Mr. Fix It

[The ‘Yours in Armitage’ series is an introspection of my celebrity crush on Richard Armitage, using excerpts from past correspondence with fellow fans.]


October 23, 2013- [home improvement projects] I don’t really remember him saying what specifically he worked on, I just assumed he meant general Mr. Fix It stuff along with maybe building some shelves or something. I like that he enjoys that stuff because the men I know enjoy it too.

When I’m researching and learning about a new celebrity crush, I take in a lot of information. the biographical information is less interesting to me than the personal likes and dislikes, so I tend to compartmentalize them. where he attended school, the names of his siblings, etc. gets pushed off to the side to make room for hobbies and favorite foods because those are more important to me, they help me visualize what he is like as a person. I’m not sure I could focus on his career and nothing more, I’m too curious, I need some sense of who he is off screen as well as on. watching from afar, never interacting with the person one-on-one, and only getting carefully selected edits of their life, makes my view uncertain. I end up making them into a character themselves, my version of who I want them to be. it works fine, until I’m met with things that don’t fit into my constructed mold.

My initial impression of Richard Armitage stemmed from the version of him that we were presented with during The Hobbit promotions. broad shouldered, steady stance, bearded and somewhat intimidating at first glance but underneath there was a dry sense of humor, an intriguing intellect, and a softness that hinted at a teddy bear beneath the scruff. it only made sense then that this Richard liked to work with his hands, to build things like shelves or cabinets. the house that was ‘a bit of a tip’ with clothes lying around on the floor fit too, as did cooking eggs in the microwave and whipping up macaroni salad to eat. what was harder to place within that mold was the wine connoisseur, the self proclaimed foodie who willingly consumed steak tartare, someone whose ‘danger sport’ of choice was skiing, and listed classical music selections among his favorites. I willingly reshaped my mold to include these things because it was exciting to think that Richard could be more than I originally surmised. but as time went on, I saw less and less of the gruff teddy bear with the dry wit and more of the chameleon that took on the traits of whatever role he was currently portraying. it made me start to wonder who I was actually crushing on, Richard Armitage, or a modern version of Thorin Oakenshield. I’m still wondering.

Yours in Armitage,


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10 thoughts on “Mr. Fix It

  1. I remember that Mr. Fixit, but I can only recall him clearing the vines growing on his house and working as a contractor (can’t recall if he installed floors or roofs 😀 ).
    On a more serious note, I think that most real human beings are a mixture of apparent contradictions and these details just proved to me that the RA revealed in the interviews wasn’t a facade, but a real person who was honest enough to let his less glamorous side show.

    Otoh, we shouldn’t forget that some of the interviews we read as new fans were done years apart, and that the person he was in the interviews done at the time of North&South had changed significantly in 8 years.

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    1. I remember the vines but not the contracting. he had a lot of various in-between jobs though, I remember one being in estate auctioning and I think he did lay flooring as a favor to a friend or something; I forget. you would think that is the stuff I’d remember since it’s interesting to think of all the “real world” experience he has in various areas but for some reason I focus on food and sports 😀

      it does show that he’s a real person, definitely, and it makes him a more interesting well rounded individual for sure. it’s just different from what my very first impression of him was, the ‘version’ of him that initially pulled me into the crush. you make a good point about all the stuff we ingested as new fans actually taking place years apart. the person I was 10 years ago would differ from who I am now. or maybe not, I don’t know.


      1. Laying flooring was what I meant by working as a contractor; iirc it was the friend doing RA a favour by giving him a source of income at a very difficult time. I think it was in around the time he was cast in North&South, and I distinctly remember the incident of flooring being connected to RA crying as he was working because he was so relieved at the casting news.

        That person may seem to RA like a totally different version of himself or even a different person , but it’s equally likely that that man is still there and in the back of RA’s head. Even if I knew RA in real life, and knew him well, I might not know which was the case.


          1. I think I may have conflated 2 stories: the one about the boxes, and then another where he spoke of working with/for a friend.
            The one thing that I clearly remember from this interview was that he said that he was ‘not clinically depressed’.


  2. I’m enjoying your blog! I think a lot of what was revealed in the earlier interviews is now hidden (but maybe still there) behind a polished veneer that he’s had to develop to be comfortable in the spotlight. Also, as someone who has said that he was a late bloomer, I think that he has grown into a more adult man over the years. And much as I dislike the tweet/delete phenomenon, I like the humanness that the flashes of impetuous reaction, impatience, and annoyance show.

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  3. I think he is a bit of a charmeleon and maybe this is necessary for his job as an actor? I just don’t know….but it is frustrating if you are trying to gain a sense of the real man from his interviews.
    I do think that he does take on some of the traits of the characters he portrays, particularly if you consider what he was saying about himself in interviews when he was portraying John Procter in the Crucible (see his interview with Daily Telegraph 25/06/2014): “… I am a big guy, I think I am quite a frightening person…” I somehow doubt whether he would be making this kind of pronouncement about himself now (or indeed when he attended the TV Critics Award panel in Los Angeles last year to promote Epix Berlin Station wearing a grey shiny suit, no socks, hair coiffed and looking 30lbs lighter!!)

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    1. he keeps us guessing, that’s for sure! I always thought an ability like that would be beneficial for an acting career but then I remember him saying that people (in the business) weren’t connecting him with Thorin. he claimed it was because he looked so different from Thorin, b/c of the prosthetics, but I think it’s more than that.


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