Sharp Dressed Man

This post is about Dan Stevens in a suit

And Dan Stevens in a blazer

And a blazer with a scarf

Or a scarf and a hat

but mostly it’s about Dan Stevens & his funky(in the good sense) taste in shoes.

I really like the current fad of peek-a-boo splashes of color that appear under a man’s suit or trouser leg in sock form; it’s fun but classy. Dan Stevens takes it one step farther and adds personality through his shoes. I first noticed this when I saw a clip of his appearance on the ‘Late Late show with James Corden’. My eye was drawn to the red socks and then… are those flowers on his shoes? Oh, I hope so!!

I love a bit of unexpected eccentricity


In interviews and appearances he seems to favor boots or chunky shoes

No matter if he’s going for the ‘I just threw this together’ look

Or a more ‘office appropriate’ style.

Then I saw him in a ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ interview. He was wearing a striped number that was in no way understated, but he wore it well and it was fun. I could get on board with that.

One of the shared pastimes of my celebrity crush fandoms is ‘premiere suit appreciation’. When a movie is released, it is usually accompanied by multiple premiere’s in different cities/countries, all of which require a different suit for it’s leading men. I became a Dan Stevens fan after ‘Beauty and the Beast’ premiered, so I had to go looking for examples of his suit style. What I found really tickled my fancy! Dan isn’t afraid of color. He often shows up in jewel toned suits

With an occasional ‘out of the box’ pick thrown in for good measure.

After discovering those flower shoes, I found myself looking more closely at his feet. And I found a treasure trove of awesomeness! Dan sometimes matches his shoe color to what he’s wearing


this tie deserves a closer look, because I love it


There have also been metallic pixels

And blue suede.

I don’t know whether these choices are purely Dan, his stylist, or a collaboration between them both but I wholeheartedly approve!

I was curious how his off camera style might differ, so I looked for some out-and-about candids too. He likes boots and jackets

And scarves and hats.

His most recent appearance was at the Tribecca film festival for his film ‘Permission’, which gave us a bold Houndstooth

And a funky maroon number that I adored.

Maybe it wasn’t just the suit but the shaggy hair and captivating eyes.

(to see the suit in action, check out this interview. it gives a great example of his laugh and dry sense of humor)

Dan’s next movie release is sci-fi ‘Kill Switch’, due out June 16. No matter if he decides to go bold or classic with his attire


 I’ll be holding out hope for more funky shoes!



Edited to Add: Roses


Hieronymous Bosch



7 thoughts on “Sharp Dressed Man

  1. I love those green shoes that match the suit! You know, he just looks so different than he did on Downton Abbey, I can’t quite grasp that it’s the same guy. That Hilde movie sounds interesting .


    1. I’m not positive but I think the shoes that he’s wearing with the blue suit towards the bottom of the post match the color of his suit too 😉 and he does look different. I’ve never watched ‘Downton Abbey’ but I’ve seen pictures. his natural hair color is the brown that he’s been sporting lately but he was blonde for so long, for various projects, that it could take some getting used to. also, the weight loss. I read that he actually put on some weight for DA b/c he thought it would fit the character but then people complained so he slimmed down a little for his following seasons. then he took off almost 30 pounds for a Liam Neeson movie he was in. but then he put back on 10 pounds (and a lot of muscle) for ‘The Guest’ I think his definition fluctuates depending on what character he’s playing but his weight has stayed pretty much the same since then. a lot of DA fans think he’s too skinny, but they also resent that he left the show & England itself to come to the states and become a movie star, so… since I don’t have that previous attachment, I’m quite happy with the way things worked out 🙂


      1. That’s so sad; we have a version of that in our fandom too and it always saddens me to read it. I suppose it’s easier for me to say that as an American, but I’d want my crush to succeed and lead the life he wants to live.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. me too. I’d be sad that he was leaving the weekly show I’d grown to love and thus the character would have to be written off, but I’d continue to follow his career and be happy for him as a person. the weight thing seems to be a touchy subject in general for a lot of fans and the actors they love. I may prefer one look over another but an actor’s weight often changes b/c of the characters he’s playing. and in the case of both Dan and Richard, they’ve personally chosen to change their diet to be healthier as well. I want them happy & healthy so that they stick around & I can continue to enjoy them! that seems like a no-brainer to me.

          Liked by 1 person

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