On My Telly

I saw a question and answer post on Tumblr recently that focused on television shows, so I thought I’d use it here to highlight what I’m currently watching.

Pick your five favorite TV shows:

1.) Person of Interest

2.) Gotham

3.) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

4.) Big Bang Theory

5.) Lost (this one is no longer on the air but it’s my favorite, so I’m including it!)


⭐ Who is your favorite character in no.2? Edward Nygma

(Gotham) I just love his nerdy, sunny disposition. He’s cute and he’s sweet and very clever. I think most of his coworkers dismiss him as being awkward and oblivious because he’s so smart but he will eventually become The Riddler…



⭐ Who is your least favorite character in no.1? Dominic

(Person of Interest) Dominic is a new mob boss that has come into town and is trying to take over Elias’ turf. I don’t like him because he’s just a thug in disguise. Elias has an order to things, a system of sorts–whereas Dominic just throws his weight around and wants to be top dog, regardless of the consequences.

⭐ What’s your favorite episode of no.4? The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

(Big Bang Theory) The last scene is my favorite out of the whole series: when Penny gifts Sheldon a napkin with Leonard Nimoy’s signature. She doesn’t understand what a monumental thing it is that he also wiped his mouth on it…I knew I was truly a geek the first time I watched it and my mind automatically went to cloning.



⭐ What is your favorite season of no.5? Season 4

(Lost) The show really kicked up into upper gear that season. The group was split between following Jack or following Locke, a rescue team had finally arrived on the island, Juliet’s connection to the Island’s inhabitants was revealed…and Desmond started jumping through time. I loved the time-travel aspect, with Daniel Faraday and his parents, but particularly Penny being Desmond’s “Constant”: his anchor in time.

⭐ What is your favorite relationship in no.3? FitzSimmons (Leo Fitz & Jemma Simmons)

(Agents of Shield) It’s not a romantic pairing per se but you know they really do care for each other. They’re the youngest of the crew and often thought of as one unit because they make up the scientific research team. I like the strong bond that they share (and also their accents).


⭐ Who is your anti-relationship in no.1? John and Root

(Person of Interest) While they may seem like a decent match because of their shared trait of staying on task and not losing sight of the objective, their single-minded ways would cancel each other out and I fear we’d just be left with a kind of robotic mentality between them.


⭐ How long have you watched no.4? about eight years, I think.

(Big Bang Theory) it’s in it’s tenth season now but I don’t think I really started watching episodes in real time until the third season. I’ve watched all of the episodes many times over in reruns though!

⭐ How did you become interested in no.3? it’s an off-shoot of the Avengers movies.

(Agents of Shield) My husband is more of a regular watcher of the show than I am but I’ve been watching more of it  lately.

⭐ Who is your favorite actor in no.2? Donal Logue

(Gotham) I know him from the sitcom Grounded for Life and have enjoyed seeing him pop up in things since then. his Gotham character, Harvey, is a street-wise cynical police detective.


⭐ Which show do you prefer: 1, 4, or 5? 5 of course! Lost is my favorite show of all time.


⭐ Which show have you seen more episodes of: 1 or 3? 1

(Person of Interest) I’ve been a regular watcher from it’s first season.  regardless though, Agents of Shield is only in it’s second season while Person of Interest is in it’s fourth.

⭐ If you could be anyone from no.4, who would you be? Penny

(Big Bang Theory) because she owns who she is and is not constantly trying to fit in with the others. while she may feel intimidated by their intellect and sometimes makes an effort to try and keep up, she’s her own person as well and doesn’t put on airs.


⭐ How would you kill off your favorite character in no.1? John would die saving Harold

(Person of Interest) I really enjoy the unlikely friendship and respect between the two of them. John feels that Harold saved his life by giving him a purpose. he would not only willingly return the favor but I think he feels that Harold is too important to humanity, and the forces that they are fighting against, to loose.


⭐ Would a no.2/3 crossover work? maybe

Gotham and Agents of Shield are both set in comic book worlds, after all. Gotham tries to ground itself in the foundation of a somewhat reality based gritty city. Agents of Shield, on the other hand, centers around physical super powers and aliens. The latter sets it’s foundations in governmental type protection agencies though, so I’m sure they could share a storyline involving the same criminals.

⭐ Pair two characters in no.2 that would make an unlikely but strangely okay couple: Alfred and Leslie

(Gotham) I might be stretching with this one, what with the age difference and current employment responsibilities, but I could see straight-laced Alfred falling for the good doctor. She possesses a level of emotional detachment that is balanced with a childlike sense of adventure, so I think she could have fun getting under Alfred’s skin.

⭐ Overall, which show had a better cast: 3 or 5? 5, hands down

(Lost) Granted, Lost did run for six intricate seasons, so it had a lot of cast members coming through it’s doors. It was very much a character driven show though, which is one of the many reasons why I enjoy it so much. Aside from the main group of characters that made up each season, the secondary characters were just as enjoyable to watch. One of my favorites that ran throughout most of the continuing storyline was Richard. I really wish they would have expanded upon his character more.


⭐ Which show has a better soundtrack: 1, 4, or 5? that would be no.5, again.

(Lost) Person of Interest is an action show and Big Bang Theory is a comedy, not a lot of opportunity for meaningful background music. Lost was a drama with recurring themes, character recognition, and various types of emotional turmoil; I always felt that the music choices really enhanced what I was watching on screen.



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