Bobby Long


Bobby Long is a British singer-songwriter that I have been following for a few years now. His folksy sound, paired with a raspy voice and gift for storytelling, is the type of music that I’m drawn to the most. I became familiar with his songs through his Eps and live performances.

I grew to love the structure of his work, the way the chorus breaks away from the main so enticingly, and how his flawless finger-picking never fails to entrance.

When his debut album, A Winter Tale, came out I was hooked instantly. The haunting lyrics of A Stranger Song quickly became my favorite, pulling me in and capturing me with lines like:

A woman with your kind of heart
could make a man spill his every flaw


and the enticing chorus:

Does your heart beat so softly without warning?
Does it beat out to the slow pace of the morning?


Bobby is currently based in New York City. He has a second album, Wishbone, that he is promoting. He regularly offers up new songs on his website too.

I’ve enjoyed watching the transformation from small town British boy, to determined young man who is making his dreams a reality. I’ll continue to keep an eye, and ear, out for all that he has to offer.

This promo video for A Winter Tale gives interesting background on Bobby’s writing style and the path he traveled to get here:


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