Through the Cracks of Recollection

Memories of a trip are often colored by the overall experience as a whole; certain things end up defining the trip, while others fall through the cracks of recollection. When my husband and I took our first trip to Scotland two years ago, we were plagued by bad luck at the outset: missed flights, lost luggage, and a traffic accident, were just some of the obstacles we faced. In our retelling of the trip those things seem to take precedence with listeners, while the less shocking moments get pushed aside. My personal memories of Scotland don’t consist of everything that went wrong, but rather, everything that went right. Here are just a few of the things that stick with me:

(photography by my husband)

*wide open Sligachan, and the vitality of it’s picture postcard views




*eating shortbread cookies in the rain, while sitting on a moss covered wall in Pitlochry

*how the wind whipped my hair all over the place as I looked out across Edinburgh, from the ruins of St. Anthony’s Chapel



*the rust colored jellyfish I saw in the wake of the ferry, as I cautiously looked over the rail

*sitting on the side of the road after our tour bus accident, taking in the rural view with all of my senses, as the police officer directed traffic behind me and yelled at the passing cars for driving too slow



*comparing the rubberband bracelets that adorned my wrist with the teenage girl from France, who also had many on her wrists as well, as we laughed at how the steam from the open train window fogged up my glasses and the coal dust dotted our clothes

*the lazy seal, napping as he floated in the water along the dock in Mallaig, waiting for the fishermen to throw him a treat as they cleaned their nets



*standing beside a waterfall on a crisp cool morning, as l gazed out over the mist covered moor

*how the cool air bit my skin while the bright sun freckled it at the same time, as I viewed an iconic white cottage with it’s massive mountain backdrop in Glencoe



*when the owner of a small cafe in Fort Augustus sent me a complimentary fruit plate when he found out I didn’t enjoy my glass of Irn Bru, Scotland’s other national drink.

*Eilean Donan Castle at dusk, trying to protect my face from swarms of biting midges



*the sense of wonder I felt when strolling through the historic streets of Edinburgh, thinking “wow, it’s just like a film set!” and then realizing it has been a film set, many times over.

*seeing heather bloom in it’s natural environment


wild are the winds to meet you
staunch are the friends that greet you
kind as the love that shines from fair maidens eyes


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