I’ve Been Staring at This Unopened Book for a Week…

I checked out a book from the library last week, yet all I’ve read of it so far is the book jacket. When my mother saw the book resting on my coffee-table, she asked me what it was like. I took my cue from Geraldine (The Vicar of Dibley) and casually peeked at the back cover to read the reviews…

The worst part is that it’s from a book series that I absolutely adore! (Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander saga) This book is from an off-shoot series concerning a secondary character (Lord John Grey) but this particular book (The Scottish Prisoner) is about one of the main characters from the overall saga (Jamie Fraser) as part of a flash-back to an earlier time.

I’ve avoided even opening the book for several reasons:

a.) it takes place during a time when Jamie was in a very dark place (in prison, separated from his wife, who thinks he’s dead) so I’m sure there will be many turmoil filled inner thoughts, troubling my beloved hero.

b.) I had planned to read the main series from the beginning again, right before I impulsively checked out the book at the library. Now it will throw me off if I read this book, out of order, before doing that. (it takes place somewhere around book number three.)

c.) The newest book in the saga (number eight) is due to be released in March. I have yet to finish reading  the most recent book, in it’s entirety, because I know from teasers that the ending is angst filled and I’m dreading it!

d.) I’ve just recently gotten over an addiction to fan-fiction *blushes* I really enjoy fan-fiction for many reasons, but I fell into the bad habit of skimming and skipping ahead for that instant gratification fix. It’s very easy to do when reading on a computer, instead of a real book with pages.

the devil is in the details, but the heart of the story is as well. I’ve been doing much better with the fan-fiction from the new fandom I am in, it contains more cannon based story-lines instead of the AU (alternate universe) that trapped me in a fluffy erotic fueled box.

I have read books over the past year, but either I’ve sped through them just so I could say I read a “real” book or I dilly-dally around (like I’m currently doing with “The Master & Margarita“) trying to avoid getting that instant gratification fix that I still crave from time to time: I will not peek at the last chapter! I will not look at the last page!

So, should I just take the Outlander book back to the library, unread, and go forward with my original plans of rereading the saga from the beginning? Should I force myself to buckle down and give “The Master & Margarita” the time and attention that it deserves? Maybe I should read them both simultaneously, for variety’s sake?


I’m still looking at the book from the library, as I speak. It’s a nice, thick, hardback book that I just enjoy holding in my hands. it’s so pretty! and the protective cover was put on so nicely. ( I volunteered at a small library years ago, and always enjoyed putting the clear protective coverings on the dust jackets) I’m also feeling the urge to just open the book and smell the pages…




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