Movie Challenge: favorite horror


3.) Your Favorite Horror Movie

I don’t particularly enjoy horror movies, or rather, not anymore. When I was young, I watched a lot of horror because it was the 1980s and that’s just what you did. I liked watching the kind of horror films that were either intentionally funny or so cheesy that they became funny, things like House II, The Gate, The Blob. I liked the multi-storied variety like The Twilight Zone and Cat’s Eye too because I was used to watching the old Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents television episodes with my parents, along with Tales from the Darkside and Amazing Stories. I often watched a lot of horror with my older brother too: The Exorcist, Damien, The Thing, along with all of the Halloweens, Friday the 13ths, Nightmare on Elm streets, and Hellraisers. Sometimes I would watch things that I really shouldn’t have been watching and lived to regret later, like The Howling or Wolfen. Where the hell were my parents? that’s what I’d like to know. Why did they let me watch these things?! It’s no wonder I was plagued with nightmares my whole childhood.

why I slept under the pillows, instead of on them.


Now that I’m an adult, I stay away from horror as much as possible. I’m the sissy who hides her eyes during horror film trailers. and when my husband watches Ghost Hunters, I leave the room at lightening speed.


So when trying to answer this question, my brain immediately went to something more lighthearted

answer: Shaun of the Dead

This movie is a fun zombie apocalypse story. That statement may seem like an oxymoron but in this case, it’s not. Shaun doesn’t have a whole lot going for him when the story starts. he hates his job, his girlfriend breaks up with him, his roommate berates him, and his best friend enables him.

Shaun gets drunk and when he wakes up the next day, the zombie invasion is under way. Only, he doesn’t notice at first. He slips in blood at the convenience store, thinks the zombie that approaches him in the street is begging for change, and he keeps changing the television channel through all the breaking news reports.

When he finally does become aware, he rushes off to ‘save’ his mother and girlfriend, planning to wait out the invasion in his favorite pub. but he has a few things that need to be taken care of first.

Along the way, Shaun the Slacker finds some courage, at least enough to get them all to the pub in one piece. What follows is some gore

poor David!


And some genuine it’s-been-good-knowing-you bouts of emotion

‘you’ve got red on you’


But only enough to classify it as a zombie movie. And that’s why I like it: a comedy that I can loosely claim as horror. Gotta keep up appearances!

Shaun: As Bertrand Russell once said, “The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.” I think we can all appreciate the relevance of that now.

Liz: Was that on a beer mat?

Shaun: Yeah, it was Guinness Extra Cold.

up next: Favorite Drama


3 thoughts on “Movie Challenge: favorite horror

  1. I’d have a hard time naming a horror film I’ve seen, except Nightmare on Elm St. Oh, and I think I saw The Birds at some point.


    1. I used to think they were fun, the whole ‘jump scare’ aspect, but horror films are so unbelievably scary now! I think the last one I watched was The Blair Witch Project, which was over 15 years ago 😛


      1. LOL, I thought they were unbelievably scary back then — never really developed the visual vocabulary, I guess. But the Blair Witch Project advertising was pretty frightening. I remember when I saw it on the Internet for the first time.


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