Dreams of Christmas

Once upon a time, newly married, I spent a Christmas far from home for the first time. My husband and I had spent a lonely Thanksgiving on our own but decided we could not do the same for Christmas; we just had to splurge for those two plane tickets “back home” to celebrate Christmas with our families! I wrote a poem that year to include in all of the Christmas cards, illustrating how the holiday had changed for me but also what it meant to be going home for the holiday:

Dreams of Christmas

Memories fill us
  of Christmas’ past
Presents and wrapping,
  aside they were cast
Cookies and candy
  tales of delight
Knowing that Santa
  would visit that night
But what Christmas meant then
  is now slipping away
For we have no more toys
  nor red reindeer sleighs
We have not one stocking
  hung by the fire
Or plans of snow forts
  and wars to conspire
Still tossing and turning
  asleep in our beds
Instead of those sugar plums
  filling our heads
Our minds, they are dreaming
  in magical tones
For now they are full
  of just coming home.

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