My Burning Sun

After I spent a whole weekend binge-watching Jamie Dornan in The Fall, I decided I wanted to know more about him. I went the usual route of finding fan archive-type sites and browsing through interviews on YouTube. It didn’t take long before I discovered something that definitely peaked my interest: Jamie is musically inclined. That’s a soft spot for me and so I was thrilled, especially when I heard a recording of “My Burning Sun”. I liked the upbeat tempo of the song, the style, and the lyrics. The sentiment was rather serendipitous and mirrored not only my increasing curiosity about Jamie, but also the spark he seemed to light in me that’s been dulled as of late.

it’s no coincidence the rain is gone
and you’ve become my burning sun



If this is “terrible”, like Jamie claims, then I have crap taste in music because I really like it! We’re our own worst critics, so I’m just going to ignore Jamie’s personal critique.


I like the rawness of a good acoustic song, one that you can feel through those seeming “flaws”. that’s what gives it personality, heart, and that’s what speaks to me. The caressing vocals of ‘Fairytale’, and haunting melody of ‘All the Wrong Answers’ had no problem grabbing me and pulling me in. Sons of Jim, though now defunct, have found themselves a new fan.
David Alexander and Jamie Dornan of “Sons of Jim”
David Alexander and Jamie Dornan, ‘Sons of Jim’

2 thoughts on “My Burning Sun

  1. I can relate. I’m a bit fascinated by him as well. Something about him… I glommed The Fall and definitely want more of Jamie. Didn’t realize he had a background in music…


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