Third Times a Charm


I was skeptical on whether I could grow to respect Outlander the television series, let alone love it, like I do the book. These characters are solidly established in my heart already; would the changes I was seeing in the first two episodes be too much to overcome? I was seriously worried. but as Jamie is wont to say “dinna fash”. The third times a charm it seems, because episode three has won me over!


Adding new plot points in order to sew together the time jumps worked really well in this episode. Though that bit about Mrs. Fitz almost had me flouncing the whole thing. That was a close one! The humor of both Jamie and Geillis transferred wonderfully, as did the growing chemistry between Jamie and Claire,


helped along by their playful teasing during the dinner scene. Jamie taking no notice of Laoghaire was classic (oh, burn!) and the way their scene together just moments later was used in a slightly different way from the book, I really liked. So too the scene between Claire and Colum. I miss Old Alec but like how his situation was used to offer a better understanding of Colum and his ways.


I did not think that I could love this Jamie like I do his book form but Sam Heughan is working towards changing that. And the accents? Much better this episode, all the way around. Damn it, Outlander! I’m hooked on you all over again!



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