Murphy’s Law: part two

My Scotland Adventure: days 2 and 3

lone flower


After trying to get some sleep at the airport and failing miserably, Minute Suites called to say that a room was available for us, if we still wanted it. Woo-Hoo!!


The room was Hobbit-sized, just wide enough for a small trundle couch, but it was quiet. And dark. And ours for the next 8 hours! I was dead to the world as soon as I laid down. A few hours later, I felt much better but was it enough to venture out into the city? The only thing that even vaguely interested me at that point was the Rocky Balboa statue, but my spirits weren’t quite recovered yet.


So we freshened up in the nearest rest room, which was under construction as well, and then just relaxed in the room. Our flight wasn’t until 9pm that evening, so needless to say, we became very familiar with all the ins and outs of the airport.

The Liberty Bell: Lego version


Finally we were on the plane and flying to Scotland! We were seated next to a friendly Englishman who enjoyed talking up his adopted home city of Edinburgh. Being an avid backpacker, he warned us about the midges. He urged us to purchase some Skin-So-Soft if we happened to run across it. This would not be the last time we heard about the miracle that was Avon’s Skin-So-Soft. We’ve been using it for years to fight off mosquitoes, but I doubted it was warm enough to need it yet (we should have listened).


The flight was long with little sleep achieved but I was getting used to viewing the world through puffy eyes. As we neared our destination the skies became unbelievably clear, which afforded me a lovely view of the islands that we flew over. Then the mainland came into view *girly squeal!* We circled round, which acquainted me with all of the bright green hills, golden fields, white windmills, and grey stone houses. Oh, look: the cars were moving on the opposite side of the road. I was here. really, really here!


We bid our travel companion good-bye and set off to collect our luggage. The conveyor belt went round and round and round some more, but our luggage was not on it. Surprised? I wasn’t. My husband looked like he was about to have a stroke but I wasn’t phased. What papers do we have to sign? Let’s just do this and get on with things.

Customer Service Rep: is there anything of value in your bag?

Me: my pillow


Next, we caught the city bus to transport us to our hotel. I made the mistake of sitting on the bottom of the two-tiered bus. every city street=motion sickness. blah. We weren’t sure which stop was ours but luckily several locals discussed it amongst themselves to find us the best path to take. Scots are so friendly and helpful! This was something I would experience again and again throughout our trip.


After checking in to our hotel we needed to grab some lunch and then buy clean clothes. My guidebook suggested a tavern that was relatively close, so that was our first destination. We were seated upstairs with a perfect view. The window was open (no screen!)

Deacon Brodie's Tavern


the window box was in full bloom and I could finally breathe easily again.

view out tavern window


Things could only look up from here, right?


15 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law: part two

  1. I’ve just read parts one and two of your travelogue and I think you must be one of the unluckiest travellers! What a nightmare journey.

    And to think I was ropable with having to sit on the Tarmac in Cairns for a hour last week!


    1. it got to be the running joke on our tour. someone would complain about something and then stop themselves and say “at least we have our luggage” or “I shouldn’t complain b/c at least I didn’t have to sleep in the airport”, etc. 😛


  2. Only get better? Well, hm, looks as if the rocky ride is still continuing… at least you made it to Scotland… And I am so glad to read that the locals were nice. And the weather. And the scenery. Hey, lots of nice things.


  3. So sorry to hear your troubles continued 😦

    I had never heard of a Minute Suite before. I googled it and what a concept. I would guess if you’re desperate to sleep it would be very welcome though. I’m enjoying your pictures especially the one in the restaurant.

    I had two similar traveling experience almost back to back and honestly it put me off of flying. I hope that doesn’t happen for you.


    1. My grandfather told me about finding something like that on a holiday, but it wasn’t for sleeping. They rented rooms an hour at a time and looked at him with real respect when he asked for 8 hours worth.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. 😛 this is for travelers to have a place to catch a small nap and check e-mail, etc. it had a tv and a desk w/a keyboard too. all I cared about was the couch, pillow, and blanket though!


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