraying

flimsy excuse to post a pic of Richard Armitage as Lucas North


but personal ones that belong to his own self. It’s the mystery of them that grabs me: what are they? what do they represent to him? It can drive me batty trying to figure them out. And when I finally give up and go looking for fan mentions of them, and they have no clue either? The frustration!

flimsy excuse to post pic of Dan Stevens making his ‘Beast’ face


When Jack O’Connell started sporting a new tattoo, I became consumed for days.

I finally made the educated guess that it was Cambodian, after trolling his Instagram and seeing that he had made a trip to Cambodia that fit into the time frame I had established through photoshoot pictures and candids. By that point though, I didn’t really need to know what it said, I was satisfied with just knowing what it was.


Matthew Fox’s colorful array of tattoos sent me on similar treasure hunts. The shoulder tattoo was referenced in an episode of ‘Lost’, but the actual translation is different from the one given in the show. So what was it’s significance really?

Some fans speculated that the number 5 was a nod to his days on the ‘Party of Five’ television show, and that the translation was part of a Chinese poem about an eagle. I did find out, through lurking on fan forum threads, that the small skull on the inside of his elbow is thought to pay homage to good friend Billy Joe Armstrong and his band ‘Green Day’. That was something I wasn’t expecting. The others are less distinguishable, but I think they’re pretty.

The stars are my favorite.

Adam Levine’s tattoos, well, it’s pretty apparent the boy is just addicted to ink!

I’m sure each of his tattoos have personal meaning to him (I hope) but the images seem so random and they all bleed together, which makes them less interesting to me. Once upon a time, when he only had a few, I thought the shark was kind of cool.

but as he added more and more, it’s all become a bit much.

Chris Evans seems to prefer symbols and words instead of picture tattoos. He has one on his upper stomach in memory of a friend who died in an accident, and others that represent different family members.

The script on his chest reads:

when you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. when you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world.

I really like that one, not only for the lesson it teaches, but I also like the way it peeks out from beneath his shirt when he has a few buttons undone.

And then there’s Dan Stevens in this still from the movie ‘Permission’.

Those two tiny tattoos are really his. I had seen the triangle one before

and can make an educated guess on it’s relevance, since his movie ‘The Guest’ includes multiple instances of triangles showing up throughout the movie.

But what about that other one? is it a D? a Q? a symbol of some kind?

Tattoos can be beautiful works of art but I prefer the more subtle approach of quotes or symbols. I’m a woman of simple tastes and odd notions. Hey, that phrase would make a good tattoo…

Edited to Add: I just read an interview where Dan revealed that the bicep tattoo is actually a letter ‘Q’. Dan said: “I have a few [tattoos] scattered about. many of them are letters, for various people.” oh really? let the speculation begin… (I have my heart set on ‘Susie Q’. I won’t believe any other answer.)


3 thoughts on “Simple Tastes and Odd Notions

  1. I’m not a fan of tattoos at all. I know they are hip and to each his or her own but I just don’t like them.. Thank goodness Richard doesn’t have any although not a deal breaker but I was not a fan of Lucas and his tats. They looked pressed on bad in my opinion. Sorry!


    1. I like the subtle ones. I’m not a fan of the sleeves or the scattered prison tattoo look. I can appreciate a good tattoo from an artistic standpoint, though I wouldn’t choose them for myself or my significant other. I like pale skin on a man, so when I see that crowded with ink it makes me sad; why did you ruin all that lovely white skin?!


      1. Yeah you’re much more open minded than me. I didn’t initially like Lucas b/c of the tattoos I thought they looked cheap and were an eye sore. I didn’t bother to delve into what they all stood for. It’s jyst me my bro has a huge tat of an eagle in his beck and my sis has a butterfly or some insect on her lower back. My parents don’t know hers but know about my brothers. I can see the artistic value just not aesthetically pleasing to me


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