it’s complicated

[The ‘Yours in Armitage’ series is a collection of posts documenting my changing perceptions about my celebrity crush on Richard Armitage, using excerpts from past correspondence to help me come to terms with the uncertainties.]


July 5, 2016-ย I can’t seem to quit Richard. I guess I’ll label my fangirl status as ‘it’s complicated’ and just take what comes. when I first heard his words describing love in the Audible interview, I felt bad for him. I thought, what stressful relationships has this man been in to make him think of love in this way? but now I kind of get it. it does a good job describing the push & pull I’ve felt this past year in regards to him.


I’ve stated previously that I’ve crushed on other actors before Richard Armitage. in most cases, my fangirl feelings started to slowly fade and ended up transferring onto another actor, without too many bumps along the way. Leonardo DiCaprio stepped aside for Ewan McGregor, who stepped aside for Christian Bale, who stepped aside for Robert Pattinson. after Rob though, I actually went looking for a different crush, it didn’t just happen. I was looking for something specific and I found that in Richard. before long, Jamie Dornan showed up and has been running parallel to Richard, but Richard deviated from the pattern because no one stepped aside for him; there was already a void that needing filling when I found him. maybe that has some bearing on why I’ve dug my heels in this time, why I’m resisting any kind of transition. I don’t understand the ‘why’ of it yet.

Yours in Armitage,



6 thoughts on “it’s complicated

  1. Fascinating insight into why people become fans. My crushes are always lke Cthulhu. *They* find *me*. If I’m seeking out specific crushes, it’s unconscious .

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      1. see, my experience with love hasn’t been like that at all. the anger and the fire and taking away? I’ve gotten angry, sure, but those moments are very few and mostly result with me saying a few sarcastic words and then stomping away. I’ve never experienced a ‘fiery’ love, I’m not sure I could handle the intensity. it would just piss me off! ๐Ÿ˜›


    1. yes, that’s how it usually is with me too. I see them, start to notice them, look them up on IMDb, then maybe seek out a fansite for pics/info if I can’t seem to get them off my mind, then I go to youtube and see any of their stuff that happens to be uploaded there,etc. my crush on Christian Bale was 15 years in the making before I actually went into ‘research’ mode & found the fandom, with Ewan McGregor I stretched ‘research mode’ out over 8 years, and it took two years for me to admit that I might actually be crushing on Robert Pattinson before I gave in, so the fact that I went looking for a new crush when I found Richard, was quite different for me.


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