Oh, Daddy

I was trying to pick out a birthday card for my dad while grocery shopping today. Choosing cards for my father can be delicate. I don’t like going the “you’re so old” route because he’s sensitive about his age (except when he gets to use that senior citizen discount!) When I go for the sentimental ones, we both end up in tears, so that’s not desirable either.

Do you know what really turns on the waterworks for me? The father-daughter commercials on TV; those things should come with a warning label!

My favorite is the Subaru car commercial. I make everyone quiet down when it’s on!

As for the greeting card dilemma, I settled for cute and punny this year: two bbq grills, a big blue one and a smaller pink one, on a white background; inside it says “Happy Birthday Dad, from your little grill”.



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