Sometimes Simple is Refreshing

I’ve talked about Jamie’s music and I’ve talked about his modeling but I’ve not really talked about his acting yet. I should probably do that, since he’s an actor and all.



I was familiar with Jamie Dornan from his (woefully) short stint on Once Upon a Time as the Sheriff. So when he was cast in Fifty Shades of Grey I was like, “hey, I know him!”

I could stay young & chipper and I’d lock it with a zipper, if I only had a heart
‘…if I only had a heart’


Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was surfing the Net looking for clips of Christian Grey to help me decide if I was brave enough to see it in the movie theater.

while this is nice, no clothes at all brings out my blush. and since he's nekkid half the movie...
update: still not brave enough


It was then that I stumbled across The Fall and soon found myself enamored with a (fictional) serial killer. After I realized that it wasn’t just the character I was smitten with but the real life actor as well, I settled in for a YouTube marathon. And that is how I found Shadows in the Sun. I read a few comments about the film before I began watching. The prevailing opinion seemed to be that it was boring, with very little plot, but visibly appealing. So…like these blog posts, then?tumblr_nksqllbkyo1u8r1imo4_2501

Spoilers Ahead

(no seriously, I basically reveal the whole plot)


This is Joe:


He’s a drifter who befriends an older lady by the name of Hannah. Joe likes to sit with Hannah and hear all her old stories (and smoke Weed with her); he keeps her company because she lives alone. Hannah is sickly, so they spend a lot of time in her bedroom.


This concerned me at first but rest assured, this isn’t Harold & Maude. Though some humor could have brightened up the place…Hannah has a son who doesn’t like Joe much, but his children do. Hannah’s grandson, Sam, takes a liking to Joe and often meets up with him after Joe is done working odd jobs for the day.


Sam’s older sister also takes a liking to Joe. She doesn’t just like him though, she like-likes him. So Joe brings her back to his love shack.

like Joe’s Crab Shack but without the crabs. well, maybe…
like Joe’s Crab Shack but without the crabs. maybe.


I kid! It was actually a very sweet encounter between Joe and Kate. Because Joe is kind of dreamy.

huggin and kissin, dancin and a lovin
‘huggin and kissin, dancin and a lovin’


But as Kenny Rogers once said, “don’t fall in love with a dreamer.” Joe has plans to make his way to America, so their love is bittersweet.


Sam sees the two of them together and storms off in a huff. He’s had a lot going on, poor guy. His grandmother is dying, his dad is channeling Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, and now his friend is starry-eyed for his sister. Yuck!

FYI: this is not “yuck”.
FYI: this is not yuck.


Sam runs off to the abandoned shipwreck, out on the sandbar, that he’s not supposed to go to. It’s getting late in the day and the tide will be coming in, so Joe goes out to bring him back. The tide comes in fast though and they get caught in it. Been there done that, and I do not recommend it.


Joe and Sam almost drown but Sam gets pulled ashore by his father and an old fisherman. Meanwhile…where the frig is Joe?!

don’t mind me. just gasping for air, here.
don’t mind me. just gasping for air, here.


He eventually stumbles out with nothing but a slight head nod from the fisherman as thanks. Then Joe walks off and that’s pretty much the last we see of him. While it’s true that the plot was woefully underdeveloped, it reminded me of something I would have watched on a lazy Sunday afternoon as a kid. I liked that. Sometimes simple is refreshing.


(Shadows in the Sun screen-caps made by me. other images/gifs made by people who actually know what they’re doing)


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