There is No Harder, There is Just Hard

“There is no harder, there is just hard” and “Meet people where they are”–these concepts really resonate with me. The speaker in this video may be gay and talking about coming out of her “closet” but she emphasizes that everyone’s closet is different. just because your closet isn’t a political platform, doesn’t mean it wasn’t just as hard for you to overcome. And just as it was hard for her to come out of her closet, it was also hard for those she came out to. We all have struggles, one is not more important or more difficult than another. shaming someone’s struggles so that you can feel a sense of accomplishment in your own, only ends up devaluing it instead. 


Another message that I think this video conveys wonderfully, is that sometimes the simplest answer is best. when the little girl asked Ash if she was a boy or a girl, the explanation about being a ‘pajamas kind of girl’ instead of a dress wearing one was perfect. it answered the question and gave a brief example, but didn’t try to justify or lead to more confusing aspects. as adults, we so often hide within long, drawn out explanations. questions do not automatically equal judgments. answers are not required to be summaries. Don’t apologize for who you are.

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