Murphy’s Law- part one

Anything that can go wrong
will go wrong


My Scotland Adventure: day 1

We arrived at the Indianapolis airport early so that we would have ample time to say our good-byes to children and parents before going through the process of checking in and going through security, etc. We noticed that flights out of New York and New Jersey were getting canceled. How far away is Philadelphia from New York, again?


While we patiently waited for time to pass, we heard our first announcement: flights to Philadelphia were being delayed due to bad weather, updates would follow by the hour. Two delays later we realized that we were not going to make our connecting flight to Edinburgh, Scotland. We rerouted to London, with a connecting flight up to Edinburgh, putting us in Scotland just a few hours behind schedule.


One more delay and we were finally on the plane. And then we weren’t. We were herded off the plane and made to wait some more, due to a missing air-conditioning clamp. Another hour later we were on a different plane and on our way to Philadelphia. As an added bonus, we were fortunate enough to have a screaming two year old on our flight. I really couldn’t hold it against her though, if I could have thrown a public tantrum, I totally would have.


As we flew closer to Philadelphia, we started to encounter the predicted bad weather. Not a lot of turbulence, surprisingly, but plenty of lightening. I probably should have been scared, flying through a storm in a big metal box, but I wasn’t; it was actually very pretty! The Pilot announced that the airport was closed but they might let us land if the plane ahead of us did so without any problems. Oh, okay. Cool. Fingers crossed they don’t crash.


We had a rough landing but everything was fine. We were cutting it very close in regards to our connecting flight to London, so we pushed our way through the deboarding line as best we could.


Several of our fellow passengers sympathized with our plight and told us to be sure to tell the gate attendant to call ahead and let the other plane know that we were coming. We did so as we rushed by and were assured that the other gate was expecting us. It was in a whole other terminal, of course, and after sitting around waiting all day, my legs were one big cramp! We finally made it to the gate with two minutes to spare, only to be met with complete silence. The plane left. Early. Leaving 16 of us behind. This was not good, not good at all.


The ticket agent we found to help informed us that no other flights were going anywhere that night, the airport was closed until morning. I finally lost it and started crying. Not only was I going to miss my scheduled tour of Loch Lomond and Stirling Castle in Scotland but all the hotels in the Philadelphia airport area were occupied. I was going to spend the night in an airport!


It was Midnight and I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, so we wandered around the airport until we found a store open and I forced down some stale bread and fruit. We spied a Minute Suite establishment, where we could rent a cracker-box sized room for a few hours to catch some sleep, but it was all booked up. We put our name on the waiting list and went off to find the “refugee camp” where they had sleeping cots set up and were handing out free toiletries. We spent the next four hours trying to sleep under bright lights and crinkling space-age “blankets”, which had the added side-effect of reflecting the light back into our eyes.


Thank Cod I had my I-Pod and the soothing playlist I originally made for the night flight. Did I mention that they were repairing the moving walkway that was opposite our sleeping station? With Saws. And Hammers.



24 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law- part one

  1. Oh my, your pictures are so funny, the story….not so much!
    I feel for you. I hope the rest of your trip makes up for this!


    1. the Airline (US Air) was not very sympathetic. we were told that the times on your ticket are not actually correct, that the flights always leave earlier than that. so you think you have 20 minutes before boarding time is over? WRONG. they’ve already started giving your seat away by that time


      1. US Air is TERRIBLE like that. Not that they cancel more flights or whatever (they don’t control the weather) but they have the dickheadiest representatives EVER. I used to get a deep discount through them when I worked for the phone company and I stopped using it because they were such asshats. Every. Time.


        1. the airport personnel themselves were very helpful but the airline representatives made us feel like it was our fault. and then when we emphasized that we were on another plane and ran there, it was almost like “shit happens, sucks to be you”. the ticket agent did try to get us a flight out the best he could but truthfully I think if I wasn’t miserably crying, silently but in plain view, he wouldn’t have tried. then when my husband went to complain the next morning, they gave him the run around on who he was supposed to talk to, etc. if we didn’t have traveler’s insurance we would have been screwed completely 😯


      2. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. No way to run a business. Can’t wait to hear more (and hope things soon improve from this point)!


        1. (Just to be clear, US Air said the stupidest thing, not any of you wonderful people πŸ™‚ I mean seriously, in what world do flights leave before their stated departure time when SIXTEEN passengers haven’t arrived yet?? what a fail

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  2. Oh, this sounds dreadful! Poor you! Yep, nature can be unpredictable and heavy storms are no child’s play (as we’ve seen in the 1st trailer from ITS in which those aeroplanes were tossed around like toys!! πŸ˜‰ ) but if human failure (and maybe some ignorance as well) is added it can turn out a real plague…. Hope you finally had a smooth flight over to Britain. Looking forward to your further adventures!!
    Wonder if something like that happens to RA on his short 2-day-trip to NY and back this weekend, he would be easily missing his performance of TheCrucible on Tuesday…..


    1. granted I do not work at the airport but that storm seemed very mild compared to some we regularly have in Indianapolis; do they often close our airport like that and I just don’t know about it? and I think extra effort would probably be made for Richard if he found himself in the same predicament πŸ˜›


    1. I was able to see it off in the distance from the highway, at least, on our way back through from the Highlands. I’ll just add it to my ever growing list of excuses to go back πŸ˜‰ (I loved Scotland, seriously. it exceeded my expectations, and then some 😎 )


  3. Sorry for commenting so late – due to my own absence.
    Oh boy, what a start to that journey. It really looks as if something did not want you to go :-(. It is hard to believe that there could be so many instances of bad luck. I admire you for refusing to give up and for pushing on. It takes strength and perseverence not to be discouraged. The only comfort in such situations is the thought that it can only get better… Did it???? Off to read part 2.

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